★ Chomatodus costatus


★ Chomatodus costatus

  • Worthen, 1875 Chomatodus costatus Newberry Worthen, 1866 Chomatodus cultellus Anonymous author s Chomatodus davisi Woodward, 1889 Chomatodus dentatus
  • Chomatodus costatus Newberry Worthen, 1866 Chomatodus cultellus Anonymous author s Chomatodus dentatus Anonymous author s Chomatodus elegans Newberry

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Petalodus destructor, Chomatodus angularis, and Sandalodus carbonariiis. In addition to these, the quarries on following: Productus longispinus. P. costatus,​. Chomatodus costatus names Encyclopedia of Life. T. sinuosus, P. attenuatus, P. co trictus, Chomatodus linearis, C. acutus, Glossodus marginatus, Harpacodus P. costatus Lower and Middle. Scelidosaurus.

United states geological survey North Texas Fossils.

Species recognized by Paleobiology Database. Common Names. There are no common names associated with this taxon. Curated hierarchies for Chomatodus​. Catalogue of Type Specimens of Fossil Vertebrates, Academy of. Lituites multi costatus, Whitfield. Pal. Foss. Canada, 111, i, 1884 Venustodus leidyi Chomatodus venustus, Leidy. St. John & Worthen, Pal. Pedia list article Sarcoprion edax This list of prehistoric. To Pronounce Chomatodus comptus How To Pronounce Chomatodus costatus How To Pronounce Chomatodus cultellus How To Pronounce Chomatodus. A Listing of Fossil Sharks and Rays of the World. Chomatodus, 74, 84. Chonopectus fisheri, 73, 77 79, 84. Sanostone, 83. costatus, 221.425. curtirostra, 82, 84. laroicostus, 77. 79, 84. longispinus, 221, 2 ​2.

Full text of Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British museum.

Chomatodus is a prehistoric cartilaginous fish genus. 1875 †Chomatodus costatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †Chomatodus cultellus Anonymous author ​s. FOSSIL FISHES IN THE COLLECTION OF THE UNITED STATES. 49 59. Destinez, P. 1898 A Sur deux Diplodus et un Chomatodus de 1 Ampelite a unifere de Chokier, et deux Cladodus de Vise. Describes D. costatus LeC. United states USGS Publications Repository. Some of the species, it is true such as Productus semireticulatus, P. costatus, Pleurop7orus occidentalis?, Peripristis semicircularus and Chomatodus. Chomatodus pedia. Sister taxa: Chomatodus affinis, Chomatodus angustus, Chomatodus cinctus, Chomatodus comptus, Chomatodus costatus, Chomatodus cultellus, Chomatodus.

Species Maps Sti.

Chomatodus incrassatus, St. John & w. parallelus, St. John & W. Cochliodus Ctenacanthus costatus, Newberry & W excitatus, St. John & W. gracillimus. Chomatodus Visually. 53 costatus, Pand. CORDYLODUS azgulatus, Pand., guadratus, Pand. 3 rotundus, Pand. semicostatus, Pand. CTENOGNATHUS Kzyserlingii, Pand.,​.

Lll l O. 41. r tt.i. l. LIBRARY OF TEXAS.

Chomatodus incrassatus St. JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 Glymmatacanthus irishii, Harpacodus occidentalis, Hybocladodus plicatilis, Lambdodus costatus,. Chomatodus chesterensis Saint John and Worthen 1875 PBDB. Chomatodus obscurus V venustus V. Cimoliasaurus costatus, Palaeoscincus IV couperi, Chelonia IV Dicotyles costatus II fossilis II lenis II nasutus. Final report of the United States geological survey of Nebraska and. This form differs from E. costatus N. and W. in tapering more rapidly and in conclusion is strengthened by the presence of Chomatodus corrugatus in the Rus.

Mo fossils 1890.pdf Stone Quarries and Beyond.

Map of Campylodiscus costatus Map of Cauloramphus costatus Map of Cauloramphus cymbaeformis Map of Chomatodus Map of Chomatopyge falcata. Proceedings geological society of london. Journal of the. Familia: †Petalodontidae Genus: †Chomatodus Species: C. affinis – C. angustus – C. chesterensis – C. cinctus – C. comptus – C. costatus.

Index, Iowa Geological Survey Annual Report, vol. 11 issue 1.

Lambdodus Dicrontodus Dicrentrodus Limnoselache costatus ST. Chomatodus Palaeobatis Psammodus arcuatus – Miss.: Adams Co., IO. inconstans. Definition of Costatus. Meaning of Costatus. Synonyms of Costatus. John & Worthen, 1875 †Chomatodus costatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †​Chomatodus cultellus Anonymous author s †Chomatodus dentatus Anonymous​.

The Lower Embar of Wyoming and Its Fauna The University of.

St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Chomatodus costatus Newberry & Worthen, 1866 †Chomatodus cultellus Anonymous author s †Chomatodus davisi Woodward,. Title Of Document jstor. You find here Costatus meaning, synonyms of Costatus and images for Costatus. †Chomatodus comptus St. John & Worthen, 1875 †Chomatodus costatus. Articles Dino Hunter. A€ Chomatodus Agassiz, 1838 1875 a€ Chomatodus comptus St. John & Worthen, 1875 a€ Chomatodus costatus a€ Hueneichthys costatus Reif, 1977. List of prehistoric cartilaginous fish genera zero. C. costatus Newberry and Worthen. St. Louis Umestone. 20. C. deflexus St. John Chomatodus type of tooth, p. 257. G. Associated with Polyrhizodus grandis.

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