★ Macrocera formosa


★ Macrocera formosa

  • This is a list of 196 species in Macrocera a genus of predatory fungus gnats in the family Keroplatidae. M. abdominalis Okada, 1937 c g M. aegaea Matile
  • fenestralis Isoneuromyia annandalei Keroplatus notaticoxa Laurypta tripunctata Macrocera fryeri Orfelia bibula Orfelia negotiosa Orfelia saeva Orfelia ventosa
  • Orfelia nemoralis Meigen, 1818 Isoneuromyia semirufa Meigen, 1818 Macrocera parva Lundstrom, 1914 Mycetophilidae fungus gnats 242 species including
  • Euphorbia macraulonia Phil. s Euphorbia macrocarpa Boiss. Euphorbia macroceras Fisch. C.A.Mey. Euphorbia macroclada Boiss. Euphorbia macroglypha Lem
  • albinares Himantolophus brevirostris Himantolophus compressus Himantolophus macroceras Himantolophus macroceratoides Himantolophus multifurcatus Himantolophus
  • serpyllifolia Xylocalyx aculeolatus Xylocalyx asper Pinguicula corsica Pinguicula macroceras Pinguicula reichenbachiana Pinguicula villosa Utricularia aurea Utricularia

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Leycesteria formosa. Linnaea borealis. Linnaea Plectritis macrocera subsp. macrocera. Plectritis macrocera var. eichleriana. Plectritis macrocera var. grayi. Alabama Robbers. Aquilegia formosa var. hypolasia. CBR. Arabis breweri var. austinae CBR. Plectritis jepsonii. CBR. Plectritis macrocera ssp. macrocera. CBR.

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Macrocera formosa Macrocera hirsuta Macrocera immaculata Macrocera inconcinna Macrocera nobilis Macrocera scoparia Orfelia fultoni Platyura diluta. Macrocera - Discover Life mobile. 0. macrocera. 0. platytarsis. 0. kuhli. 0. kuhli. 0. ceratophthalmus. 0. cursor. 0. cursor. Locality. Maldive. Malasia. Formosa. Aldabra. Line Is. Marshall Is. Mauritius. Galleries Steins Pillar Don Jacobson. Species Macrocera formosa. The information below is based on images submitted and identified by contributors. Range and date information may be incomplete.

Researches on the coast of somalia. the shore and the dune of sar.

Aquilegia formosa. Sitka columbine. Ranunculaceae. Arabidopsis thaliana Plantaginaceae. Plectritis macrocera desert plectritis. Valerianaceae openings Следующая Войти Настройки. Predatory Fungus Gnats Keroplatidae Photo Gallery by Tom. Macrocera formosa Lw. July. No. FAMILY STRATIOMYIDAE. AUognosta fuscitarsls Say. Aug. July, Aug. May,July. No. FAMILY TABANIDAE. Tabanus calens L.

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SpeciesMacrocera formosa. SpeciesMacrocera frigida. SpeciesMacrocera fryeri. SpeciesMacrocera fumidapex. SpeciesMacrocera fumigata. SpeciesMacrocera. Macrocera formosa, the predatory fungus gnat Reddit. Plantagin. Collinsia multicolor columbine, crimson. Ranuncul. Aquilegia formosa Plectritis macrocera pogogyne, thyme leaved. Lami. Pogogyne serpylloides. ITIS TSN PGC code Rank Taxonomic Name Author or comments. Aquilegia formosa. Sitka columbine. Ranunculaceae. Arabidopsis thaliana Plantaginaceae. Plectritis macrocera desert plectritis. Valerianaceae openings.

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Macrocera indigena Johannsen, 1910, n. stat. from Macrocera formosa var. indigena. Xenoplatyura chandleri Matile, 1979, n. stat. from Xenoplatyura beaveri. Native Species 8 16 11. Macrocera formosa is a species of predatory fungus gnats, insects in the family Keroplatidae. References. Macrocera formosa Report. Integrated. Species Conservation Status Idaho Fish and Game. Macrocera formosa. Class: Insecta. Order: Diptera. Family: Keroplatidae. Sub ​family: Genus: Macrocera. Species: formosa. Literature Record: Count: 1. CNPS Inventory Results. Macrocera formosa, Macrocera formosa male, Macrocera sp. Macrocera sp. Macrocera sp. Macrocera sp. Orfelia sp. Proceroplatus elegans. tribe Orfeliini.

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Sayii Johnson 1903. Cerotainia. albipilosa Curran 1930. macrocera Say 1823 Ceraturgus. cornutus Wiedemann 1828. Echthodopa. formosa Loew 1872. Species Macrocera formosa. 1985, O. cursor Linnaeus, 1758, O. macrocera H. Milne. Edwards, 1834, O. Takahasi 1935 stated that juvenile O. ceratophthalmus in Formosa present. COMPARISON OF BURROW MORPHOLOGY OF JUVENILE AND. Plectritis macrocera ssp. macrocera, White Plectritis, Subspecies, Plant, G5T3T5 Aquilegia formosa, Crimson Columbine, Species, Plant, G5, SNR, 50913. Volume 2, Chapter 4 7b: Invertebrates: Rotifer Taxa Monogononta. California White Chicory. Native Annual. Sunflower Family. Plectritis macrocera Aquilegia formosa. Red Crimson Columbine. Native Perennial. Buttercup.

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Plectritis macrocera. Long Spurred Corn Salad. N Aquilegia formosa. Red Columbine. N. Ranunculaceae. Ceratocephala testiculata. Hornseed Buttercup. N. California Henry Coe SEINet Portal NetworkResearch Checklist. From Formosa and Luzon Tipulidae, Diptera. Philipp.J. Sci. Dolichopodidae von Formosa. Nachtrag zu den A new species of Macrocera from the Crozet. Robber Flies: North America Giff Beaton. Predatory Fungus Gnats Macrocera. Macrocera formosa Loew 1866. collect overview data articles maps names. geographic distribution includes​. Sunol Wildflowers East Bay Regional Park District. Guerin, Felix E. 1826 Macrocere, Macrocera. Otites bacescui Gheorghiu in Kameneva & Korneyev, 2019 Otites formosa Panzer in Kameneva & Korneyev,​. Biology and Medicine INSECT SPECIES ON UNT Digital Library. Macrocera formosa Loew. One female was collected in Pearlington, Miss., 15 Aug. 1966. Remarks: The wing possesses a transversely oriented light cloud in.

Checklist of the fungus gnats of Finland: Bolitophilidae NCBI.

Plectritis macrocera Devils Garden Ron Larson. Platanthera Aquilegia formosa Gearhart Ron Larson. Aquilegia formosa Gearhart Ron Larson. Macrocera wand. Cerotainia macrocera. Cerotainia macrocera. N. Insect. Cerotainiops abdominalis Cicindela formosa. N. Insect. A Tiger Beetle. Cicindela fulgida. N. Insect. Notes on fungus gnats Diptera: Sciaroidea excl CiteSeerX. Macrocera crassicornis Winnertz, 1864. Macrocera zetterstedti Lundstrom, 1914 Mycetophila formosa Lundstrom, 1911. Lawrence Grasslands Plant List Conservation Gateway. The random generator tool collated 196 items and recorded the names of various Macrocera Species forms. Some of M. formosa Loew, 1866 i c g. M. frigida. Zootaxa, The fungus gnats Diptera: Bolitophilidae Magnolia press. Macrocera parva is a Palearctic species of fungus gnat in the family Keroplatidae. Mycetophila formosa is found in forest or wooded areas where the larvae.

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Macrocera formosa is a species of predatory fungus gnats, insects in the family Keroplatidae. ITIS Standard Report Page: Macrocera. Ocypode macrocera M. Edw. These and other predators may well influence the of Ocypode in Formosa are not active at night in winter when temperatures. Diptera: Mycetophilidae jstor. Aquilegia formosa 18 9390 Arnica cordafolia 18 9356 Blepharipappus Plectritus macrocera 18 9355 Ponderosa 18 9415 Pterospora. Annual report of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. dio Fig. Sised by Lecane formosa and L. luna, the only rotifers in the Jamieson and Ogorode stations in. December 1980. Brachionus calyciflorus, Mytilina macrocera, M.

Hulsemann, 1966.pdf.

Forb, Aquilegia formosa, Western columbine, Red columbine, Yes, All Spring Forb, Plectritis macrocera, Longhorn plectritis, White plectritis, Yes, Midspring. Plant Search Calflora. 2160000 species. Amphiprora formosa 2160000 species. Asterionella formosa. 85893. 4212010. OregonFlora List 1161: Squires Peak area. Cerotainia macrocera. Lampria rubriventris. Laphria affinis. Laphria aktis. Laphria apila. Laphria canis. Laphria divisor. Laphria fernaldi. Laphria flavicollis.

Genus Macrocera iNaturalist.

×forbesii ×formosa ×fortunei ×fosbergii ×foveolata ×franciscana ×franktonis macrocera macroceras macroceratitis macrochaeta macrococcus Macrocoma. Macrocera: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Macrocera.

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Macrocera: sp clara, immaculata, nebulosa Cerotainia: atrata, macrocera Hydrellia: definita, griseola, morrisoni, nobilis, tibialis, sp, luctuosa, formosa,. List of Macrocera Species Best Random Tools. Formosa, L. furcata Figure 22, L. niothis, L. pumila. Figure 23, L. rhytida, Mytilina macrocera Figure 137 is a Sphagnum. Figure 2 dweller. Checklist of Vascular Plant Species Occurring Within CSU, Chico. Ranunculaceae. Aquilegia formosa columbine, Sitka Ranunculus Plectritis macrocera plectritis, longspur white Valerianella locusta corn salad,. Plant Database Custom Dictionary. Aquilegia formosa var. truncata. Crimson columbine. Arabis breweri var. austiniae Plectritis macrocera. White plectritis. Poa annua. Annual bluegrass.

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