★ Chomatodus gracillimus


★ Chomatodus gracillimus

  • author s Chomatodus elegans Newberry Worthen, 1866 Remains have been found in Keokuk Limestone, Keokuk, Iowa, United States. Chomatodus gracillimus Newberry
  • Chomatodus gracillimus Newberry Worthen, 1866 Chomatodus inconstans St. John Worthen, 1875 Chomatodus incrassatus Anonymous author s Chomatodus insignis

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Venustodus leidyi Chomatodus venustus, Leidy. St. John & Worthen, Pal. 1ll., Vol. 6, 1875, page 350, plate 9, fig. la, concave face of tooth b,. Pin on Plants I need Pinterest. How do you say Chomatodus gracillimus? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Chomatodus gracillimus on pronouncekiwi.

United states geological survey North Texas Fossils.

Map of Cenchrus gracillimus Map of Cenchrus Map of Chomatodus Map of Chomatopyge Map of Conocephalus gracillimus Map of Conocephalus. Articles Dino Hunter. Get Petalodus acuminatus Chomatodus acuminatus, Petalodus dentatus OWEN, 1845 Eubrontes gracillimus E. HITCHCOCK, 1844 E. HITCHCOCK, 1845.


Cenchrus gracillimus Cenchrus hillebrandianus Cenchrus incertus Cenchrus longispinus Chomatodus Chomatopyge falcata Chomatopyge marginifera. GN V36N5.pdf Oklahoma Geological Survey University of. †Chomatodus gracillimus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †Chomatodus inconstans St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Chomatodus incrassatus Anonymous author s. LII. A Catalogue of Fossil Fish in the Collections of the Earl of. †Anomoepus cuneatus Hitchcock 1889. †Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock 1862. †Anomoepus gallinuloides King 1844. †Anomoepus gracillimus Hitchcock 1844.

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Chomatodus iocrnssntus, St. John & w. 1. gracillimus, Newberry & W. Mo fossils 1890.pdf Stone Quarries and Beyond. Corresponds to Ctenacanthus gracillimus in character of individual ridges. ​Eastman OUSM 00558 resembles some of the Chomatodus teeth illus trated by. Chomatodus Visually. FAMILY PETALODONTID E. Antliodus, Calapodus, Cholodus, Chomatodus, Ctenopetalus gracillimus, see Tanaodus gracillimus. incoustans, St. John.

Chomatodus pedia.

Naid,conc. Follstonc. Stoucsficld. Slotover. Sussc Stoncsdeld. Ib. Garsioston. Chomatodus cinctus linearis. truocatus Carl. Limestonc. Pedia list article Sarcoprion edax This list of prehistoric. CTENACANTHUS GRACILLIMUS Newberry and Worthen. Plates, fig. 4 plate? strongly arched example of C. gracillimus. Chomatodus type of tooth, p. 257. List of prehistoric cartilaginous fish genera pedia WordDisk. Chomatodus genus, Animalia Chordata Chondrichthyes Petalodontiformes Petalodontidae Chomatodus, 298.9 295.5 Ma Paleozoic. Petalodus.

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CHOMATODUS affizis, N. & W. angularis, N. & W. arcuatus, St. John cinctus, Ag. HELoDUs deztculatus, MCoy. C. elegans, N. & W. gracillimus, N. & W. Title Of Document jstor.

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