★ Cerceris insolita


★ Cerceris insolita

  • of 880 species in Cerceris a genus of hymenopterans in the family Crabronidae. Cerceris abac Fritz and Mariluis, 1976 i c g Cerceris abacta Shestakov
  • Synanthedon vassei Le Cerf, 1917 Tipulamima sophax Druce, 1899 Vespanthedon cerceris Le Cerf, 1917 Acherontia atropos Linnaeus, 1758 Agrius convolvuli Linnaeus

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Insolita Cresson Cerceris Sphecidae Cerceris insolita Evans Apenesia ​Bethylidae Parascleroderma insolita Walley Campoplegidea Ichneumonidae. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE INDEX. Cerceris imperialis Saussure, 1867. Cerceris insolita Cresson, 1865. Cerceris insolita otomia Saussure, 1867. Cerceris insolita panama Scullen, 1972.

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Cercariomorphus Cerceris bicincta Cerceris clypeata Cerceris rubida Cerchysiella Cladonia insolita Cladonia intermediella Cladonia invisa. Cerceris species. Gallinula chloropus cerceris Subspecies gallinula chloropus galeata ​Subspecies gatzara insolita Species gatzara jezoensis Species gatzara jubilaea. Square headed wasps Nature Search. Cerceris echo Cerceris finitima Cerceris frontata Cerceris fumipennis Cerceris insolita Cerceris intricata graphica Cerceris kennicottii Cerceris maculata. Pacific insects CA Triplehorn Insect Collection. Cerceris insolita cortezi urn:lsid:org:name:2266780 Cerceris insolita panama urn:lsid:org:name:2266783 Cerceris irwini. Crabronidae Images Tree of Life Web Project. Cerceris finitima Cerceris frontata Cerceris fumipennis Cerceris graphica Cerceris halone Cerceris insolita Cerceris interrupta Cerceris intricata graphica.

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Cerceris insolita albida, new subspecies Figure 59 Female. Length 10 mm. Black with creamy white markings structurally like the nominate subspecies C. Channel Islands Portal Crabronidae. Sphecius speciosus © Ted Kropiewnicki, Philanthus gibbosus © Ted Kropiewnicki, Clitemnestra bipunctata © Ted Kropiewnicki, Cerceris insolita © Ted. Full text of Review of the genus Cerceris in America north of Mexico. Cerceris. 350. Subfamily Crabroninae. Tribe Crabronini. Rhopalum R. 351 Sychnostigma insolita Baltazar. Sychnostigma insolita Bltz, 1961a, Monogr. Cerceris insolita Apoid Wasp species photo Mark Brown photos at. Pluritrichoppia insolita Subias & Arillo, 1989. Subias, L.S. & Arillo, A. 1989. Pluritrichoppia insolita gen. nov., sp. nov. Acari. Cerceris lorcai Guichard, 1990.

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Oncometopia nigricans Walker at 1 to 2 m, and H. insolita Walker at. National Museum. Cerceris compar. Cerceris irene. Cerceris clypeata. Cerceris halone. Cerceris finitima. Cerceris insolita. Cerceris robertsoni. Cerceris atramontensis. Cerceris. Walker, Francis. 1871. A list of Hymenoptera. Cerceris insolita is a species of wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is found in North America. References. Jump up to: Cerceris insolita Report. Integrated.

Weevil Wasp Cerceris spp. Insect Identification.

Cerceris insolita, Square headed Wasp, Crabronidae. Family: Crabronidae. Subfamily: Philanthinae. Tribe: Cercerini. Length: 5 6 mm. Muesebeck, Krombein​. Crabronid Wasp, Cerceris insolita, Cedar Ridge Preserve, Hopewell. List of Bembecinus species List of Bembix species List of Cerceris species List Cerceris frontata Cerceris fumipennis Cerceris halone Cerceris insolita​. Wasps of Illinois, USA Field Guides Field Museum. Cerceris insolita is a species of wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is found in North America.

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1917 Tipulamima sophax Druce, 1899 Vespanthedon cerceris Le Cerf, 1917 Ceratophaga vastellus Zeller, 1852 Crypsithyris insolita Meyrick, 1918​. AABAABA, BRACHINUS 6305097562 AALGE AALGE, URIA. Species of Cerceris previously described and recorded for Mexico and Central America Cerceris insolita atrafemori Scullen, 1965a: 349, 354, 448. 449, figs. An Annotated Synonymic List of North American and jstor. The first species of Cerceris described from this area was C. califarnica by part of lateral lobes only yellowish, lateral face marks mostly above clypeus. insolita.

Review of the Genus Cerceris Latreille in Mexico and Smithsonian.

Cerceris bicornuta Guerin 7.9. C. blakei Cresson 4. C. californica Cresson 4 C. graphica Smith 4 9, as C. macrosticta V. & C. C. i. insolita Cresson 4.9. List of moths of Mozambique wand. Cerceris compar, fumipennis, insolita, Philanthus punc tatus. Eumen.: Ancistrocerus campestris. Leionotus arvensis. Monobia, Zethus Crahron.: Solenius.

No Common Name Cerceris insolita Maryland Biodiversity Project.

Cerauniorum 1 ceraunobolia 1 cerberion 1 cerbĕrĕus 1 cercasorum 1 cerceris insolentia 1 insolentiam 1 insolently 1 insolita 1 insolitos 1 insolitā 1 insolvent Следующая Войти Настройки. Ichneumonidae Nearctica. 771743, Walcott, 1914, 2922, species, Cerceris varipes, 757977, ​species, Sieberella insolita, 948489, 5167, species, Helix api,.

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Cerauniorum 1 ceraunobolia 1 cerberion 1 cerbĕrĕus 1 cercasorum 1 cerceris insolentia 1 insolentiam 1 insolently 1 insolita 1 insolitos 1 insolitā 1 insolvent. All Data LifeMap Explorer. Members of the genus Cerceris are hunters and gatherers of weevils and other beetles. Female wasps dig nests in the ground along roads or. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Crabronidae. The Annual Photo Contest is now open. Enter HERE Journals will be going away soon! Please take the time now to save any information you may want to keep. Taxonomic Filter: Raw Data Central Thesaurus Taxa Count: 337. Cachinnans Gall?nula chloropus cerceris Aves Choanodiplostomum lintoni Icelus bicornis Pisces Genarches muelleri Helicometra insolita Lebouria. Amegilla walshii Apis mellifera Bombias separatus Bombus. Has vertical eyebrows and so I would say it is in the genus Cerceris. I think I have a collection of Cerceres: clypeata, insolita, and maybe.

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Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:. New species of sphecoidea from the central and western states. Cerceris unifasciata, Smith, Cat. Hym. Ins. pt. iv. 456. 84. Hab. North China, Celebes. 3. Cerceris fuliginosa, Smith, Cat. Hym. Ins. pt. Polyara insolita, n. s. Mas.

Eastern Sphecid Wasps.

Cerceris pudorOEa sp. nov. Length 9 to 10 mm. Cerceris complanata sp. nov​. Wasp, Ant, & Sawfly Database Hymenoptera Illinois Wildflowers. Krombein, and Townes, 1951 consists of the two genera Cerceris Latreille. ​1802 and Eucerceris insolita atrafeniori ScuUen. MALES. 1. Stigma very dark to.

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CEREBRIFORMIS INSOLITA, SPONGIA 366101010502 CEREBRIFORMIS, ANAS 9112010917 CLYPEATA, CERCERIS 6575011401 CLYPEATA,. Cerceris insolita, Square headed Wasp in the family Crabronidae. Cerceris gayi Cerceris gnarina Cerceris halone Cerceris insolita Cerceris intricata Cerceris irene Cerceris jucunda Cerceris kennicottii Cerceris manca​.

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