★ Anacrabro ocellatus


★ Anacrabro ocellatus

These three subspecies are the same species Anacrabro ocellatus:

  • Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, 1866.
  • Ocellatus Anacrabro micheneri Leclerc, 1973.
  • Anacrabro ocellatus boerhaviae Yes, 1895.
  • Anacrabro mocanus Leclercq, 1973 Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, 1866 Anacrabro salvadorius Leclercq, 1973 Anacrabro Report Integrated Taxonomic Information

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Storage Regime, Accession, Alt ID, Identified As, Country, State, Collecting Date, Collector s, Field Code. University of Central Florida Collection of Arthopods. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Crabronidae. Anacrabro ocellatus. 8 99. Plenoculus sp. 99. Tachysphex sp. 100 96. 100. Hesperapis richtersveldensis. 100. Hesperapis larreae. 100 100. Square headed Wasps Crabroninae Photo Gallery by Tom Murray. Plenoculus nr. parvus BND 2010 Tachysphex yolo Oxybelus abdominalis Anacrabro ocellatus Isodontia mexicana Sphex lucae Sceliphron caementarium. Anacrabro ocellatus SCAN. Square headed Wasps Crabroninae. Anacrabro ocellatus, Anacrabro ocellatus, Anacrabro ocellatus.

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Stizoides renicinctus, Stizus brevipennis fq icp, Synnevrus aurinotus, Synnevrus plagiatus Sphecidae Crabroninae Anacrabro ocellatus fq,. Channel Islands Portal Anacrabro ocellatus. Anacrabro ocellatus. Hymenoptera. 1. Megachile brevis pseudobrevis. Hymenoptera. 2. Stenodynerus histrionalis rufustus. Hymenoptera. 2. Tachysphex similis. Hymenoptera Collected Near Boston, Mass., with Descriptions of a. Nesting behavior of Anacrabro ocellatus Hymenoptera: Sphecidae. Ann. Ent. Soc. Amer, 63: 1419 1424. MENKE, A. S. 1968. New South American.

Guide to the insects of Connecticut. Part III. The Hymenoptera, or.

Anacrabro ocellatus. Filter by Place. View More. Top Observer. No Observations​No Observations. Top Identifier. No Identifica No Identifications. Grasslands Ecological Restoration. Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:. Species Anacrabro ocellatus. Sphecidae: Anacrabro ocellatus, Bicyrtes quadrifasciata, Philanthus ventilabris, Prionyx thomae. Vespidae: Pachodynerus erynnis, P. nasidens.

Taxonomy browser Crabronini NCBI NIH.

Anacrabro ocellatus is a species of square headed wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is found in Central America and North America. List of Sphecid Wasps. An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. The Sphegoidea of Nebraska DigitalCommons@University of. Name Anacrabro robertsoni Rohwer 1920. Name Details. Life Sciences and Synonyms. Anacrabro ocellatus Packard 1866 Anacrabro robertsoni Rohw. Final report DENIX. Discover Lifes page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Anacrabro ocellatus - Discover Life mobile.

Sheet1 PNAS.

Anacrabro ocellatus. Status. Unreviewed Annotation score: Annotation score:1 out of 5. The annotation score provides a heuristic measure of the annotation​. Anacrabro ocellatus - Discover Life. Acanthognathus ocellatus Mayr. 42. Acromyrmex octospinosus Reich. Anacrabro poss. meridionalis Ducke. 38. Aulacophilus eumenoides Ducke. Следующая Войти Настройки.


Hymenoptera, Crabronidae, Anacrabro ocellatus ocellatus, Y, Y. Hymenoptera, Crabronidae, Crabro advena, Y. Hymenoptera. Anacrabro ocellatus robertsoni Mbd The Ohio State University. Ammoplanops vierecki Ammoplanus chemehuevi Ammoplanus quabajai Anacrabro ocellatus Anacrabronina. Entomology Collection Listing University of New Hampshire. The nesting behavior of Anacrabro o. ocellatus Packard was studied at 5 localities in central New York. Data on its ecology, burrow construction, prey transport,.

Anacrabro ocellatus iNaturalist.

11, wasp, Crabronidae, Crabroninae, Crabronini, Anacrabro ocellatus, Packard, Anoc, 803, AY585160, AY995578, DQ116700, AY945091, USA: NY: Tompkins. Condea verticillata Coastal Plain Plants. Anacrabro is a genus of square headed wasps in the family Crabronidae. Anacrabro mocanus Leclercq, 1973 Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, 1866 Anacrabro.

Flowers and Insects. XV.

Anacrabro ocellatus. Subfamily Larridae Larrinae. Tachytes crassus Anacrabro ocellata. Andrena hirticincta. Anthophora furcata terminalis. Rome Sand Plains Final Unit Management Plan New York State. 7 Canifa pallipes Ceratopogon websteri Phora fungicola Sciara vulgaris ​Acmaeops directa Anacrabro ocellatus Andrena platyparia Andrena pruni. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the bees eCommons@Cornell. Anacrabro boerhavioe, n. sp. or var. ♂ about 7 mm. long differs from ocellatus by the yellow markings, which are as follows: Dorsum of prothorax and.

Anacrabro ocellatus - Discover Life mobile.

Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, Proceedings of the Entomological. Society of Anacrabro ocellatus Fox, Transactions of the American Ento mological Society. Nesting behavior of Anacrabro ocellatus AGRIS fao. Anacrabro ocellatus Packard 1866. AY995578 DQ072142 AY585160 GU320118 AY945091. DQ116700. Tachysphex sp. AY995589 AY654470 AY585171. Bug Eric: Wasp Wednesday: Anacrabro ocellatus in 2020 Insect art. Ammophilini Ammobatoidini Anacrabro ocellatus Anacrabro ocellatus Clitemnestra bipunctata Clitemnestra bipunctata Systropha. Analysis of family level relationships in bees CiteSeerX. Anacrabro is a genus with two species north of Mexico. A. ocellatus, with two subspecies, is widespread east of the Rocky Mountains. A. Nesting Behavior and Description of the Larva of Bothynostethus. 741 p. Nesting Behavior of Anacrabro ocellatus Hymenoptera: Sphecidae 1. FRANK E. KURCZEWSKI AND DAVID J. PECKHAM. Department of Forest.

Scientific Papers KU ScholarWorks The University of Kansas.

Ocellatus Cushman Pristomerus Ichneumonidae Pristomerus euryptychiae ocellatus Girault Cirrospilus Eulophidae Cirrospilus ocellatus Packard Anacrabro. The History of Early Bee Diversification Based on Five Genes Plus. Anacrabro ocellatus Packard. Family: Crabronidae. Anacrabro ocellatus image. Description Not Yet Available. Anacrabro ocellatus. Open Interactive Map. NJDEP NJGS Final Report Of The State Geologist Vol. II, Part 2. Sphecidae Astatinae Astata unicolor Sphecidae Bembicinae Bembix nubilipennis Sphecidae Crabroninae Anacrabro ocellatus, Ectemnius rufifemur fq.


Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, 1866. Source: 1021477. Family: Crabronidae. ​Anacrabro ocellatus robertsoni Rohwer, 1920, more, Anacrabro robertsoni Rohwer,. Cicuta maculata Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. Anacrabro: ocellatus. Lindenius: sp. armaticeps, buccadentis. Rhopalum: sp. ​clavipes, coarctatum, occidentale, rufigaster, pedicellatum. Crossocerus: lentus​.

Nesting Behavior of Anacrabro ocellatus ocellatus.

Anacrabro ocellatus 1. Ancistrocerus campestris 1. Anthrax alternata 1. Ceratosoma fasciata 1. Cerceris finitima 1. Chariesterus anntennator 1. Category:Crabronidae Visually. Anacrabro ocellatus Packard, 1866. Apoidea Crabronidae Anacrabro Subgenus: None.

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