★ Yoldia cooperii


★ Yoldia cooperii

  • Scarlato, 1981 Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 Yoldia glauca Kuroda Habe in Habe, 1961 Yoldia hyperborea Gould, 1841 Yoldia johanni Dall, 1925 Yoldia keppeliana
  • Portlandia tamara Yoldia Moller, 1842 Yoldia amygdalea Yoldia beringiana Yoldia cooperii Yoldia excavata Yoldia glacialis Yoldia hyperborea Yoldia limatula Say
  • pallidicinctus Ulmus Ursavus Venericardia Viburnum Vitis Vulpes Xema Yoldia Yoldia cooperii or unidentified comparable form Zalophus Zalophus californianus
  • locality for species Yoldia Yoldia cooperii or unidentified comparable form Yoldia impressa Yoldia oregona Yoldia seminuda Yoldia tenuissima Contents
  • velox Williamia Wodnika Xenophora Xyne type locality for genus Yoldia Yoldia cooperii Yumaceras tentative report Zachrysia Zalophus Zalophus californianus
  • Yaquius travisi Yatkolamys Yoldia Yoldia cooperii Yoldia impressa Yoldia mortuasusensis type locality for species Yoldia packardi or unidentified
  • Florida. Abra Acanthocardia Acanthochitona Acar Accipiter Accipiter cooperii Accipiter striatus Acer Acer rubrum Acmaturris Acris Acris gryllus
  • K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Yoldia Yoldia frater Yoldia kurzi Yoldia soror type locality for species Yoldia waltonensis Yumaceras Yumaceras

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The Recent Invertebrate Taxa Described by William More JStor.

Been found for example, take Yoldia cooperi, fossil number 34, described on page 206 of the article. The notation following the description is as follows. A umbonata A. Nucula Yoldia Moller, 1842 from WoRMS Tepidoleda Iredale, 1939 from BioLib & WoRMS Yoldia Cnesterium Dall, 1898 from WoRMS. The Nut Shells shell, front, hinge, length and yoldia. Yoldia myalis S Yoldia seminuda S Gastropods Acmaea mitra I,S Alia carinata Lepidozona cooperi S Lepidozona interstincta S Lepidozona.

San Juan Islands.

But Yoldia cooperii Gabb, Reference Gabb1865 and Scaeoleda illepida Iredale, Reference Iredale1929 are exceptions Abbott & Dance Reference Abbot and. Yoldia cooperii scamit. Cancellaria cooperii. Cancellaria crawfordiana. Cancellaria Xylophaga washingtona. Yoldia cooperii. Yoldia seminuda. Yoldia sp. Yoldiella nana. Yoldiella sp. Genera and species. Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 Yoldia glauca Kuroda & Habe in Habe, 1961 Yoldia hyperborea Gould, 1841 Yoldia johanni Dall, 1925 Yoldia keppeliana G. B. Merge Benthic Abundance and Grain Composition Data. Caecum cooperi S. Smith, 1860 Caecum pulchellum Stimpson, 1851 Yoldia sapotilla Gould, 1841 Lunarca ovalis Bruguiere, 1789 Modiolus modiolus.

Species Neogene Atlas of Ancient Life.

Yoldia cooperi ssp. cooperi. collect overview data names. filter by attribute. show all forms mineralized skeleton contains reproduction. filter by provider. Tertiary Marine Pelecypods of California and Baja California USGS. SOC., 1989 S 5114120502 C MENETUS G 51141206 MENETUS COOPERI S SOC., 1989 S 5502040518 C YOLDIA COOPERII GABB,1865 S 5502040519 Следующая Войти Настройки. Constructional morphology of the shell ligament system in. Yoldia is a genus of saltwater clams, Species within the genus Yoldia include: Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 Yoldia glauca Kuroda & Habe in Habe, 1961. Yoldia Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Hierarchy. Animalia Mollusca Bivalvia Protobranchia Nuculoida Yoldiidae Yoldia cooperii. Maps Coming soon. More to come soon! Extras.

Repository EOL Global Names Index.

Odd valves occasionally washed ashore. Yoldia cooperi Gabb. A single valvefound on the ocean beach north of False Bay. Area Barbatia gradata Sby. Anderson, 1905. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. ser. 3. Geol., 2.pdf. From Yoldia cooperii Protobranchia: Nuculanoidea Coe 1945 and M. siliquae Kozloff 1991 from Siliqua patula Heterodonta: Solenoidea. Yoldia Visually. Nuculana penderi, ○. Barbatia gradata, ○. Pinnidae, ○. Yoldia cooperi, ○. Nuculana cuncata, ○. Arcidae, ○ ○. Malletia pacifica, ○. Yoldia scissurata, ○ ○.

Perry, 1993 article iDigFossils.

Name Authority: WoRMS World Register of Marine Species. Common Name s. No common names recorded. Related Publications: No related publications. PDF Check list of fossils from the Pleistocene at Caltech THESIS. Coopers Yoldia cooperii Info. Photo c Gena Bentall, some rights reserved CC BY NC Mini jle152, 1st observer. Pink Sand Verbena Photo c Jerry. ITIS Standard Report Page: Yoldia cooperii. ZOOM to see image details. Yoldia cooperi tenuissima. ©2018 University of California Museum of Paleontology. 0000 2222 6085 4538. Copyright © 1995 ​2019. Yoldia cooperi Gabb, 1865 - Discover Life mobile. Yoldia cooperii. In exernal appearance very similar to Nuculana spp taxodont dentition, concentric sculpturing. Occurs at shallow regional stations with depth.

The marine mollusks and brachiopods of Monterey Bay,California.

†Vouapa †Vulpes cascadensis †Vulpes velox Williamia †Wodnika Xenophora †Xyne – type locality for genus †Yoldia cooperii †Yumaceras –. Yoldia cooperi ssp. cooperi data Encyclopedia of Life. Caecum cooperi Caecum dalli Caecum floridanum Caecum heptagonum myalis Y sapotilla Yoldia limatula Yoldia montereyensis Yoldia. Yoldia pedia. The Safe Management of Pros ma cooperi Seychelles National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan a National Biodiversity Partnership Fond Ferdinand.

What is the meaning of Xyned, the name Xyned means, Xyned.

Xenochironomus, Xenoleberis californica, Yoldia cooperii, Yoldia hyperborea, Yoldia limatula, Yoldia myalis, Yoldia sapotilla, Yoldia seminuda, Yoldia sp. Search Food and Agriculture Organization. Ample, several of the mollusks Yoldia cooperii, Lucinoma annulata, Calyptraea fastigiata, Natica clausa, and the genus. Megasurcula live at water depths of at. Intertebrate Faunule from Lindavista Formation. Bursa chipolana. Bursa pelouatensis. Bursa pelouatensis. Caecidae. Caecum cooperi. Caecum cooperi. Caecum regulare. Caecum regulare. Calliostomatidae.

Category:Yoldia media Commons.

BUSYCON PYRUM INCILE CONRAD. BUSYCON RAPUM HEILPRIN. BUSYCON RUGOSUM CONRAD. CAECUM COMPACTUM DALL. CAECUM COOPERI. Palæontology:Sou hth.HiOa.?. nio 3 PLATE VIII Alamy. Cooper Yoldia cooperii, English. Monterey yoldia Megayoldia montereyensis, English. almond Yoldia amygdalea, English. broad yoldia. Yoldia cooperii pedia. Columbiana, Arca, 85 concinna, Arca, 73., Cucullaea, 73., Scapharca, 73 congesta, Anadara, 16, 83., Arca, 83 cooperi, Yoldia, 48 corbuloides, Arca, 65.

Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 - Discover Life mobile.

Caecum cooperi, 0. Caecum crebricinctum, 1.5. Caecum floridanum, 0. Caecum glabrum, 0. Caecum imbricatum, 0. Caecum imperforatum, 0. Caecum johnsoni. List of the Cenozoic life of Oregon zero. Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865. Taxonomic Serial Common Name s, Cooper yoldia. Taxonomic Status: Genus, Yoldia Moller, 1842. Species, Yoldia. REGIONAL 2009 appendix H.1 Macrobenthic City of San Diego. Scientific Name. Yoldia cooperi. Catalog Number. M0733. Basis of Record. PreservedSpecimen. Phylum. Mollusca. Class. Bivalvia. Order. Nuculanoida. Family.


Remarks: Yoldia Kalayoldia cooperii Gabb 1865. Type species, by original designation, of Kalayoldia Grant & Gale 1931: 128. insigne, Pisidium Gabb 1868c. UCMP specimen card CalPhotos. Discover Lifes page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 - Discover Life mobile. Unel M5, Kamchatka Krai, Russia. Art: Yoldia carnarosensis Clark, 1915. Art: Yoldia clydoniona Dockery, 1982. Art: Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865. Art: Yoldia cupressensis Russell & Landes, 1937.

Chapter 7 Parasites of Commercially Important Marine Molluscs.

Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of Yoldia cooperii Gabb 1865. View this species on GBIF What is EOL? Whats New? The EOL. Yoldiidae INHS collections data. Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865 Earn. Yoldi dae. Malacobdella arrokeana seems to follow a similar pattern of host specificity, being found only in. Yoldia cooperi Digital Commons of Moss Landing Marine. Yoldia amygdalea Yoldia beringiana Yoldia cooperii Yoldia excavata Yoldia glacialis Yoldia hyperborea Yoldia limatula Say, 1831 Yoldia martyria Yoldia​.


Accipiter striatus OR cooperii. Acetabularia acetabulum. Acetabularia calyculus. Achatina fulica. Acmaea sp. Acmaea testudinalis. Aconitum napellus. Acropora. Yoldia cooperii. †Yaquinacetus – type locality for genus. †Yaquinacetus meadi – type locality for species. Yoldia. †Yoldia cooperii – or unidentified comparable form †Yoldia. DNA barcoding supports identification of Malacobdella species. Yoldia cooperii Gabb, 1865. Family: Yoldiidae. Cooper yoldia. Yoldia cooperii image. iNaturalist finatic. Web Links. pedia Google Search Google Images. Invert E Base Portal Yoldia cooperii. Yoldia amygdalea. Images not available. Yoldia beringiana. Images not available​. Yoldia cooperii. Images not available. Yoldia excavata. Images not available. Yoldia cooperi Gabb, 1865 MCZbase Harvard University. Yoldia cooperii, common name Coopers yoldia, is a saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Yoldiidae.

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