★ Stictiella emarginata


★ Stictiella emarginata

  • Gillaspy, 1985 Stictiella callista J. Parker, 1917 Stictiella corniculata Mickel, 1918 Stictiella emarginata Cresson, 1865 Stictiella evansi Gillaspy

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New State Records of Bembecine Sand Wasps in Michigan.

Insecta, Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Athysanella Gladionura, emarginata 1351, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Stictiella, speciosa. New State Records of Bembecine Sand Wasps in Michigan. Genus Stictiella. Stictiella callista Parker 1917. Stictiella emarginata Cresson 1865. Stictiella femorata W. Fox 1895. Stictiella formosa Cresson 1872. Arthropods. Original data presented on Stictiella formosa Cresson, S. serrata Handlirsch, that S. callista Parker and S. emarginata Cresson also use Lepidoptera.

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Xanthogramma emarginata. Xylota fraudulosa. Crataegua triflora Xanthogramma emarginata. Xylota fraudulosa Stictiella pictifrons. Syritta pipiens. Syrphus. Final report DENIX. Only the last two have pi River: Glenostictia emarginata, G. pictifrons, Stictiella pulchella, Micro stictia minutula Handlirsch, and E. texensia Gillaspy. Only the​. Manitobanaturetalk@ Stictiella emarginata sand wasp in. STICTIELLA EMARGINATA Cresson. Monedula emarginataCbesson, Proc. Ent. Soc. Phila., vol. 4. 1865, p. 468. Monedula mamillata Handlirsch, Sitz. Akad.

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Stictiella emarginata Cr. Wasp. Cryptus albitarsis Cr. Wasp. Stictiella emarginata Cr. Wasp. Anoplius lophopompilus atrox Dahib. Wasp. Sceliphron. Stictiella emarginata - Discover Life mobile. New species of Stictiella Hymenoptera, Sphecidae. Nesting behavior, ecology, seasonal and geographic distribution of the sand wasp, Stictiella emarginata. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Crabronidae. Unique ID, Alt ID, Identified As, Country, State, Collecting Date, Collector s, Field Code. ARTHARCH00027639 Stictiella serrata United States Florida.


Species, Stictiella corniculata Mickel, 1918. Species, Stictiella emarginata ​Cresson, 1865. Species Species, Stictiella flavescens Gillaspy, 1985. Species​. Mbd The Ohio State University. Stictiella villegasi. Hymenoptera. Solitary bee. Perdita algodones. Hymenoptera Prunus emarginata Provisional Alliance. Quercus garryana Shrub Alliance. Bern bicidae. Homoptera Cicadellidae Athysanella Gladionura emarginata Arthropoda Hymenoptera Sphecidae Stictiella speciosa Arthropoda Insecta Hymenoptera. Stictiella emarginata pedia. Map of Sarratia berlandieri emarginata Map of Sarratia Map of Saxifraga caespitosa emarginata Map of Saxifraga Map of Stictiella Map of Stictina. AR Sphecid Wasps. Fairchildi Bohart Stictiella Sphecidae Stictiella emarginata faisonensis Forel Prenolepis Formicidae Paratrechina faisonsica Forel Pheidole Formicidae.

Butterfly Wolves Genus Stictiella iNaturalist.

One and two celled nests of Stictiella emargina ta as seen in side view. Egg Stictiella emarginata eggs from four females at Base Borden in 1998 were. Channel Islands Portal Stictiellina. Stictiella emarginata is a species of sand wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is found in North America. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. Emarginata Zendalia zendaloides Zodion fulvifrons Baccha fuscipennis pollicaris Stictiella pictifrons Thlipsogaster ater Toxoneuron abdominale. SlPHONAPTERA HYMENOPTEBA 391 CEDIOPSYLLA Jordan C. Once home and photos loaded, I determined the wasp to be Stictiella emarginata​, a sand wasp of the Bembicini tribe, and thus a relative of the Bembix wasps.

Cr Ontario Long Point Biosphere Reserve.

Discover Lifes page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Stictiella emarginata - Discover Life mobile. Crabronidae Stictiella emarginata a photo on Flickriver. Stictiella is a genus of sand wasps in the family Crabronidae. There are at least 14 described species in Stictiella. Source: pedia,. Hymenoptera of America north of Mexico synoptic catalog. First. Stictiella emarginata Cresson 1865. collect Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of Stictiella emarginata Cresson 1865. View this.

Get PDF Seasonal Variation In Nesting Behavior Of Oxybelus.

Nesting behavior, ecology, seasonal and geographic distribution of the sand wasp, Stictiella emarginata Hymenoptera: Sphecidae. Canadian Field ​Naturalist. Jewel Cave Historic Area NPS History. Stictiella corniculata sp. nov. Flowers and insects University Library, University of Illinois. Geographic distribution of the sand wasp, Stictiella emarginata Hymenoptera: Sphecidae. Canadian Field Naturalist 119 1 6 15. Category.

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Anthaxia emarginata Anthaxia exasperans Arenaria douglasii var. emarginata Arenaria franklinii var. Stictiella terlinguae Stictocephala collina. Cordilura emarginata Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. Stictiella emarginata Cresson. Family: Crabronidae. Stictiella emarginata image​. Description Not Yet Available. Stictiella emarginata. Open Interactive Map. Ichneumonidae Nearctica. Species Stictiella emarginata. Phylum Arthropoda Arthropods. Subphylum Hexapoda Hexapods. Class Insecta Insects. Order Hymenoptera Ants, Bees,​. Hymenoptera. Stictiella emarginata and Dienoplus pictifrons, are common elements in these com munities, yet neither could be found nesting, and both may nest in unusual​.

Species Records, Page 22.

An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. Stictiella emarginata Cresson 1865 maps Encyclopedia of Life. Microbembix: monodonta. Bembix: amoena, sayi, americana spinolae, pruinosa, nubilipennis. Stictiella: emarginata, plana. Glenostictia: pictifrons.

Nesting Behavior, Ecology, Seasonal and Geographic Distribution of.

Stictiella emarginata Cresson Stictiella evansi Gillaspy Stictiella fergusoni R. Bohart Stictiella flavescens Stictiella pulchella serrata Handlirsch Xerostictia. Flowers & Insects, Lists of Visitors to 453 Flowers, 1928, Robertson. Sticticlla emarginata Adult moths, Noc tuidae Lepidoptera emarginata uses Noctuidae, the twig nester Lestica Stictiella emarginata Cresson. MOR, July. Appendix 5 Fort Drum iSportsman. Vipio, ○○ ○. Gnaptodon, ○. Rhagoletis cingulata, ○. Prunus emarginata, ○ Leptoglossus oppositus, ○. Xerophloea, ○. Steniolia, ○. Stictiella, ○. BISON Scientific Names S USGS Bison. Stictiella boharti Stictiella callista Stictiella corniculata Stictiella divergens Stictiella emarginata Stictiella evansi Stictiella exigua Stictiella femorata.

California Sand Wasps of the Subtribe Stictiellina Essig Museum of.

Two species of Sphecidae in the tribe Stictiellini, Glenostictia pictifrons and Stictiella emarginata, are reported from Michigan for the first time. ITIS Standard Report Page: Stictiella. Not available. Map not. Available. Stictiella corniculata. Images not available. Map not. Available. Stictiella emarginata. Images not available. Map not. Available.

Species Stictiella emarginata.

On Ceanothus thyriflorus Esch., Alnus rubra Bong., Prunus emarginata Dougl. D​. Dietr., and Ribes sp. Stictiella tuberculata Fox. In Canada, recorded only. Monarch Image Library. Stictiella pictifrons Sm., Stizus unicinctus Say Bethylidae: CHABLEB B0BEB1 Notoglossa americana Rb., type, cressonii Rb., type, emarginata. Say, frontalis. The Canadian field naturalist. Natural history Sciences naturelles. Nesting Behavior, Ecology, Seasonal and Geographic Distribution of the Sand Wasp, Stictiella emarginata Hymenoptera: Sphecidae. Authors Kurczewski. New species of sphecoidea from the central and western states. Stictiella Parker. No species of Stictiella has been taken in Indiana as yet but one,​. S. emarginata Cresson, should be present in northern Indiana. Stictiella is. Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates of British CiteSeerX. Stictiella 18 Nea. emarginata Cresson US. formosa Cresson favors Libytheidae up to 11 per cell. serrata Handlirsch NC East Uses adult moths and.

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