★ Ectemnius rufifemur


★ Ectemnius rufifemur

These two subspecies belong to the species of Ectemnius rufifemur:

  • Orizabinus rufifemur Ectemnius Leclerc, 1968.
  • Ectemnius rufifemur Packard, 1866.
  • species in the genus Ectemnius Ectemnius abnormis Blackburn in Blackburn and Cameron, 1886 Ectemnius abyssinicus Arnold, 1947 Ectemnius adspectans Blackburn

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An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. Species Index m Nearctica. List of Cerceris species List of Crabronidae genera List of Crabronina genera List of Crossocerus species List of Ectemnius species List of Liris species. Achillea millefolium Plants of Louisiana USGS. Ectemnius continuus Ectemnius decemmaculatus Ectemnius dilectus Ectemnius dives Ectemnius lapidarius Ectemnius maculosus Ectemnius rufifemur.

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H. Court, except Crossocerus to D. Levin, Crabro, Ectemnius, and Lestica to Bohart Type species: Crabro rufifemur Packard, 1866, original designation. Ectemnius rufifemur pedia. Ectemnius dives Gr, Ectemnius lapidarius Gr, Ectemnius maculosus Gr, Ectemnius rufifemur, Ectemnius trifasciatus Gr, Oxybelus emarginatus, Oxybelus. Apoid Wasps Hymenoptera: Apoidea of Ohio Louis F. Nastasi. Ectemnius rufifemur rufifemur. Class: Insecta. Order: Hymenoptera. Family: Crabronidae. Sub family: Crabroninae. Genus: Ectemnius. Species: rufifemur. Sphecid Wasps of the World: A generic revision PDF Free Download. Ectemnius 27 Nea 16 Uses adult Diptera nests in decayed wood, twigs. arcuatus Say 1837 IN rufifemur Packard 1866 IL NE TX. rufipes Lepeletier and.

Full text of A key to the species of Ectemnius in America north of.

Ectemnius solitary soil, plant stems, wood O. uniglumis. Ectemnius sp. 1. Ectemnius sp. lapidarius Panzer. Ectemnius rufifemur Packard. Entomology Collection Detail University of New Hampshire. Ectemnius polynesialis Ectemnius rubrocaudatus Ectemnius ruficornis Ectemnius rufifemur Ectemnius rufipes ais Ectemnius satan Ectemnius scaber​.

Ectemnius rufifemur Mbd The Ohio State University.

Ectemnius rufifemur Packard, 1866. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Mandibulata. Class: Insecta. Order: Hymenoptera. Family: Sphecidae. Genus. Conspectus of the Genera of Pemphilidine Wasps jstor. 1790. 9. Ectemnius​ ​ruficornis​ Zetterstedt. 1838. 10. Ectemnius​ ​​rufifemur​ Packard. 1866. 11. Ectemnius​ ​rufipes​ Lepeletier and. Brulle, 1835. Category:Crabronidae Visually. Species Ectemnius rufifemur. The information below is based on images submitted and identified by contributors. Range and date information may be. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Crabronidae. Abstract, The 27 species of Ectemnius known from America north of Mexico and hindfemora usually mostly red and yellowish., rufifemur Packard 488.

Ectemnius atriceps Cresson 1865 names Encyclopedia of Life.

Ectemnius continuus punctatus Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau and Brulle, 1835 ​valid. Ectemnius rufifemur orizabinus Leclercq, 1968 valid. Amegilla walshii Apis mellifera Bombias separatus Bombus. Ectemnius ruficornis Zetterstedt, 1838. Ectemnius rufifemur Packard, 1866. Ectemnius satan Pate, 1946. Ectemnius scaber Lepeletier de Saint. Taxonomic Filter: Raw Data Central Thesaurus Taxa Count: 337. Ectemnius rufifemur. Images not available. Ectemnius rufipes. Images not available. Ectemnius rugifer. Images not available. Ectemnius rugosellus. Images.

Channel Islands Portal Crabronidae.

Ectemnius continuus, Ectemnius decemmaculatus fq, Ectemnius lapidarius, Ectemnius rufifemur, Ectemnius rufipes, Ectemnius trifasciatus,. Species Ectemnius rufifemur. Ectemnius rubicola Ectemnius rubrocaudatus Ectemnius ruficornis Ectemnius rufifemur Ectemnius rufipes Ectemnius rufipes ais Ectemnius rufipes rufipes. AEI holotype holdings. Ectemnius rufifemur is a species of square headed wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is found in Central America and North America. Wasp, Ant, & Sawfly Database Hymenoptera Illinois Wildflowers. Ectemnius: dives, corrugatus, atriceps brunneipes. Clytochrysis lapidarius, ruficornis nigrifrons Protothyreopus dilectus, rufifemur. Lestica Solenius.

Ectemnius rufifemur Mili, The Best pedia Reader.

Element waiting for Javascript to enable. If this message does not change within the next few seconds, please ensure you have javascript enabled for your. Effects of shelterwood management on flower visiting insects and. 761, Ectemnius, berissus, Leclercq, Crabronidae, 776. 762, Ectemnius 1066, Ctenopelma, rufifemur, Barron, Ichneumonidae, 1409. 1067, Ctenopelma.

Ectemnius rufifemur NatureServe Explorer 2.0.

Ectemnius decemmaculatus Ectemnius dilectus Ectemnius dives Ectemnius lapidarius Ectemnius maculosus Ectemnius ruficornis Ectemnius rufifemur. ITIS Standard Report Page: Crabronidae. D I S C O V E R L I F E. Ectemnius rufifemur Packard, 1866 Apoidea Crabronidae Ectemnius Subgenus: Protothyreopus. IDnature guide. Apoid wasp species. Amarante 2002 Apocrita Naming Conventions Scribd. Protothyreopus rufifemur c Oxyhel.: p, Protothyreopus rufifemur h, p, fq Larr. h​ Astatus crabro, Ectemnius, Hypocrabro, Protothyreopus rufifemur, Pscudo.

תת מין Ectemnius rufifemur iNaturalist Israel.

Acra Phorbia platura Protothyreopus rufifemur Pseudopyrellia cornicina Clytochrysus obscurus Cryptocheilus fulgifrons Ectemnius atriceps Elis. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs.

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