★ Platybelone lovii


★ Platybelone lovii

Platybelone lovii kind of fish a needle from the family Belonidae. It is a predatory, pelagic fisjh, which is endemic to the Eastern part of the Atlantic ocean in the waters of Guinea-Bissau. This species was described by albert Gunther in 1866 as Belone lovii and was named in honor of British naturalist Richard Thomas Lowe.

  • trachura Valenciennes, 1846 Fishbase treats P.a. lovii as a valid species, Platybelone lovii while other authorities also treat P.a platyura and
  • argalus Lesueur, 1821 Platybelone lovii Gunther, 1866 Eschmeyer, W. N. R. Fricke R. van der Laan eds. Platybelone Catalog of Fishes. California

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GreaterGood Fauna Taxonomy Display: Belonidae.

Platybelone includes 2 children: Platybelone argalus Lesueur 1821 Keeltail Needlefish Platybelone lovii Gunther 1866 see more What is EOL?. VTO Ontobee. 0 Platybelone argalus lovii Gunther, 1866. Platybelone argalus annobonensis Collette and Parin, 1970. Platybelone argalus trachura Valenciennes, 1846. Species Maps Sti. Platybelone Distribution of Laticauda San Luis Potosi en Goan Catholic Distribution India.svg RedKnotMigration.​svg. Platybelone argalus lovii Peixe agulha Belonidae FishWise. Platybelone argalus lovii Platybelone argalus platura Platybelone argalus platyura Platybelone argalus pterura. Baja California keeltail needlefish.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Platybelone argalus lovii.

Platybelone argalus lovii is also known as Peixe agulha. It belongs to the family Belonidae. For more details visit us. Belonidae California Academy of Sciences. Platybelone argala. Noturus stigmosus. Noturus stanauli Etheostoma gracile. Platybelone argalus. Bembridae Omosudis lowii. Omosudis. Barbus sclateri. Platybelone lovii Gunther 1866 maps Encyclopedia of Life. Map of Omosudis lowii Map of Omphalaria Map of Omphalaria kansana Map of Platybelone argalus platyura Map of Platybelone argalus pterura. Introduction PLoS. Platybelone argalus annobonensis Collette & Parin, 1970 Annobon keeltail needlefish P. a. argalus Lesueur, 1821 keeltail needlefish P. a. lovii ​Gunther,.

Schemes including Platybelone lovii iNaturalist Israel.

1770, Plarg f0.jpg, FishBase, Belonidae, Platybelone, Platybelone lovii, 0, 0, 0, 0​, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1. 1771, Poeig u0.jpg, FishBase, Belonidae, Potamorrhaphis. COPEPOD TSN sorted codes. 130, Omosudis lowii, Omosudid, Aulopiformes, Omosudidae, native 165, Platybelone argalus platyura, Keeled needlefish, Beloniformes, Belonidae, native​.

A FishPatterns img Science Advances.

Omosudis lowii Gunther, 1887. Platybelone platyura Bennett, 1832 – Orphie carene. – T a x. o n o m y First record from New Caledonia as Platybelone. Free Images - bestof:Areale L. castaneothorax. Platybelone lovii Belonidae. Microlipophrys caboverdensis Blenniidae. Parablennius salensis Blenniidae. Scartella caboverdiana Blenniidae. INDEX CATALOGUE OF MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ZOOLOGY. And non commercial prey, like keelted needlefish Platybelone argalus lovii or squid Loligo sp. Yet, diet composition should be further.

Llista de peixos de lOceà Indic zero.

And was replaced by Platybelone Fowler 1919 20 May and Tropidocaulus Ogilby 1919 lovii, Belone Gunther 1866 Platybelone argalus lovii Gunther 1866. Platybelone pedia. Platybelone argalus Platybelone argalus lovii Platybelone argalus platura Platybelone argalus platyura Platybelone argalus pterura Platybelone. TAX UID TXRNK UID TAX NAME. Platybelone lovii Gunther 1866. collect Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of Platybelone lovii Gunther 1866. View this species on.

Category:Platybelone media Commons.

Platybelone annobonensis Platybelone argala Platybelone argalus Platybelone lovii Platybelone platura. Related Concepts Demo: Phylum Chordata organism. Omosudis lowii Gunther, 1887 - Hammerjaw Omosudid Platybelone argalus ​Lesueur, 1821 - Flat tail Longtom Flat tailed Long Tom Flat tailed Long tom. Belone lovii Belone Belonidae FishWise. Peixe cavalo or Peixe agua® ° Omosudis lowii Gunther, 1887 Omosudid 1970 Short beaked garfish Agulha® Platybelone argalus Lesueur,.

Belonidae The Fish Tree of Life.

Platybelone argala Bennett, 1832 sec. Randall, Ida, Kato, Pyle & Earle 1997. CAS Ichthy Species codes Taxonomic Serial Number. Pisces CiteSeerX. Platybelone lovii Gunther 1866 in honor of British biologist clergyman Richard Thomas Lowe 1802 1874, who presented type to the British.

Order BELONIFORMES Needlefishes The ETYFish Project.

Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:. Keeltail needlefish wand. Platybelone 16131 7 Platybelone argalus 16132 9 Platybelone argalus annobonensis 16133 9 Platybelone argalus 16134 9 Platybelone argalus lovii. All Data LifeMap Explorer. Belone gill cover Elbe River B. vulgaris B. belone Platybelone argalus: M., 1972 a Sundasciurus lowii: Gunong Benom Domrownyssus dentatus. Platybelone argalus Gyvoji gamta Fandom. Omosudis lowii. LC. No. Aulopiformes. Paralepididae. Arctozenus risso. LC Platybelone argalus. LC. No. Beloniformes. Belonidae. Strongylura senegalensis​.

Platybelone argala Bennett, 1832 sec. Randall, Ida.

Omosudis lowii Hammerjaw Alepocephalidae Slickheads Alepocephalus Cape Needlefish Platybelone argala Keeltail Needlefish Strongylura exilis. Fish Unionpedia, the concept map. Pimephales, Pisodonophis, Plagioscion, Platax, Platybelone, Platycephalus louisianae, lowei, lowii, luciae, lucidus, lucius, lucoides hudsonius, luetkenii. Platybelone argalus 6382820 Related how?. Platybelone lovii is a species of needlefish from the family Belonidae. It is a predatory, pelagic fish which is endemic to the eastern Atlantic Ocean in the waters. Red List of Marine Bony Fishes of the Eastern Semantic Scholar. Pacific needlefish Species platybelone argalus Subspecies platybelone argalus lovii Subspecies platybelone argalus trachura ​Subspecies.

Volume VII Food and Agriculture Organization.

Platybelone argalus Le Sueur, 1821 peixe agulha keeltail needlefish Clofnam The Azores population is completely separated from P. a. lovii in the Cape. Dataset bilateria Galaxy. Scientific name Platybelone argalus 1821 Keeltail needlefish Platybelone argalus lovii Gunther, 1866 Platybelone argalus platura. Species Encoder ASEAN CHM for Biodiversity. People also search for. Zeitschrift fur Zoologie. Platybelone argalus annobonensis Platybelone argalus Platybelone argalus lovii Platybelone argalus platura Platybelone argalus platyura. Belone​.

The living marine resources of the Eastern Central Atlantic. Volume.

Platybelone lovii is a species of needlefish from the family Belonidae. It is a predatory, pelagic fish which is endemic to the eastern Atlantic Ocean in the waters around Cape Verde. Keeltail needlefish Visually. Platybelone lovii Gunther, 1866 argalus lovii, Brito et al. 1999 as Platybelone argalus lovii. Remarks: An endemic species. Tylosurus rafale Collette & Parin.

The Foraging Ecology of the Endangered Cape Verde Shearwater.

The keeltail needlefish Platybelone argalus, sometimes called the keeled treats P.a. lovii as a valid species, Platybelone lovii, while other authorities also. Full text of European Journal of Taxonomy Internet Archive. Platybelone argala Potamorrhaphis eigenmanni Sundasciurus lowii Sundasciurus mindanensis Sundasciurus philippinensis.

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