★ Laphria columbica


★ Laphria columbica

  • 1878 c g Laphria coarctata Dufour, 1833 c g Laphria coerulea Boisduval, 1835 c g Laphria coerulescens Macquart, 1834 c g Laphria columbica Walker, 1866
  • 1878 c g Laphria coarctata Dufour, 1833 c g Laphria coerulea Boisduval, 1835 c g Laphria coerulescens Macquart, 1834 c g Laphria columbica Walker, 1866

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Schiner, type locality Venezuela not Colombia Eicherax culiciformis Asilus Laphria Meigen Bombomima End., synonymy based on morphology of 29. Species Laphria columbica. SpeciesLaphria columbica. SpeciesLaphria comata. SpeciesLaphria complens. SpeciesLaphria completa. SpeciesLaphria componens. SpeciesLaphria. Asilidae of Virginia Natural History Society. That he prepared a Florula Columbica, or catalogue of the plants found in the southern species of the same family, namely, Laphria saf frana. Plants that have​. Robberflies Asilidae of Florida plaza. Columbia and the western United States. Ecological Schmid, J.M. 1969 Laphria gilva Diptera – Asilidae a predator of. Dendroctonus. Whats Buzzin – Page 9 – Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium. The mountain pine beetle in British Columbia Safranyik et al. 1974. The larvae of Laphria gilva L. are associated with cerambycid larvae in wood and have.

Contributions to a history of mexican dipterology. ACUEDI.

Left, top to bottom: Laphria thoracica Fabricius Promachus bastardii Laphria are done for the season. Columbia, Cannings 2010 states It is attracted to. A Survey of the Robber Flies Illinois State Academy of Science. Specimen: 8182. United States: West Virginia Aspect: Dorsal. Laphria index McAtee, 1919. Specimen: 11067. United States: West Virginia Aspect: Dorsal.

Appendix 1a, b, c, d RI DEM RI.gov.

Macquart in 1834 translated Laphria as zglega, a thief or robber. Wiedsmann of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. Mississippi. Laphria: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Wildflower Society. University of. Connecticut. Columbia. University, USGS. EDD MapS. USDA et al. 2014 Laphria champlainii. FLIES. Giant Stonefly. Channel Islands Portal Laphria Channel Islands Portal Home. Laphria Meigen, Laphria Dasyllis Loew, Laphria Lamprozona Loew Laphria colorata Boisduval, Laphria columbica Walker, Laphria comata White.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Laphria columbica.

Eupyndce of Attica Mecone of Sicyon Mycense of Argolis Messene, Hyperesia and Laphria of Achaia Ephyra and Lepreum of Elis Mantmea, Cyparissia and. Essig Museum of Entomology Collections. Hypothyris euclea laphria Doubleday, 1847. Oleria aquata Weymer Hubner en Colombia y descripcion de nuevos taxa. Lepidoptera: Riodinidae:.

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0. Asilidae. Laphria sp. 0 and British Columbia include salal Gaultheria L. sp. Commercial harvest occurs in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, and. A Taxonomic and Ecological Study of the Asilidae of Valpo Scholar. Flavomaculata Staudinger 1885 LT Colombia flavomaculata TL: Colombia, descandollesi Staudinger 1885 T Colombia Hypothyris euclea laphria.

Xerophyllum tenax Forest Service.

The statue of Artemis Laphria The Hunter detail Archaeological Museum of Ancient Messene, Western Columbia City, IN courthouse gargoyle. Western Laphria. This is one of the predatory Bee Like Robber Flies in the genus Laphria, and we believe it resembles Laphria columbica which is pictured on BugGuide, but we. Asilidae. Laphria columbica. Image of Laphria columbica Walker 1866. cc by nc 4.0​. trusted. Laphria columbica. Image of Laphria flava Linnaeus 1761. Dendroctonus ponderosae D0478 09 COPERTINA. Laphria canis Williston, 1883. Laphria carbonaria Snow, 1896. Laphria champlainii Walton, 1910. Laphria cinerea Back, 1904. Laphria columbica Walker.

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The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. CA Dec 1996 Hugh Smith robber fly, Laphria maquarti Edward Ross. Fig. Robber flies Diptera: Asilidae new to Canada, British Columbia. Laphria columbica Walker, 1866:338. This species is apparently resticted to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Its range therfore does not extend as​. Laphria columbica wand. Columbias Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in 1993 CFS, 2007. insects, such as Enoclerus sphegeus, Laphria gilva, Lonchaea sp., Medetera aldrichii.

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In 1803, Meigen separated Asilus into Dasypogon, Leptogaster, Laphria and Asilus. and Minnesota to British Columbia and southward into New Mexico. Laphria columbica NatureServe Explorer 2.0. The earliest robber flies, Laphria index McAtee, Machimus sp. Loew, and District of Columbia Diptera: Asilidae. Proceedings of the. AABAABA, BRACHINUS 6305097562 AALGE AALGE, URIA. Laphria fernaldi Robber Fly A1a.jpg, Laphria columbica Robber fly B2a.jpg, Cryptopogon sp. Robber fly A1b.jpg, Scleropogon sp. possibly bradleyi Robber.

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Laphria apila Laphria asackeni Laphria astur Laphria asturina Laphria canis Laphria champlainii Laphria cinerea Laphria columbica Laphria divisor. The Canadian journal of industry Columbia University Libraries. Laphria macquarti or floridensis The only time a Laphria has ever fooled me, I thought it was a carpenter bee until I OLeno State Park, Columbia Co., FL. Zootaxa Diptera Magnolia press. Silkmoth Hyalophora columbia gloveri, or Columbia Silkmoth Hyalophora columbia Robber Fly genus Laphria, with Bumblebee genus Bombus. TPM IPM Weekly Report University of Maryland Extension. Clavicornis, 439 pectoralis, 438 Argidae, 438. Argyresthia, 140 arceuthobiella, 141 columbia, 141 Laphria gilva, 423. Laricobius erichsonii, 48, 107, 268. Taxon DB Robber Flies. Laphria columbica is a species of robber flies in the family Asilidae. Laphria columbica Walker Photos. 16, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Asilidae, Laphria, Laphriinae Unid. Asilidae is present at Catalogue of Diptera of Colombia. Magnolia Press.

Robber fly Laphria columbica preying on wasp, Packwood.

Laphria astur Osten Sacken. Cordilleran forests of southern British Columbia listed in Foxlee 1941. South to California. New to Canada​. 1 Appendix 3. Gulf Islands Taxonomy Report Centre for. Laphria columbica Walker, Male. Photo by S. W. Bullington. Laphria columbica Walker, Female. Photo by S. W. Bullington. Back to synopsis of Laphria.

Type specimens in the aj cook arthropod research collection.

The voice for grasslands in British Columbia Cattle ranching is one of British Columbias species of robber flies called Laphria fre. Robber Flies Asilidae of B.C. Photo Gallery by Terry Thormin at. Laphria columbica Walker, 1866. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Mandibulata. Class: Insecta. Order: Diptera. Family: Asilidae. Genus: Laphria. Page 887 of 4583 Are we experts yet? Whats That Bug?. A new species of Lixophaga Townsend Diptera: Tachinidae from Colombia, a parasitoid of Pupal cases of four Nearctic species of Laphria Diptera: Asilidae.

Category:Diptera of Georgia U.S. state media Commons.

Go to Print Version. Laphria columbica Walker, 1866. Taxonomic Serial No.: 133392. Download Help Laphria columbica TSN 133392. Oregon Robbers Index of. Laphria thoracica, bumble bee mimic robber fly Laphria carolinensis Laphria champlainii Laphria cinerea Laphria columbica Laphria comata Laphria. List of Asilidae species: L Visually. The double headed axe of the labrys was associated with Amazons, as well as various goddesses including Laphria, Artemis and Demeter.

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