★ Cladodromia bicolor


★ Cladodromia bicolor

  • Cladodromia is a genus of flies in the family Empididae. C. bicolor Philippi, 1865 C. boliviana Bezzi, 1909 C. cana Bezzi, 1905 C. decurtata Collin

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Cladodromia bicolor data.

Cladodromia bicolor is a species of dance flies, in the fly family Empididae. References. Philippi, Rodolfo Amando 1865. Aufzahlung der chilenischen. Cladodromia bicolor Philippi 1865 Encyclopedia of Life. Cladodonta, Cladodromia, Cladogelonium, Cladogirvanella, Cladogonium Cladonia confusa f. bicolor Mull. Arg. Ahti & DePriest Cladonia confusa f. Full text of Manual of North American Diptera Internet Archive. English. Cladodromia bicolor. species of insect. Spanish. Cladodromia bicolor. especie de insecto. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined​.

Category:Insects described in 1865 Visually.

An Cladodromia bicolor in uska species han Diptera nga ginhulagway ni Philippi hadton 1865. An Cladodromia bicolor in nahilalakip ha genus nga. Category:Empididae Visually. Cladodromia futilis. Clinocera nigra. Clinocera undulata. Crossopalpus ambiguus Elaphropeza bicolor. Elaphropeza bihamata. Elaphropeza callosotibia. Full text of Catalogue of the diptera of the Americas South of United. Cerceris insolita Cerceris kennicottii Ceriagrion cerinorubellum Cerobasis annulata Cladodromia bicolor Cladodromia flavipes Cladodromia nigrimana.

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CLADODROMIA Bezzi, 1905: 453 Hemerodromia subg. Type species: Cladodromia inca Bezzi, 1905, des. Collin, 1928: bicolor Bezzi, 1904a: 349. Australia. Cladodromia bicolor Waray pedia. Bicolor Philippi, l 865c:767 Hemerodromw 111gnmana Phihppi, 181i5c:767 Neoplasia b11 illa a Philippi Cladodromia b1co or Philippi C fadodr om w. Empididae SCAN. 38.4 cm SciELO 10 11 12 13 14 15 bicolor Wulp, 1888: 366, pi. Oreogeton 39.17 bicolor Philippi, 1865 Hemerodromia, Cladodromia 39.40 bicolor Philippi,.

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