★ Megachile curta


★ Megachile curta

  • This list of Megachile species is an almost comprehensive listing of species of the bees belonging to the genus Megachile Contents A B C D E F G H I J - K
  • zandeni Megachile alpicola Megachile apennina Megachile baetica Megachile benoisti Megachile binominata Megachile bioculata Megachile breviceps Megachile canariensis
  • zandeni Megachile alpicola Megachile apennina Megachile baetica Megachile benoisti Megachile binominata Megachile bioculata Megachile breviceps Megachile canariensis
  • Achatinella byronii Achatinella cestus Achatinella concavospira Achatinella curta Achatinella decipiens Achatinella fulgens Achatinella fuscobasis Achatinella
  • venatrix Sri Lankan relict ant Aneuretus simoni Nothomyrmecia macrops Megachile cypricola Glyptotermes scotti Procryptotermes fryeri Eupithecia ogilviata
  • merriami Megachasma Megachasma applegatei type locality for species Megachile Megachile gentilis Megahippus Megahippus matthewi Megahippus mckennai
  • loti Hoplitis ochraceicornis Hoplitis ravouxi Hoplitis villosa Megachile lagopoda Megachile parietina Osmia alticola Osmia pilicornis Wingless mantis Apteromantis
  • Spiral hornsnail Pleurocera brumbyi Shortspire hornsnail Pleurocera curta Upland hornsnail Pleurocera showalteri Telescope hornsnail Pleurocera
  • Teleutomyrmex schneideri Tetramorium microgyna Tetramorium parasiticum Megachile pluto Melitta hispanica Melitta kastiliensis Eudonia melanographa Scoparia
  • loti Hoplitis ochraceicornis Hoplitis ravouxi Hoplitis villosa Megachile lagopoda Megachile parietina Osmia alticola Osmia pilicornis Wingless mantis Apteromantis

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Mouse Matricaria discoidea pineapple weed Megachile rotundata alfalfa coccina Pterostylis curta Ptilonorhynchus violaceus satin bowerbird Puffinus. Orchid Sexual Deceit Provokes Ejaculation. The University of. Megachile Eutricharaea concinna Smith, 1879. Ashmead, 19 2 Friese, 19 9 Genaro, 2007c:250 Megachile Leptorachis curta Cresson,. Biological Resources Los Angeles World Airports. Megachile curta, Cresson, Proc. Ent. Soc. Phil. iv, p. i7s, t.

Biotic pollination mechanisms in the Australian flora Taylor.

Sheetweb or Grass Spiders. Hololena curta n ssp. Calilena angelina Anthidium palliventre. Megachile lippiae Micranthophora curta. Peponapsis pruinosa. Ibbean Bees of the Genera Megachile and Coelioxys Hymenoptera. Megachile Leptorachis curta Cresson. Megachile curta Cresson 1865: 178 179. Male. Type locality: Cuba. Type repository: GCH. Megachile curta var. tibialis. Scientific Papers KU ScholarWorks The University of Kansas. 5146, Megachile curta, NW. 5147, Megachile curtipilis, NW. 5148, Megachile cylindrica, NW. 5149, Megachile dakotensis, NW. 5150, Megachile dalmeidai, NW.

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Megachile. 18 5. 15 2. 1. Osmia. 38 6 curta. R. R. S. R. R. R. 0.86 estebana​. S. 0.14. A flavocincta. S. 0.14. A. Lophanthophora pacifica. GEHTEAEGGIYDISNK peptide from Lit v 2 Allergen Peptide Browser. Megachile cypricola. Megachile crassipes is a​. Algodones Dunes Collecting Sites – Trip 1. Image of Megachile dasymegachile Megachile leptorachis Megachile abdominalis. Images not available Megachile curta. Images not available. Gulf of California Database Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Curta, curtirostris, curvipes, cyaneus, cybele, cyclia, cyclophoreus, cyclostoma megabranchia, megachile, meganema, megastropha, megathyris, megodon. ION: Index to Organism Names. New subgenus of Megachile, with M. seniiivjiusta Cockerell as type species, for Paracella Pasteels, a Type species: Megachile albitarsis curta Provancher. Essig Museum of Entomology Collections. Anthophora Micranthophora curta, Provancher, 1895, TX, Uncommon Rare. Megachile Chelostomoides chilopsidis, Cockerell, 1900, TX, Uncommon Rare.

Comparative Study of Bee Diversity in Restored NPS IRMA Portal.

Species curta Short Sun digger. Species Genus Megachile Leafcutter and Resin Bees Subspecies nigropinguis Megachile pruina nigropinguis. Species​. Notes on Cuban Hymenoptera, with descriptions of New Species. Megachile curta is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Cresson in 1865. Megachile Leptorachis Apicultura Fandom. Homoptera Psyllidae Aphalara curta Arthropoda Insecta Homoptera Psyllidae Osmia hendersoni Arthropoda Insecta Hymenoptera Megachilidae Megachile​.

Megachile constructrix Sm. Europeana.

245, a leafcutter bee, Megachile dorsalis, Nb, Acid grassland, very rare mainly 25, a ground beetle, Amara curta, NS, Mixed deciduous woodland, Acid. Final report for SW14 011. M. creusa – M. croceipennis – M. crotalariae – M. cruziana – M. ctenophora – M. cubiceps – M. cupreohirta – M. curta – M. curtilipes – M. S1A A B 1 NAME Country listed 2 FIPS code 3 ISO2 code. Megachile pyrenaea. Ky, B, K Nitella wahlbergiana dd and Chara curta Cr, have also arbeid. Chara curta Cr. i tillegg har tre arter fått okt rodliste. THE BEES OF THE AMERICAN AND COSUMNES Sacramento. Megachile curta var. tibialis Cresson 1869: 296. Female. Type locality: Cuba. Type repository: GCH. Megachile salti Mitchell 1927a: 51 54. Female. Type locality:. California Agriculture UC ANR. The Giant Resin Bee, Megachile sculpturalis Smith: New Distributional Records Hymenoptera: Mymaridae, an egg parasitoid of Nedotepa curta Hemiptera:.

V. 25 1903 1904 Acta Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica.

2775, Hastings Natural History Reserve, Insect, Apidae, Anthophora curta Prov. 5943, Quail Ridge Reserve, Insect, Megachilidae, Megachile angelarum. Megachile curta wand. Lasioglossum tegulariformis 1, Lasioglossum titusi 2, Megachile apicalis 1. Centaurea solstitialis nonnative. Agapostemon texanus 4, Anthophora curta 4,. Hymenoptera: Apoidea Smithsonian Institution. Anthophora Heliophila curta Provancher. 793. Megachile Sayapis frugalis Cresson. 1285. Megachile Chelostomoides odontostoma. Cockerell. 1288.

Megachile curta pedia.

Megachile curta Cresson, 1865. Megachile curvipes Smith, 1853. Megachile cylindrica Friese, 1906. Megachile davidsoni Cockerell, 1902. Megachile deflexa​. PHYLUM CLASS ORDER SUBORDER FAMILY GENUS. FRONTISPIECE. Megachile parallela Smith female on flower of Helianthus. Anthophora curta: Helianthus annuus, H. gracilentus, H. petiolaris. Anthophora. Rodliste National Red Lists. Anthophora curta, Anthophora pacifica, Anthophora urbana, Anthrax varicolor Megaceryle alcyon, Megachile Chelostomoides, Megachile Megachiloides ​.


Megachile sidalceae, interacts with, Dyssodia Megachile parallela, interacts with, Dyssodia. Apoidea, interacts Anthophora curta, interacts with, Dyssodia. Organisms of Hawaii - Images. Alfalfa leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata F. Hymenoptera: Megachilidae, of the leafhopper Nedotepa curta Dmitriev Hemiptera: Cicadellidae during a. Megachile SCAN. Anthophorine Bee Anthophora curta. Anthophorine Bee Western little leaf cutter bee Megachile onobrychidis ♀ and Booker evening primrose. List UC Natural Reserve System. Declined more than 50% in the 2008 samples and the third, Megachile perhirta, was absent from the Anthophora Heliophila curta Provancher. 1. 0 A.

Notes on Cuban Hymenoptera, with Descriptions of New jstor.

Megachile chlorura - Hymenoptera: Megachilidae. Definition of curtalied. Meaning of curtalied. Synonyms of curtalied. Megachile rotundata, Alfalfa leafcutting bee, XP 003706008 XP 012146859 XP 003706008 Phloeoditica curta, Phloeoditica curta, AFP75439 AFP75439. Species Conservation Status Idaho Fish and Game. Anthophora curta, X. Anthophora edwardsii, X. Anthophora urbanba, X, X Megachile coquilleti, X. Megachile lippiae, X. Osmia clarescens, X, X, X, X, X.

Megachile species.

Farranula curta Farran, 1911. Farranula gracilis Mikroconchoecia curta ​Lubbock, 1860. Obtusoecia Fritillaria megachile Fol, 1872. Fritillaria. Modification of a Community Garden to Attract Native Bee. Megachile curta Cresson, 1865. Proc. Entomol. Soc. Philadelphia, 4:178. Male. Holotype depository: Gun dlach collection, IES. Megachile curta tibialis Cresson,​. Megachile anthracina Smith, 1853 MCZbase Harvard University. Megachile curta Cr. Megachile curtula N. Megachile curvipes Sm. Megachile leucocentris Schrpttk. Megachile cylindrica Fr. Megachile.

Megachile rotundata hymenoptera: Topics by.

A female Anthophora curta Provancher bee, one of 1.600 wild species native to California. 1of5A female Megachile fidelis on a 4of5A wild. Pollen Specialist Bees of the Central United States Jarrod Fowler. Megachile curta is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Cresson in 1865. References. Jump up to: Megachile. BioLib. 2014. Use megachilidae in a sentence RhymeZone. Megachile. 40. Leaf cutter Bee. Holes. Osmia curta. 17. Anthophora exigua. 6. Anthophora pacifica. 2. Anthophora porterae. 1. 12. 1. Anthophora ursina. 1. 2. Browse Global Biotic Interactions. Curta and two spring Bombus species were recorded for the first time in 2009. Hyl Hylaeus Meg Megachile Mel Melissodes Osm Osmia sb small bee.

Anthophila Apoidea Bees.

Megachile curta Cresson, 1865. Apoidea Megachilidae Megachile Subgenus: Leptorachis. The Leafcutter and Mason Bees of the Americas: Studylib. Alfalfa leafcutting bees Megachile ro tundata Anthophora curta. Digger bee the leafcutting bee Megachile perihirta was found in many of the gardens. Decades of native bee biodiversity surveys at Pinnacles bioRxiv. 212, Apidae, Apinae, Anthophorini, Anthophora, Micranthophora, curta, Provancher 494, Megachilidae, Megachilinae, Megachilini, Megachile, ​Argyropile. HOST PLANT COEVOLUTION AND THE DIVERSITY OF BEES IN. Anthophorine Bee, Anthophora curta Anthophorine Bee, Anthophora Megachile sp., subgenus Chelostomoides, Megachile sp., subgenus Litomegachile?.

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