★ Scolecenchelys vermiformis


★ Scolecenchelys vermiformis

Scolecenchelys vermiformis is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Wilhelm Peters in 1866, originally under the genus Chilorhinus. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from Sri Lanka, in the Western Indian ocean.

  • Scolecenchelys is a genus of eels in the snake eel family Ophichthidae. There are currently 21 recognized species in this genus: Scolecenchelys acutirostris

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Scolecenchelys nicholsae Scolecenchelys profundorum Scolecenchelys puhioilo Scolecenchelys robusta Hibino & Kimura, 2015 Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Species Maps Sti. SpeciesScolecenchelys tasmaniensisTasmanian worm eel. Species​Scolecenchelys vermiformis. SpeciesScolecenchelys xoraeOrangehead worm ​eel. Scolecenchelys vermiformis pedia. Scolecenchelys profundorum Scolecenchelys puhioilo Scolecenchelys tasmaniensis Scolecenchelys vermiformis Scolecenchelys xorae Scolichthys​.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis data.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis is an eel in the family Ophichthidae worm snake eels. It was described by Wilhelm Peters in 1866, originally under the genus. Articles S 024.nl On Line Technology. Unspecified. Neoconger vermiformis, Small eye spaghetti eel Leptenchelys vermiformis, Slender worm eel Scolecenchelys vermiformis, Unspecified. Abacoleptus carinatus 1 Abacomorphus caledonicus 1 Abaeis. 1430, 13491, 635855, Muraenichthys vermiformis, Scolecenchelys vermiformis, 7077, 172171, Eleotrididae, Eleotridae. 1431, 13492, 635870, Muraenichthys. Scolecenchelys vermiformis Peters, 1966 - Discover Life mobile. Scolecenchelys vermiformis. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined. Chinese. 蟲狀蠕蛇鰻. No description defined.

Order: Anguilliformes Eels and Morays by Adrian Petch.

How To Pronounce Scolecenchelys tasmaniensis smithi How To Pronounce Scolecenchelys vermiformis How To Pronounce Scolecenchelys xorae How. Anguilliformes Sidhat 鰻鱺目 ANGUILLIDAE SIDHAT 鳗 EEL. Not available. Map not. Available. Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Images not available. Map not. Available. Scolecenchelys xorae. Images not available. Myrophini. Scolecenchelys pedia. Scolecenchelys vermiformis.

Appendix b: aquatic wildlife species of greatest conservation need.

Scolecenchelys Ogilby, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South. Wales, 1897 2 246 Muraenichthys vermiformis Myers and Wade. 56. Dorsal fin origin somewhat behind. Fishes of South Africa. Scolecenchelys laticaudata Scolecenchelys macroptera Scolecenchelys puhioilo Scolecicara Stenocyathus vermiformis Stenocybe byssacea. Annotated checklist of the marine flora and fauna of the Kermadec. Scolecenchelys puhioilo 282. Scolecenchelys tasmaniensis Tasmanian worm eel 283. Scolecenchelys vermiformis 284. Scolecenchelys xorae.


Muraenichthys vermiformis Peters 1866 formerly considered as valid species of Scolecenchelys Castle and McCosker 1999 Hibino et al. Sri Lanka Endemic Marine Fish Checklist. Scolecenchelys puhioilo Scorpaena pele Scorpaenopsis altirostris 1907 none Stenocyanthus vermiformis Pourtaler, 1868 none Tubastrea.

Orangehead worm eel Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia.

2593, Scolecenchelys gymnota, Indo Pacific slender worm eel, Ophichthidae, reef 3990, Lycodonus vermiformis, Zoarcidae, bathydemersal, 32.7, 3.5. Sheet1 EPA. Scolecenchelys Ogilby, previously a subgenus of Muraenichthys Bleeker, is generically distinct on the basis of Muraenichthys vermiformis Peters, 1866 and. Keys to the genera of echelid eels and the species of jstor. Ridged eel Neoconger tuberculatus Neoconger vermiformis Scolecenchelys breviceps – Long finned worm eel, short headed worm eel.

Full text of Records of the Australian Museum Internet Archive.

Species Scolecenchelys vermiformis Peters, 1866 shortfinned worm eel. Species Scolecenchelys xorae Smith, 1958 orangehead worm eel. GENUS. Revision of the Scolecenchelys gymnota species group with. S. vermiformis, S. xorae FishBase link Scolecenchelys species list mirror site1, mirror site2, 3, 4. ITIS link: Scolecenchelys Ogilby, 1897.

BISON Scientific Names S USGS Bison.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis Ophichthidae. Pseudochromis dilectus ​Pseudochromidae Sri Lankan Dottyback. Helcogramma billi Tripterygiidae. Additional. How To Pronounce Scolecocampa liburna Pronouncekiwi‌‌. Leptenchelys vermiformis Letharchus aliculatus Letharchus rosenblatti Scolecenchelys tasmaniensis Scolecenchelys vermiformis Scolecenchelys xorae. Category:Scolecenchelys Gyvoji gamta Fandom. Rank Species, Phylum Chordata Order Anguilliformes Genus Scolecenchelys. People also search for Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Lijst van vissen S wand. Pagrindinis straipsnis – Scolecenchelys 200px center link ​Scolecenchelys vermiformis Scolecenchelys.

Category:Scolecenchelys media Commons.

Oxyurus vermiformis Rafinesque, 1810 Parabathymyrus Kamohara, 1938. Castle on Muraenichthys and Scolecenchelys Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae. ITIS Standard Report Page: Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Scolecenchelys vermiformis is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Wilhelm Peters in 1866, originally under the genus Chilorhinus. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from Sri Lanka, in the western Indian Ocean. A new genus and two new species of myrophine worm CiteSeerX. M Scolecenchelys puhioilo none none. Eels. Fishes. M Scorpaena pele M Stenocyanthus vermiformis Pourtaler, 1868 none none. Stony Corals. Cnidaria. Jenis Ikan Di Dunia Sharks Predators Scribd. Scolecenchelys is a genus of eels in the snake eel family Ophichthidae. Species 2015 Robust worm eel Scolecenchelys vermiformis W. K. H. Peters, 1866 Scolecenchelys xorae J. L. B. Smith, 1958 Orange head worm eel.

Ophichthidae The Fish Tree of Life.

Map of Scolecenchelys gymnota Map of Scolecenchelys puhioilo Map of Stenocrinus Map of Stenocyathus Map of Stenocyathus vermiformis. Diego Vanassibara Visually. 2 Bachia trisanale vermiformis 1 Bactericera Paratrioza cockerelli 6 Bactra 1 xeros 18 Scodes deflecta 1 Scolecenchelys gymnota 5 Scolecenchelys sp.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis Peters 1866 maps Encyclopedia of Life.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Scolecenchelys puhioilo. Scolecenchelys japonica. Scolecenchelys acutirostris. Scolecenchelys godeffroyi. Scolecenchelys castlei. Scolecenchelys: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Bleeker 1857. Scolecenchelys gymnota native. Valid. Ogilby 1897. Scolecenchelys laticaudata native Lycodonus vermiformis native. Valid. Myrophini Monarch. Valid species of Muraenichthys and Scolecenchelys and their synonyms are smithi Whitley, 1944 Chilorhinus Muraenichthys vermiformis Peters, 1866 and​.

How To Pronounce Scolecocampa: Scolecocampa pronunciation.

Scolecenchelys vermiformis Peters 1866. collect overview data articles maps names. Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of. Taxonomic composition and trophic structure of the PLoS. Okamurai Scolecenchelys vermiformis. Metasane Teleost at master clemente lab metasane. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym s, Muraenichthys vermiformis Peters, 1866. Chilorhinus vermiformis Peters, 1866. Common Name s.

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