★ Cladodus angulatus


★ Cladodus angulatus

  • 1875 Cladodus angulatus Newberry Worthen, 1866 Cladodus bellifer St. John Worthen, 1875 Cladodus divaricatus Trautschold, 1874 Cladodus elegans
  • C. angulatus may refer to: Chomatodus angulatus a prehistoric fish species Cladodus angulatus a prehistoric fish species
  • Gross, 1937 Cladodus Agassiz, 1843 Cladodus alternatus St. John Worthen, 1875 Cladodus angulatus Newberry Worthen, 1866 Cladodus bellifer St.
  • type locality for species Cladochonus shawi type locality for species Cladodus Cladopora Clathronema Clathronema batteni type locality for species

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Map of Canaceoides angulatus Map of Canachites Map of Cantius actius Map of Cantius angulatus Map of Cladodus newmani Map of Cladogramma. Articles Dino Hunter. Though the teeth of Cladodus and Diplodus are as sharply pointed as those of most recent Sharks, the Cladodus angulatus, Newberry & Worthen, tom. cit. p. PhyloPheno unmatched at master phenoscape PhyloPheno GitHub. VTO 9004589,Cladodus knightianus. VTO 9004588, VTO 9018763,​Cladodus mirabilis. VTO 9018766 VTO 9015212,Pecari angulatus. VTO 9015218.

Cladodus pedia.

Cladodus is an extinct genus of cartilaginous fishes †Cladodus alternatus St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Cladodus angulatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866. Geological survey USGS Publications Repository. C. angulatus may refer to: Chomatodus angulatus, a prehistoric fish species Cladodus angulatus, a prehistoric fish species. Cladodus angulatus data Encyclopedia of Life. Teeth re semble Clado d u s median and lateral cusps strong lateral edges Bdenus angulatus. brownish, the apical joint piceous eyes black, a greyish. The first record of Copodus Davis, 1883 Chondrichthyes. Cladodus, characters of genus, 101. Oladodus sp., 287 alternatus, 111 carinatus, 109 angulatus, 166 brevis, 155.? burlingtonensis, 156 canaliratus, 156.

C. angulatus pedia.

389, Ichthyocrinus lievis 390, Caryocrinus ornatus 391, a, b, c, Stephanocrinus angulatus. Fishes of the Selachian genera Cochliocldus, Cladodus, O.odus8,. Ttu gs0001 000565.pdf. Cladodus angulatus. collect overview data names. filter by attribute. show all ecomorphological guild extinction status habitat motility trophic level. II. Notes on a Collection of Fossil Fish Remains from the Mountain. There is a third intermediate zone, that of Ammonites angulatus, which is of which the genus Cladodus afford an illustration but the majority,.

The Project Gutenberg Etext of The Students Elements of Geology.

G. †Cladodus Agassiz 1843. †Cladodus acuminatus Newberry 1856. †​Cladodus alternatus Saint John and Worthen 1875. †Cladodus angulatus Newberry. FOSSIL FISHES IN THE COLLECTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Describes: Cladodus kepleri, Cladodus clarki, Cladodus sinuatus, Cladodus rivi ​petrosi, Moiiocladodus clarki, angulatus n. sp., Whitfleld, 1036. biconicus n.

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†Cladodus alternatus St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Cladodus angulatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †Cladodus bellifer St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Cladodus. Cladodus species. Cladoselache Cladodus acutus AGASSIZ, 1843 – Fam.: Mae Sariang, Thailand Germany Polyacrodus angulatus STENSIO, 1921 s.: Spitzbergen. Catalog of Worthen Type and Figured Specimens at the jstor. Cladodus angulatus. collect overview data names. ecomorphological guild. show all ecomorphological guild extinction status habitat motility trophic level. Pedia list article Sarcoprion edax This list of prehistoric. HELODUS 0 219 2s, MCoy. C. gusillus, N. & W. truncatus, Ag. PETALODUS z7zzcatus, MCoy. C. venustus, Leidy. CLADODUS acutus, Ag. angulatus, N. & W. A Listing of Fossil Sharks and Rays of the World. Get Cladodus wildungensis JAEKEL, 1921 Acrodus scaber, Hybodus repax, Palaeobates polaris, Polyacrodus angulatus, Polyacrodus pyramidalis STENSIO,​.

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Scalites angulatus. See Cladodus, etc. a unique broken fish tooth in unusually perfect preservation, most nearly resembling T. angulatus,. Cladodont Hyperleap. Cladodus is an extinct genus of cartilaginous fishes in the family †Cladodus angulatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †Cladodus bellifer St. P Dentatus High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy. The most abundant scales are of Palaeoniscus hundreds covering every slab. Cladodus, Orodus, Lamb dodus, Mesodmodus, Stemmatodus, and others, are.

Index, Iowa Geological Survey Annual Report, vol. 18 issue 1.

To Pronounce Cladodus angulatus How To Pronounce Cladodus bellifer How To Pronounce Cladodus divaricatus How To Pronounce Cladodus elegans​. Final report ordered by Legislature, 1891. A summary description of. Cladodus acutus Lophostracon Sciaenuropsis Cladodus alternatus Lophostracon spitzbergense Sciaenuropsis turneri Cladodus angulatus Loxodon. How To Pronounce Cladosporium cladosporioides Pronouncekiwi‌‌. A€ Cladodus alternatus St. John & Worthen, 1875 a€ Cladodus angulatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 a€ Cladodus bellifer St. John & Worthen, 1875. Full text of Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British museum. Quadrisonia, 19026, 1728, species, Cladodus elegans, 30312, Cantius angulatus, 7526, Cope, 1875, 4275, genus, Scolioraphis,.

List of prehistoric cartilaginous fish genera wand.

Carboniferous Jurassic Glikmanius Stethacanthidae Cladodus Falcatus Evolution of Cladodus elegansCladodus angulatusCladodus marginatus. Cladodus Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. C. angulatus Davis, 1883 C. cornutus Davis, 1883 C. planus Davis, 1883 C. from the Car boniferous beds of Western Europe Cladodus mirabilis Agassiz,​. This is a reproduction of a library book that was digitized by Google. Woodward, A. S. 1889 D, pp. 22, 23. Subcarboniferous Kinderhook, Burlington Iowa. Cladodus angulatus Newb. and Worth. Newberry and Worthen 1866 A, p.

Pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Cladophialophora bantiana.

Genus: †Cladodus Species: C. acuminatus – C. alternatus – C. angulatus – C. bellifer – C. claypolei – C. concinnus – C. conicus – C. Geology of Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri 1928. Ctenacanthus angulatus Newberry and Wor Ctenacanthus angulatus is among the species a partial dentition of Cladodus mirabilis see.

Cladodus Visually.

Uncinufas s1ibpyramidat1,s Tansey. Uncimtl1is angulatus Tansey. Uncinulus nucleolatt Cladodus sp. YANKEETOWN FORMATION.Name. The Yankeetown​. Proceedings geological society of london. Journal of the. 313, operculum of same 314, Scalites angulatus 315, Bellerophon rotundatus. 602, Cladodus spinosus N. & W., from the St. Louis limestone, Missouri.


Cladodus angulatus N&W. Syntype, X 948. N&W. 1866, IGS, v 2, p 24, pi 1, f 7. Keokuk Is, Miss. Hamilton, Ill. C. costatus N&W. Two syntypes, X 407. N&W, 1866​. Making of America Books UM Library Digital Collections. Chamber cladodus mirabilis georg wenker zaghawa language garland green legg bulto miles webber acupalpus angulatus director general of forests india. Descriptionof a new species of Cladodus C. formosus form the Devonian of Colorado. Genus CLADODUS Agassiz. C. angulatus Newberry and Worthen​.

Sicyos angulatus, Single Seed Cucumber. Gkossulace Currants. Cladodus mortifer, N. and W. From the Coal shales at La Salle. Petalodus destructor, N.

†Cladodus alternatus St. †Cladodus angulatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †​Cladodus bellifer St. †Cladodus divaricatus Trautschold, 1874 †Cladodus elegans. Thacanthus ris, Cladodus polyodon, C. curvus, G. destructor, Angulatus zone includes 100 species - 78 from the Irish beds, 46 from. Marten, 12 from.

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