★ Hilarigona annulata


★ Hilarigona annulata

  • Hilarigona is a genus of flies in the family Empididae. H. aberrans Bezzi, 1909 H. abnormis Bezzi, 1909 H. annulata Philippi, 1865 H. anomalicauda

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Hylemya antiqua meigen: Topics by WorldW.

Chile Santiago. annulata Melander, 1961: 181. Hoplopeza 39.16 annulata ​Philippi, 1865 Pachymeria, Hilarigona 39.38 annulipes Bezzi, 1909, Syneches​. Hilarigona pedia. E H. perturbans e duas espécies em Hilarigona: H. aberrans e H. abnormis. Cephalocera annulata Brunetti, 1912 and Syllegomydas bucciferus Séguy,.

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H. perplexa e H. perturbans e duas especies em Hilarigona: H. aberrans e H. Culiseta annulata Schrank n 3, and Ochlerotatus detritus Haliday n 3. Full text of Catalogue of the diptera of the Americas South of United. Hilarigona is a genus of flies in the family Empididae. Species. H. aberrans ​Bezzi, 1909 H. abnormis Bezzi, 1909 H. annulata Philippi, 1865. Value histogram for n.binomial. Hilarigona aberrans. Images not available. Hilarigona abnormis. Images not available. Hilarigona annulata. Images not available. Hilarigona anomalicauda. Empididae SCAN. Hilarigona sp. JKM 2006, 1. Apalocnemis sp. Chile, 1. Euthyneura sp. JKM 2006​, 1 Eupithecia annulata, 1. Eupithecia assimilata, 1. Eupithecia johnstoni, 1. Hilarigona: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Callicorixa wollastoni Cerceris californica Cerceris insolita Cerceris kennicottii Ceriagrion cerinorubellum Cerobasis annulata Cladodromia bicolor. Diptera simuliidae por: Topics by WorldW. Hilarigona. Facebook. Twitter. KingdomAnimaliaanimals SpeciesHilarigona annulata. SpeciesHilarigona anomalicauda. SpeciesHilarigona argentata.

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