★ Agishbatoy


★ Agishbatoy

The city was as Agishbatoyskoye Agishbatoy village. It is the administrative centre of the municipality and the only settlement is included in it.


1. Geography. (География)

Agishbatoy located on the right Bank of the main river. It is 15 kilometers or 9.3 miles North-East from the village of Vedeno.

The nearest settlements to Agishbatoy are Guni in the North, Kurchali and Mesedoy in the North-East, Belgatoy in the South-East, Vedeno in the South, October in the South-West, and Khazhi-Yurt and TSA-Vedeno in the North-West.


2. History. (История)

It is the ancestral village of Agishbatoy Egishbatoy clan, teip.

According to legend, the name of the village comes from the names of two brothers, Egash and beta, which moved here from the mountain village Tsesa.

In 1944, after the genocide and deportation of the Chechen and Ingush people and the Chechen-Ingush ASSR was abolished, the village of Agishbatoy was renamed Sochi and settled immigrants from the neighboring Republic of Dagestan. From 1944 to 1957, it was part of the Vedeno district of the Dagestan ASSR.

In 1958, after the Vaynakh people back and the Chechen-Ingush ASSR was restored, the village acquired the old name of Chechen, Agishbatoy.


3. Population. (Населения)

  • The 2010 census: 686.
  • Census 2002: 502. (Перепись 2002: 502)
  • Evaluation 2019: 790. (Оценка 2019: 790)

According to the 2010 census, most residents Agishbatoy were ethnic Chechens. The majority of the population of villages from teip Egishbatoy.

  • nearest settlements to Zelamkhin - Kotar are Tsa - Vedeno in the north - west, Agishbatoy in the north - east, Vedeno in the south, and Elistanzhi and Eshilkhatoy
  • Urus - Martanovsky District: Roshni - Chu Rural localities in Vedensky District: Agishbatoy Belgatoy Benoy Dargo Dutsin - Khutor Dyshne - Vedeno Elistanzhi Ersenoy Eshilkhatoy
  • north, Achereshki and Enikali in the north - east, Gezinchu in the east, Agishbatoy and Mesedoy in the south - east, and Khadzhi - Yurt in the south - west. In
  • south - east, Dyshne - Vedeno, Vedeno and Zelamkhin - Kotar in the south - west, Agishbatoy and Mesedoy in the north - west, and Nizhny Kurchali and Sredny Kurchali
  • of the district, Vedeno. The nearest settlements to Dyshne - Vedeno are Agishbatoy in the north, Ersenoy and Tazen - Kala in the north - east, Dzhani - Vedeno
  • in the east, Tazen - Kala in the south - east, Vedeno in the south - west, Agishbatoy in the west, and Guni in the north - west. According to legend, the village
  • Kurchali and Shirdi - Mokhk in the north - east, Ersenoy in the south - east, and Agishbatoy in the south - west. In 1944, after the genocide and deportation of the
  • nearest settlements to Tsa - Vedeno are Khazhi - Yurt in the north - east, Agishbatoy in the south - east, Verkhny Tsa - Vedeno and Zelamkhin - Kotar in the south
  • settlements to Khazhi - Yurt are Guni and Marzoy - Mokhk in the north - east, Agishbatoy and Mesedoy in the south - east, Zelamkhin - Kotar in the south, Tsa - Vedeno

  • the south, Elistanzhi in the south - west, Ersenoy in the south - east, and Agishbatoy in the east. In 1944, after the genocide and deportation of the Chechen
  • areas of the republic, specifically Elistanzhi, Agishty, Eshilhatoy and Agishbatoy are the area of operations for his guerrilla unit. Gakayev was one of
  • Elmurzayev was ambushed and killed by security officers in the village of Agishbatoy On 19 March 2009, Daudov was injured during a raid in Samashkinsky Street

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Продолжительность: 0:14. Agishbatoy pedia. Agishbatoy Agishty Akhalkhevi Akhkinchu Borzoy Alpiyskoye Alkhan ​Churtskiy Alkhan Kala Alkhan Khutor Alkhan Yurt Alkhazurovo Alleroy. COVID 19 numbers and news for Oct. 13. Опубликовано: 21 июн. 2018 г.

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Achereshki. Achereshni. Achireshki. Achkhoi Martan. Achkhoy Martan. Adu Yurt. Agabekhi. Agasbeta. Agashbatoy. Agashty. Agereshki. Agishbatoy. Мука Тюбе, Курган, Russia Map with pedia Places. Agishbatoy Agishevo Agishty Agivo Aglamazovo Aglobi Aglomazovo Aglos Agnesevskiy Agnevo Agnichnoye Agnishchevo Agniye Afanasyevsk.

What does the name EGASH mean? Names meanings and.

Maps, weather, and information about Agishbatoy, Russia. Other Non Latin names: Egasbeta,Xuset,Хушет,Агишбатой,Əgasbeta,ЭгІашбета,Agisbatoj. BNS Durjoy Visually. @ hoga zalina. @heda ars. Агишбатой @agishbat0y. ⚡Рахман Долуев @doluev 10. Бахадиривич ✴ @1adam 13. магае магомед @magaev004.

FSB border guards come under attack by Chechen resisters Ajans.

Neftyanoye hotels Khatuni hotels Benoy hotels Makhkety hotels Agishbatoy hotels Ziverkhi hotels Kharachoy hotels Tazen Kala hotels ​. Makhkety, Vedensky district, Russia on the Elevation Map. Achhoy Martan 1. 366611. Achhoy Martan 2. 366612. Achhoy Martan 3. 366613. Agishbatoy. 366331. Agishty. 366336. Alhan Churtskiy. 366001. Alhan Kala. Chechnya Republic Local Singles, meet Local singles in Chechnya. Address: Чеченская Республика, Агишбатой, Ю.Исраилова ул. phone: coordinates: 46.107622, 43.013081. e mail: ta.ru. Limit: no restrictions. Agilebusiness. From Agishbatoy village to Elistanzhi. As a result one serviceman was killed. By morning the insurgents had left the village. Event ID: 34117.

How to create a map of Daghestan GitHub.

Hot wifes best lesbian dating site Cantley Canada for fun Lockerbie xxx 21 sexfuck DuBois Bois Des Hommes, Agishbatoy, Yahalatenne Tags: fuck men in south. ≡ 366331 MAIL OF RUSSIA Агишбатой Отделение: Агишбатой. Mechet Agishbatoy Agishbatoy, Chechnya, Russia, 366331. Coordinate: 43.0116696, 46.1086671. 6. Mechet Makhkety Makhkety, Chechnya, Russia, 366344.

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. @ Nizamettin Agishbatoy egievmovsar. @egievmovsar мовсар Эгиев kavkas13. @kavkas13 xxx. Maps, Weather, and Airports for Agishbatoy, Russia Falling Rain. Agishbatoy, Chechenskaya Respublika, 43.0122222, 46.1080556, 816, 2677. Agishbatoy, Respublika Ingushetiya, 43.0122222, 46.1080556, 816, 2677. Агишбатой. Веденский р он YouTube. Опубликовано: 20 окт. 2019 г.

Russian Federation, ВЕДЕНСКИЙ РАЙОН Postal Zip Code Listings.

The Vedeno and Shalinsky mountain and foothill areas of the republic, specifically Elistanzhi, Agishty, Eshilhatoy and Agishbatoy are the area. Accurate Weather Forecast in Russia Chechnya, the weather for. AchaloyAchireshkiAchkhoy MartanAgabekhiAgashtyAgishbatoyAgishty​AkhalkheviAkhkinchu BorzoyAkkiAlpiyskoyeAlekaleAlkhan ChurtskiyAlkhan ​Kala. File:АГИШБАТОЙ карта.svg media Commons. 221 Followers, 625 Following, 65 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Дени Матаев @agishbatoy. Dyshne Vedeno, Chechenskaya Respublika, Russia. Продолжительность: 6:17. Vedensky District Map Chechnya, Russia Mapcarta. AGIROVO, AGIRTA, AGIR TAMAK, AGIRTAS, AGIRTMA, AGIR TYUBE, AGIRZYA, AGIS, AGISBATOJ, AGISH, AGISHBATOY, AGISHEVA, AGISHEVO, AGISHI.

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Postal code Агишбатой ZIP Code 366331 Postal code Элистанжи ZIP Code 366342 Postal code Беной Ведено ZIP Code 366239 Postal code. Дени Матаев @agishbatoy Instagram photos and videos. Achaloy Achireshki Achkhoy Martan Agabekhi Agashty Agishbatoy Agishty Akati Akh Kir Kok Akhalkhevi Akhkinchu Borzoy Aki Yurt Akki Alpiyskoye Alekale. Love this place! Canyon Creek Golf and Camping. Agishbatoy, Vedensky district Elevation on Map 14.37 km 8.93 mi Agishbatoy on map Elevation 1176 meters 3858.27 feet. 8. Belgatoy, Vedensky district. Magomed Daudov Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Family. Agishbatoy, Akushali, Aleksandro Nevskoye, Aler Atar, Arykhkent, Atarshikov, Aynikabmakhi, Batlaich, Bergeinzi, Bogatyrevka, Bukhty, Chachanki,.

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Agishty sp.ru agisics ci.com agisig.​com agisilao agisinc. Place Of Worship at Chechenskaya, Russia. 46° 3 0 E, 5.3km 3.3 miles, 268.1° W. Agishbatoy, Populated place, 43° 50 N, 46° 26 E, 5.6km 3.5 miles, 353.0° N. Tazen Kala, Populated place. How to pronounce Agis HowT. 3 месяцы тому назад. agishbatoy. You should still be burned by the church. 3 месяцы тому назад. epochs of fashion @kyokorain. 3 месяцы тому назад. Chechenskaya Respublika, Russian Federation Postal Codes. In the north, Verkhatoy in the north west, Eshilkhatoy in the south, Elistanzhi in the south west, Ersenoy in the south east, and Agishbatoy in the east.

Russia Places beginning with Aginskiy Datsan Aginskiy Datsan to.

There are millions of free books online to listen on your MAC, iPhone or iPad on Audiobooks Online Dean Bown from Agishbatoy, Chechenskaya. Try it now!, get forecasts, hour by hour AccuWeather Global. 21, Agashty, populated place. 22, Agashty, populated place. 23, Agereshki, populated place. 24, Agisbatoj, populated place. 25, Agishbatoy, populated place​. International Mens Soccer Recruiting Guide. Agishbatoy Google Earth. KML Keyhole Markup Language file contaning location of Agishbatoy, Nozhay Yurtovskiy rayon, Checheno Ingushskaya Republic,. Agishbatoy Google Earth 3D map Nozhay Yurtovskiy rayon. 1507, Агишбатой, NA, NA, 43.012222, 46.108056, NA, Chechen, NA, Nakh, Nakh Daghestanian, NA, Chechnya, NA, red2, NA, NA, NA. 1508, Агишты, NA, NA.

Khuseyn Gakayev Military Fandom.

Also, on Sunday, fighting broke out in the Agishbatoy village of Vedeno province between the Chechen resisters and supporters of the. Агишбатой YouTube. Agishbatoy, Russia Nikolayevka, Russia Agishevo, Russia Nikolayevka, Russia Agishty, Russia Nikolayevka, Russia Agivo, Russia Nikolayevka, Russia. Alkhan Kala map, satellite All streets and buildings location. Agiri, Agirigiroi, Agishbatoy, Agishty, Agitta, Agja Qal eh, Agja Qal eh, Agjana, Agla, Aglaly, Agmajhi, Agmaligon, Agna, Agnagari, Agnamé, Agnangnan Следующая Войти Настройки. Verkhny Tsa Vedeno wand. On 4 April 2007, Elmurzayev was ambushed and killed by security officers in the village of Agishbatoy. 2002. Daudov participated in both the First and Second.

Chechnya Maps World Places.

Возможно, вы имели в виду:. Machine Translation of Law Granting Of Naturalisations Belgium. Agishbatoy. to legend, the name of the village comes from the names of two brothers, Egash and Beta, who moved here from the mountain village of Tsesa. Danh sach cac thành phố ở Chechenskaya Respublika. Agishbatoy, Agir Tepe, Agios Spyridon, Agizbogaz, Agios Vlasios. Here you will find the location of Agia Paraskevi on a map. To see how it currently looks like. Select city Civlak Qalandariyeh Rasane Ailat Lamwis Abadilah. Coordinates: 43°00′44″N 46°06′29″E 43.01222°N 46.10806°E 43.01222​ 46.10806 Agishbatoy Russian: Агишбатой, Chechen: ЭгIашбета is a rural.

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