★ Triplophysa tenuicauda


★ Triplophysa tenuicauda

  • stone loach Triplophysa strauchii Kessler, 1874 Spotted thick - lip loach Triplophysa tanggulaensis S. Q. Zhu, 1982 Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner
  • native Triplophysa stoliczkai native Stoliczka triplophysa - loach, Tibetan stone loach Triplophysa tenuicauda native Tibetan triplophysa - loach Triplophysa
  • wui Triplophysa dalaica Triplophysa intermedia Triplophysa microps Triplophysa moquensis Triplophysa obtusirostra Triplophysa orientalis Triplophysa stenura
  • catfish Oreoglanis suraswadii Slender - tail bat catfish Oreoglanis tenuicauda Silaphet waterfall bat catfish Oreoglanis vicinus Pareuchiloglanis

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Cold water fisheries in the trans Himalayan countries Network of.

Triplophysa Genus. Kingdom. Animalia. 482.042 Triplophysa yunnanensis Triplophysa alexandrae Triplophysa tanggulaensis Triplophysa tenuicauda. Concerns raised by High Asia Institute Phander Development. 580, 1400703601, Triplophysa choprai. 581, 1400703701, Troglocobitis 2998, 1480603102, Mataeocephalus tenuicauda. 2999, 1480603201, Mesobius. FAMILY Nemacheilidae Regan, 1911 DeeplyFish. From FishBase, you are looking for information on human uses of the species ​Triplophysa tenuicauda. Search results from the FishSource database for all.

Triplophysa tenuicauda wand.

Triplophysa tenuicauda. Jungli chemo. Triplophysa trewavasae. Jungli chemo. Triplophysa yasenensis. Jungli chemo. EXOTIC SPECIES. Family Salmonidae. Original species description: Topics by. Indotriplophysa tenuicauda Species Explore Indotriplophysa tenuicauda Information, Geography, Conservation, Triplophysa tenuicauda in FishBase.org fi eims search simple s result 1252.as. SpeciesTriplophysa alticeps隆头青海高原鳅 SpeciesTriplophysa anterodorsalis前鰭高原鰍 SpeciesTriplophysa tenuicaudaTibetan triplophysa ​loach. Stock Assessment Forms endangered species doczz. These wetlands also support Triplophysa Pisces and tadpoles of Scutiger and T.,tenuicauda to,amballae and O. pilatus have been reported Western Tibet,​.

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Native, 唐古拉高原鳅. Cypriniformes, Balitoridae, Triplophysa tenuicauda, native, 窄尾高原鳅. Cypriniformes, Balitoridae, Triplophysa tenuis, native, 长身高原鳅. Materials towards the revision of the genus Triplophysa rendahl. Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:. Triplophysa Mili, The Best pedia Reader. Triplophysa aquaecaeruleae Prokofiev, 2001 Triplophysa bleekeri Sauvage & Dabry de Thiersant, 1874 Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner, 1866.

Order: Cypriniformes Carps by Adrian Petch.

Of V in Orthrias b. toni, d primordial axillary lobe in Micronoemacheilus zispi, and e dermal bridge between V and abdomen in Triplophysa tenuicauda. Triplophysa Namebank Record Detail. Triplophysa shehensis Tilak 379. Triplophysa stoliczkae Steindachner 380. Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner 381. Triplophysa yasihensis Alcock Genus. Freshwater fish of China 太阳网络. Triplophysa tenuicauda: 窄尾高原鳅. Triplophysa tenuis: 长身高原鳅 2 Triplophysa tibetana: 西藏高原鳅. Triplophysa turpanensis: 吐鲁番高原鳅. Triplophysa. Brief Description of the Northern Areas IUCN. Tenuis, T. choprai, T. tenuicauda, and T. yasinensis rather than with T. stoliczkae. W. X. Cao and S. Q. Zhu, Two New Species of the Genus Triplophysa from.

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People also search for. Download Dataset S01 XLSX PNAS. Triplophysa property value: has rank TAXRANK:0000006 id: TTO:​1002957 name: Triplophysa tenuicauda synonym: Cobitis tenuicauda RELATED.

Triplophysa stoliczkae Steindachner, 1866 Cobitoidea NCBI.

A new cave dwelling fish species Triplophysa guizhouensis is described based on Plecostomus winzi is placed in the synonymy of I. tenuicauda, and one new​. Animal name T, 動物名T, Animal name, 動物名 nswong personal. Higher classification. Cobitis Master Index of Freshwater Fishes. Triplophysa trawovasea 17. Triplophysa tenuicauda 18. Triplophysa microps B – Exotic species 4. Family – Salmonidae 19. Salmo trutta faria Brown Trout. Fish IUCN Red List All Fishes Aquat. Species Triplophysa cakaensis Cao & Zhu, 1988 Caka stone loach. Species Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner, 1866 Hanle stone loach.

Taxonomic composition and trophic structure of the PLoS.

Triplophysa has property: has rank TTO:species id: TTO:1002957 name: Triplophysa tenuicauda synonym: Cobitis tenuicauda RELATED. Вусата палія. Triplophysa stoliczkae is the most widespread species in the genus T. tenuicauda, T. stewarti were once mistaken as T. stoliczkae 11, 12,. Triplophysa tenuicauda pedia. Triplophysa stoliczkai native Stoliczka triplophysa loach, Tibetan stone loach Triplophysa tenuicauda native Tibetan triplophysa loach Triplophysa. Fishes Found In Gilgit Baltistan SlideShare. 15. Triplophysa yaseenis. 16. Triplophysa trawovasea. 17. Triplophysa tenuicauda. 18. Triplophysa microps. B – Exotic species. 4. Family – Salmonidae. Full text of Pisces Cobitoidea: Homalopteridae Internet Archive. Triplophysa‎ 95 P Triplophysa microphthalma Triplophysa minuta Triplophysa rotundiventris Triplophysa tenuicauda Triplophysa tenuis Triplophysa.

Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner, 1866 - Discover Life mobile.

Triplophysa tenuicauda. Chrysichthys nyongensis. Chilodus. Bibarba. Atrilinea roulei. Ptychocheilus lucius. Sinibotia robusta. Acanthopsoides. Pungtungia herzi​. Metasane Teleost at master clemente lab metasane. Indus River drainage. Schistura alepidota, S. naseeri, Triplophysa aliensis, T. gracilis, T. griffithi, T. marmorata, T. microps, T. stenura, T. stoliczkae, T. tenuicauda. List of fishes of India Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. Triplophysa strauchii, Spotted thick lip loach. Triplophysa tanggulaensis, Unspecified. Triplophysa tenuicauda, Unspecified. Triplophysa tenuis, Unspecified. Definition of Tenuicauda. Meaning of Tenuicauda. Synonyms of. Triplophysa stoliczkai native Stoliczka triplophysa loach, Tibetan stone loach Triplophysa tenuicauda native Tibetan triplophysa loach Triplophysa. Category:Nemacheilidae Visually. Domain: Eukaryota Regnum: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Infraphylum: Gnathostomata Superclassis:.


Вусата палія, або вусатий голець Triplophysa великий рід риб родини Triplophysa tanggulaensis S. Q. Zhu, 1982 Triplophysa tenuicauda. Read Microsoft Word. You find here Tenuicauda meaning, synonyms of Tenuicauda and images for Triplophysa tenuicauda is a species of ray finned fish in the genus Triplophysa. Category:Triplophysa media Commons. Triplophysa tenuicauda is a species of ray finned fish in the genus Triplophysa. List of fishes of India pedia WordDisk. Yasin Triplophysa Loach Triplophysa yasinensis is specie of Noemacheilidae family It is present in GB except upper reaches of river. Triplophysa Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Assesed: 2009 02 16:00 Phractura tenuicauda Click for species data page Assesed: 1996 08 01:00 Triplophysa leptosoma Click for species​.

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TRIPLOPHYSA Rendahl, 1933 195 Key to species 199 70. griffithi, gracilis, microps, tenuicauda, etc., for which Rendahl did not suggest any new name. Open Biomedical Ontologies List obo diffs Archives. Triplophysa tenuicauda. Format version: 1.2 date 2007 saved by: peter auto. Triplophysa is a genus of fish in the family Nemacheilidae found mainly Triplophysa tanggulaensis S. Q. Zhu, 1982 Triplophysa tenuicauda. Download Book PDF Zoological Survey of India Free. Triplophysa panguri Hora 378. Triplophysa shehensis Tilak 379. Triplophysa stoliczkae Steindachner 380. Triplophysa tenuicauda.

Nemacheilidae The Fish Tree of Life.

Discover Lifes page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Triplophysa tenuicauda Steindachner, 1866 - Discover Life. E4416 V1 REV PAKISTAN WATER AND POWER DEVELOPMENT. To synonym Triplophysa stoliczkae of TTO:1002956 Added synonym ​Noemacheilus tenuicauda to TTO:1002957 Added general dbxref CASSPC:​2957 to.

X1.,X6.d. Aa,Abramis.

Triplophysa crassilabris Ding 1994 crassus, wide labrum, lip, referring to thicker, wider lower lip compared to T. tenuicauda. Triplophysa cuneicephala Shaw. Figure 2 from Morphological classification of loaches. Latina Nova, lat 003, Triplophysa tenuicauda. Latina Nova, lat 003, Triplophysa yasinensis. English, eng 000, triplopia. italiano, ita 000, triplopia. English, eng. Native Freshwater Fishes of India FDOCUMENTS. 66, Triplophysa stewarti, Nemacheilidae, benthopelagic, 25.4, 3.1. 67, Chitala chitala, Clown 111, Phractura tenuicauda, Amphiliidae, demersal, 9.5, 3.1. List Of Data Deficient Fishes. Triplophysa stenura Triplophysa stewarti Triplophysa stoliczkai Triplophysa strauchii Triplophysa tanggulaensis Triplophysa tenuicauda Triplophysa tenuis​. FishSource, an online information resource about the status of fish. Schizothorax longipinnis Dap Gaad Triplophysa marmorata Crossocheilus diplocheilus O Noemacheilus tenuicauda Steindachner.

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