★ Dasineura salicifoliae


★ Dasineura salicifoliae

  • and Dasineura fraxinea on ash Fraxinus excelsior List of Dasineura species Larva of Dasineura salicifoliae in gall Galls of Dasineura salicifoliae Larvae
  • c g Dasineura salicifolia Felt, 1907 i c g Dasineura salicifoliae Osten Sacken, 1866 i c g b Dasineura salviae Kieffer, 1909 c g Dasineura sampaina
  • Bremiola Rubsaamen, 1915 Craneiobia Kieffer, 1913 Cystiphora Kieffer, 1892 Dasineura Rondani, 1840 Didymomyia Rubsaamen, 1912 Fabomyia Fedotova, 1991 Geocrypta

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A good looking Chalcid wasp, Torymus, female from a gall on meadowsweet, a parasite of Dasineura salicifoliae.… More The galls are made by a gall midge,. Flower Visitors Posts Facebook. Dasineura salicifoliae larvae inside a gall. The Lasiopteridi is a supertribe of flies from the family Cecidomyiidae. They are often called gall midges or gall gnats.

Dasineura salicifoliae Osten Sacken, 1866 - Discover Life mobile.

English: Larva of the gall midge, Dasineura salicifoliae 3 mm in gall made in meadowsweet Spiraea latifolia. Schoodic Point, Acadia. Genus Dasineura iNaturalist. Dasineura is a genus of midges in the family Cecidomyiidae some of Dasineura rumicicola Dasineura salicifolia Dasineura salicifoliae.

Dasineura salicifoliae? Dasineura salicifoliae.

Dasineura salicifoliae is a species of gall midges, insects in the family Cecidomyiidae. Galls on meadowsweet. References. Jump up to: ​Dasineura. All Data LifeMap Explorer. List of Dasineura species. Larva of Dasineura salicifoliae in gall. Galls of Dasineura salicifoliae. Larvae of Dasineura tumidosae. Larva of Dasineura pellex. About: Species Dasineura salicifoliae se:SWb9J Ta. Cecidomyia rosae Bremi 1847 now in Dasineura, considering C. rosae a forgotten name or nomen oblitum. Cecidomyia salicifoliae Osten Sacken 1866: 220.


Dasineura capsulae Kieff. Euphorbia spp. Flower & Fruit Gall 13, 80. D. loewi Mik​. S. euphoribiae salicifoliae. E. salicifolia. 82. Savul. & Sandu. Euphorbia. 66. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs. Dasineura salicifoliae. Diptera. Cecidom yiidae. Acericecis ocellaris. Diptera. Agromyzi dae. Aulagromyza orbitalis. Hymenoptera. Cynipida e. Amphibolips. Dasineura articles Encyclopedia of Life. SpeciesDasineura salicifoliae. SpeciesDasineura salviae. SpeciesDasineura sampaina. SpeciesDasineura sanguisorbae. SpeciesDasineura sassafras. File:Larva Dasineura salicifoliae in media Commons. Dasineura salicifoliae Osten Sacken 1866 Cecidomyia. Dasineura sassafras Felt 1916 Dasyneura. Dasineura scutata Felt 1908 Dasyneura. Dasineura. A catalog of the cecidomyiidae diptera of the world USDA ARS. Dasineura salicifoliae.

Gall Midges Cecidomyiidae Photo Gallery by Tom Murray at pbase.

Species, Dasineura balsamicola Lintner, 1888 – cecidomyie affine du sapin, introduced false balsam Species, Dasineura salicifoliae Osten Sacken, 1866. DIPTERA, CECIDOMYIIDAE CiteSeerX. Dasineura is a genus of midges in the family Cecidomyiidae, some of which cause galls on plants such as Dasineura Larva of Dasineura salicifoliae in gall. Species Dasineura salicifoliae. Dasineura communis, Dasineura salicifoliae, Dasineura serrulatae gall, Dasineura serrulatae, Dasineura serrulatae, Dasineura tumidosae. Hickory Sticky Leaf.

Dasineura salicifoliae pedia.

Dasineura salicifoliae Species dasineura sassafras Species dasyneura sassafras Species dasineura scutata Species dasyneura scutata Species. Insect Table Spiraea spp. Illinois Wildflowers. Dasineura salicifoliae. TaxonConcept Knowledge Base available from.​ta ses SWb9J.html. Version 2015 11 19T:17 0600. Nomina insecta nearctica acartophthalmidae acroceridae agromyzidae. Cecidomyiidae Gall Flies Contarinia spiraeina Spiraea Cabbage Gall Midge Cecidomyiidae Gall Flies Dasineura salicifoliae Spiraea Pod Gall Midge. LASIOPTERIDI Information. Dasineura salicifoliae is a species of gall midges, insects in the family Cecidomyiidae. Dasineura pudibunda Dasineura pustulans Dasineura ranunculi Dasineura rubella Dasineura rubiformis Dasineura salicifoliae Dasineura saxifragae. An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information.

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