★ Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast


★ Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast

Verkhnyaya toyma is a rural locality and the administrative center of the Verkhnetoyemsky district, Arkhangelsk oblast, Russia located on the right Bank of the river Northern Dvina. She also serves as the administrative center of the Verkhnetoyemsky Selsoviet, one of the fourteen selsoviets into which the district is administratively divided. The city is the administrative center of the rural settlement Verkhnetoyemskoye. Population: 3.462, 3.940, 4.430. He served the airport Verkhnyaya toyma.


1.1. History. Etymology. (Этимология)

The name of Verkhnyaya toyma is derived from the name of the river Upper Toima, which, in turn, means, Verkhnyaya toyma, as compared with the lower toyma, Nizhnyaya toyma river, also a tributary of the Northern Dvina.

In the toponym toyma is common to all Northern Russian territories, from toyma in Karelia to toyma river in the Republic of Tatarstan. He refers to the extinct Ural ethnonym of the same name known to the Novgorod people since at least the early 12th century. Janet Martin believed toyma South pole SIO control over Novgorod basin Dvina during this period. The first mention of "toyma", paying tribute to Novgorod, dated to 1137, but there is no evidence that the word "toyma" refers to the modern region or its neighbor, Verkhnetoyemsky Selsoviet. In 1219 chronicle mentions the ethnonym toymokary Russia. And I Toi zymo simony Ominy the BB Stoch on the 4 Tomonari. In 1237 the Story of the death of the Russian land mentions "toyma Gentiles" lives between "Karelia" and "Velikiy Ustyug" Russian language. from Koroli to Ostuga, PRO bahou of tomici tamo poganie., the location around the basin of the Northern Dvina.

Russian linguists argue whether the ethnonym toyma relates to a specific tribe, a tribal group, a language or a whole continuum of the Uralic languages. Evgeny Chelimsky applied the ethnonym toyma in a large area in the southern part of Northern Dvina basin and wrote that it is equivalent to the Northern Finns in the classification of A. Matveyevs. Matveev objected, writing that the Northern Finnish continuum was much wider than Toymas, and that hypothetical toyma people occupy only a small part. He preferred to equate the Toima with a certain tribe living in the Lower Toyma, and noted that it could also belong to the Permian languages. In any case, the Toymas disappeared before the 17th century, when their existence could be recorded in Muscovite sources, either through Russification or through earlier assimilation of other Uralic peoples.


1.2. History. Time. (Время)

From 1552, Verkhnyaya toyma local administrative centre. In the 17th century there were two annual fairs in Toyma: the Annunciation day Fair April 7 and St. Peters the day of the fair July 5.

Until 1924, the territory was a part of Solvychegodsky uyezd, which belonged to different governorates, and in 1918 moved to the newly established province of North Dvina. In 1924, the uyezds were abolished in favor of new divisions, districts, districts. Verkhnetoyemsky district was formed on April 10, 1924.


2. Geography and location. (География и расположение)

Verkhnyaya toyma is located on the right Bank of the Northern Dvina river, at the confluence of the river Upper Toima. It is situated North-West from Kotlas.


3. Economy. (Экономика)

Until 1917, the main occupations of the population were hunting, wood distillation, and livestock production. Crop basically unknown, and regular shortages of bread have been recorded due to the seasonal inaccessibility of the area. Verkhnyaya toyma was a major trading center due to its location on the Northern Dvina. Large-scale forest industry has adopted only the beginning in 1929, when the lower toyma production of forest companies of Russia: Verkhnetoemskogo Lespromkhoz was established. Currently, agriculture is bankrupt and will not deliver any products.


3.1. Economy. Transport. (Транспорт)

The Northern Dvina is navigable, although there is only local passenger navigation.

On the right Bank of the Northern Dvina river, including the Upper toyma not connected by all-season roads to the main road network. There is a local road, nostly unpaved. There is a ferry crossing of the Northern Dvina.

There is an airport that is used to generate considerable passenger traffic in the 1980-ies, but is now closed.


4. Culture and recreation. (Культуры и отдыха)

This district consists of 3 objects classified as cultural and historical heritage of local significance. They include

  • Kuznetsova House, 1858. (Кузнецова Дом, 1858)
  • The bridge across the ravine of the 1960-ies.
  • The bridge over the river Upper Toima 1930-ies.

The only Museum in Verkhnyaya toyma is located in the district County Museum in Verkhnyaya toyma

  • Verkhnyaya Toyma Russian: Верхняя Тойма is the name of several rural localities in Russia: Verkhnyaya Toyma Arkhangelsk Oblast a selo in Verkhnetoyemsky
  • Verkhnyaya Toyma is an airport in Russia located 1 km northeast of the rural locality a selo of Verkhnyaya Toyma It is a paved civilian airstrip serving
  • although it is not clear whether this Toyma refers to the present - day Verkhnyaya Toyma From 1552, Verkhnyaya Toyma has been a local administration center
  • Arkhangelsk Oblast Russian: Архангельская о бласть, Arkhangelskaya oblast is a federal subject of Russia an oblast It includes the Arctic archipelagos
  • District Veliky Ustyug Velsky Velsk Verkhnetoyemsky District Verkhnyaya Toyma Verkhovazhsky District Verkhovazhye Vilegodsky District Ilyinsko - Podomskoye
  • and Arkhangelsk took 175 days return route: 125 days The upstream travel from Arkhangelsk to Nizhnyaya Toyma took 14 days, from Nizhnyaya Toyma to Veliky
  • in Arkhangelsk Oblast organized by district. It also includes rural localities in Nenets Autonomous Okrug, which is fully within Arkhangelsk Oblast Nenets
  • 25028 The Nizhnyaya Toyma Russian: Нижняя Тойма is a river in Verkhnetoyemsky and Vinogradovsky Districts of Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia. It is a right
  • Velikoustyugsky District Veliky Ustyug Verkhnetoyemsky District Verkhnyaya Toyma Vilegodsky District Ilyinsko - Podomskoye Vokhomsky District Vokhma

  • Gorodishchenskoye Velikoustyugsky Veliky Ustyug Verkhnetoyemsky Verkhnyaya Toyma Vilegodsky Ilyinsko - Podomskoye Vokhomsky Vokhma In Nyandoma
  • Kristjan Palusalu. In 1941, he was sent to a Russian labor camp in Arkhangelsk Oblast where he starved to death the next winter. Albert Eduard Kusnetz
  • Russian: Аэропорт Котлас IATA: KSZ, ICAO: ULKK is a small airport in Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia located 4 km southeast of Kotlas. It primarily services general
  • Russian: Аэропорт Васьково is an airport in Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia located 13 km southwest of central Arkhangelsk as the crow flies but 19 km by road. It
  • Талаги IATA: ARH, ICAO: ULAA is an international airport serving Arkhangelsk Russia, located 11 kilometers outside the city. In 2001 it had 105, 797
  • airport in Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia located 4 km north of Mezen. It handles small transport planes. There are several weekly flights to Arkhangelsk and several
  • passenger flights to Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Tyumen, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk Leningrad, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Lviv, Yerevan, Sochi, Odessa, Simferopol
  • November December 2016 issue of Airports of the World. It has been reported the Arkhangelsk - Solovki route is no longer operated by Nordavia in 2019. CSH - Solovetsky
  • Retrieved 9 May 2017. L, J 24 April 2014 AEROFLOT Plans Moscow Arkhangelsk Murmansk Service from Jan 2015 Airline Route. Retrieved 24 April

  • Soon after the airport opened regular flights to Petrozavodsk, Pudozh, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. In 1936, a foundation for a new terminal was laid out
  • 10 mi southeast of the city. Being the largest airport in Sverdlovsk Oblast Koltsovo also serves nearby towns such as Aramil, Sysert, and Polevskoy
  • ICAO: UUDD is an international airport located in Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast Russia, 42 kilometres 26 mi south - southeast from the centre of Moscow
  • 29 km 18 mi northwest of central Moscow, in the city of Khimki, Moscow Oblast In 2017, the airport handled about 40.1 million passengers and 308, 090
  • Vanavara Varandey Vaskovo Velikiye Luki Veliky Ustyug Verkhnevilyuysk Verkhnyaya Toyma Vilyuysk Vitebsk Vostochny Vologda Vorkuta Vuktyl Yakutsk Yamburg Yeltsovka
  • Vanavara Varandey Vaskovo Velikiye Luki Veliky Ustyug Verkhnevilyuysk Verkhnyaya Toyma Vilyuysk Vitebsk Vostochny Vologda Vorkuta Vuktyl Yakutsk Yamburg Yeltsovka
  • closed Velikiye Luki ULOL VLU Velikiye Luki Airport closed Verkhnyaya Toyma Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport Vuktyl UUYK Vuktyl Airport Vyazma Vyazma Airport Yelabuga
  • Velsk 54792 Verkhnetoyemsky District Верхнетоемский район selo of Verkhnyaya Toyma 17060 Vilegodsky District Вилегодский район selo of Ilyinsko - Podomskoye

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Download this stock image: Verkhnyaya Toyma village. Arkhangelsk region. USSR. Verkhnyaya Toyma distaffs painted by Vasily Tretyakov and Alexander. Zaytsevo Arkhangelsk Oblast wand – cute766. Rises behind the Saentis, the highest mountain of the Alpstein region. Verkhnyaya Toyma in the north western Arkhangelsk region, Russia. Skit map Google™ Satellites Pro. Arkhangelsk, ULAL, LDG, Leshukonskoye Havalimanı. Arkhangelsk Chita Oblast, Bezrechnaya 2 Verkhnyaya Toyma, Verkhnyaya Toyma Havalimanı. Verkhnyaya Toyma 2020: Best of Verkhnyaya Toyma, Russia. 16 y.o ✨ Arkhangelsk Region Автотехцентр Архангельск @nataly service29 $uicidedderm$ @dd web 12 Верхняя Тойма @verkhnaya toyma. JULY 2018 Pictures of the day July 25 July 31, 2018 SlideShare. 473268, Vizhevo, 64.6833333, 43.9, RU, Arkhangelsk, 0, 57, Europe Moscow 473328, Vite Guba, 67.8166667, 32.75, RU, Murmansk Oblast, 0, 150, Europe 474470, Verkhnyaya Toyma, 62.2333333, 45.05, RU, Arkhangelsk, 3790, 66.

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Village ru Русская деревня Верхняя Тойма, Архангельская область Фото: @aleksei yunicyn. About Albert Kusnets: Olympic wrestler from Estonia 1902 1942. Verkhnyaya Toyma. Verkhnyaya Toyma Russian: Верхняя Тойма is the name of several rural localities in Russia: Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast,.

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Северодвинские росписи Верхняя Тойма. Пучужская Mezen River, which flows in the Arkhangelsk region, gave its name to the amazing Russian Folk. Verkhnyaya Toyma village. Arkhangelsk region. USSR. Verkhnyaya. Map Arkhangelskaya european russia arkhangelsk oblast antique map. european russia arkh 1200x900. Map ​Arkhangelskaya.

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Verkhnyaya Toyma is a village in Arkhangelsk Oblast. Verkhnyaya Toyma is situated southeast of Priluk. Verkhnyaya Toyma from Mapcarta, the free map. Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Arkhangelsk Russia. Chart, Distance Map. May be also used for travel distance calculation for Arkhangelsk Russia Verkhnyaya Toyma, Shipitsyno, 131.19. Mezen, Kizema​. Verkhnyaya Toyma pedia. Forecast: Nalchik Region. In the next few days, no room for the sun. The sun will break through most likely on Friday. Rain is not to be expected during the. Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport, Airport Information Great Circle Mapper. Verkhnyaya Toyma. rural locality, administrative center of Verkhnetoyemsky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. In more languages. Spanish. No label defined.

Verkhnyaya Toyma Map Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia Mapcarta.

Places Lived. Svetlyy, Saratovskaya Oblast, Russia, profile picture Arkhangelsk, Russia. Moved in 1997 Tishinka, Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia. Moved in 1980 Verkhnyaya Toyma, ArkhangelSkaya Oblast, Russia. Moved in 1980. Verkhnyaya Toyma data. Verkhnyaya Toyma Rayon, 20421.24, 7, 13 660, 13, Verkhnyaya Toyma, 3 462. 3​, Coat of Arms of Vilegodsky rayon Arkhangelsk oblast.png, Vilegodsk Rayon.

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Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia Flights Weather Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia Weather Verkhnyaya Zolotitsa Airport. Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport Airp. FR39864, Small, Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport, Verkhnyaya Toyma, 41 nm W, 232. ULKK, KSZ, Medium, Kotlas 67.0 nm, S, Uftyuga River Arkhangelsk Oblast. Maps, Weather, and Airports for Keras, Russia Falling Rain. Birds fly over the Northern Dvina River outside the village of Verkhnyaya Toyma in the north western Arkhangelsk region, Russia. Albert Kusnets Mili, The Best pedia Reader. ULWK Kichmengskiy Gorodok Airport: 78.8 miles RU 0034 Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport: 105.2 miles RU 0051 Nikolsk Airport: 113.4 miles RU 0057. Prisons and concentration camps in the ussr CIA. NelengaVerkhnyaya PilengaVerkhnyaya PorzhemaVerkhnyaya SergiyevskayaVerkhnyaya SinegaVerkhnyaya SyumaVerkhnyaya Toyma​Verkhnyaya.

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Arkhangelsk Oblast Russian Arkhangelskaya oblast is a federal points occupied by the allies were Shenkursk and Verkhnyaya Toyma. Rusyadaki havalimanları listesi Address IPFS on the Web. Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. Sport. Sport, Greco Roman wrestling. Club, Kalev Tallinn Sport Tallinn. Medal record. Full article: Fauna of bumblebees Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombus. Photo by Александра Червонцева in Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast. Image may contain: one. Photo by Александра Червонцева on October 07,.

File:Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, 165500.

ВФУ для последующего лабораторного анализа в городах Архангельск и Северодвинск. В пунктах Архангельск, Вельск, Двинской Березник, Котлас,. List of rural localities in Arkhangelsk Oblast Visually. September, 2018 Verkhnyaya Toyma. Road sign Verkhnyaya Toyma. Russia, Arkhangelsk region. Y. By Yakovlev Sergey. Related keywords. Show all.

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Verkhnyaya toyma russian: Ве́рхняя То́йма is a rural locality a selo and the administrative center of verkhnetoyemsky district, arkhangelsk oblast, russia,. Pin on PHOTOGRAPHY HOMER SYKES My British Archive Pinterest. ULKK Kotlas ULKO Oktyabrskiy ULKS Kotlas Savvatiya ULKT Verkhnyaya Toyma ULKW Velsk UODN Nagursky XLA9 Vatega XLAB Obozerskiy Letneozerskiy. PZL Mielec AN 2 Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives. The area of Arkhangelsk Oblast has been settled by Finno Ugric peoples since points occupied by the allies were Shenkursk and Verkhnyaya Toyma. Arkhangelsk dating site. All airport information about Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport - All Countries Russian Federation Arkhangelsk Oblast Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport.

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XLAP XLAP, Plesetsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, Airport. Verkhnyaya Toyma AG2786, Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, Airport. Weather nalchik europe weatheronline. 265, Arkhangelsk Kholm, populated place 272, Arkhangelskaya Oblast, first ​order administrative division 13003, Verkhnyaya Toyma, populated place. Airport: Savvatiya Air Base zephyrcharts. There are ITX 1or avery administrative oblast and prison of the USSR. Most of them are located in the Ukraine, where prisoners work on the NKVD sotihozes in​ Следующая Войти Настройки. Weather Ozero Verkhopuyskoye Forecast, Radar, Lightning. La faune de bourdons de la region dArkhangelsk est constituee par 34 especes. VIII.2007, 7☿☿, 23♂♂ Verkhnyaya Toyma, 24.

Accurate Weather Forecast in Russia Arkhangelskaya Oblast, the.

617 relations: Administrative divisions of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Administrative Verkhnyaya Toyma Верхняя Тойма is the name of several rural localities in. Geographical places in Arkhangelskaya Oblast, Russia. Below to get to know the best sites and the best veterinarians in this region. р​ н, verkhnyaya toyma, arkhangelsk oblast, russia, 165500 Verkhnyaya.

What is the meaning of Toyma, the name Toyma means, Toyma.

Verkhnyaya Toyma Russian: Ве́рхняя То́йма is a rural locality a selo and the administrative center of Verkhnetoyemsky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia,. Здравствуйте всем, привет всем @br19ht Followers Instagram. File:Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, 165500 panoramio 2.jpg from Panoramio photo page, Verkhnyaya Toyma, 2014, Dvina, Russia. Whereamigoing Russia. There are ITX 1or avery administrative oblast and prison of the USSR. Most of them are located in the Ukraine, where prisoners work on the NKVD sotihozes in​. Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast pedia. Latvia 217 km, Lithuania Kaliningrad Oblast 227 km, Mongolia 3.485 km, Norway 196 km, Poland Kaliningrad Oblast 206 km, Ukraine 1.576 km Arkhangelsk, ULAH, Vaskovo Airport Verkhnyaya Toyma Verkhnyaya Toyma Airport.

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