★ Megachile duboulaii


★ Megachile duboulaii

  • This list of Megachile species is an almost comprehensive listing of species of the bees belonging to the genus Megachile Contents A B C D E F G H I J - K

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Megachile Centris and Anthophora,however, were cited by Latreille with more than one species Thaumatosoma duboulaii F. Smith, 1865. Monobasic. Full text of Genus group names of bees and supplemental family. Lonchodes flavicornis Lucihormetica verrucosa. M. Megachile curta Megachile duboulaii Megachile singularis Mellinus rufinodus Myrmecia urens​. N. APOIDEA: MEGACHILIDAE Wiley Online Library. Megachile duboulaii is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Smith in 1865.

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SpeciesMegachile dubiosa. SpeciesMegachile duboulaii. SpeciesMegachile dulciana. SpeciesMegachile dupla. SpeciesMegachile ebenea. Species​Megachile. Megachile duboulaii data. 233, Megachile centuncularis, BOTH. 234, Megachile chlorura, BOTH. 235, Megachile circumcincta, BOTH. 236, Megachile 16620, Megachile duboulaii, OW. ITIS Standard Report Page: Megachile. M. droegei – M. duala – M. dubiosa – M. duboulaii – M. dulciana – M. dupla – M. ebenea – M. eburnipes – M. ecplectica – M. ecuadoria.


In the genus Megachile we have a great number of handsome bees that form nests in trees and walls, the cells of which they line with DUBOULAii, Sm. Trans. Proceedings of the United States National Museum Smithsonian. Parent Genus: Megachile Latreille, 1802 Megachile dubiosa Megachile duboulaii Megachile dulciana Megachile dupla Megachile ebenea Megachile. Hymenoptera: apoidea, megachilidae KU ScholarWorks The. Megachile duala 9 14690 Megachile dubiosa 9 14691 Megachile duboulaii 9 14692 Megachile dulciana 9 14693 Megachile dupla 9 14694 Megachile. Category:Insects described in 1865 Visually. Megachile duboulaii is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Smith in 1865. References. Jump up to: Megachile. BioLib. 2014.

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Type species: Megachile detersa Cockerell, 1910, by original designation. Megachilini. Type species: Thaumatosoma duboulaii Smith, 1865, monobasic. Megachile species. Megachile duboulaii. Images not available. Map not. Available. Megachile dulciana. Images not available. Map not. Available. Megachile dupla. Images.

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English. Megachile duboulaii. species of insect. Spanish. Megachile duboulaii. especie de insecto. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined​. Megachile duboulaii wand. Species, Megachile adeloptera Schletterer, 1891. Species, Megachile adelphodonta Cockerell, 1924. Species Species, Megachile duboulaii Smith, 1865. Megachile duboulaii Mbd The Ohio State University. Megachile Paracella urn:lsid:org:name:1274205 Callistochlora, ○ ○. Megachile Thaumatosoma duboulaii, ○. Tetraloniella, ○. List of Megachile Species At View List of Megachile. Of the subgenera of Megachile s. l., and propose a phylogeny based classification for the Type species: Thaumatosoma duboulaii Smith. Megachile anthracina Smith, 1853 MCZbase Harvard University. Megaphorus megachile Species mallophora megachile Species megaphorus minutus Species megachile duboulaii Species megachile dulciana. Element waiting for Javascript to enable. If this message does not change within the next few seconds, please ensure you have javascript enabled for your.

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