★ Geography of Russia

Geography of Russia

Russia is a country that stretches over a vast expanse of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Covering most of Northern Eurasia, it is the worlds largest country by area. Due to its size, Russia displays both monotony and diversity. As with its topography, its climate, vegetation, soils, and cover great distances. From North to South the East European plain is clad sequentially in tundra, coniferous forest, mixed and deciduous forests, steppe and semi-desert as the changes in vegetation reflect the changes in the climate. Siberia supports a similar sequence but is taiga prevails. The country ...

Geography of the Soviet Union

The geography of the Soviet Union includes the geographical features of the countries of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Soviet Union was the largest country in the world, covering approximately one-seventh of the earths surface. He was two and a half times the size of the USA, and only slightly smaller in area than the entire continent of North America. It covers most of Northern Asia and a considerable part of Eastern Europe, extending even to the middle East. About a quarter of its territory in Europe, other in Asia. In the Soviet Union was dominated by the Russian S ...

Abrene County

Abrenes apriņķis was a County in the Republic of Latvia with an area of 4292 square kilometers, formed in 1925 from the Northern part of the Ludzas apriņķis as the County Jaunlatgale, but it was renamed to Abrenes apriņķis in 1938. The district comprises the towns of Balvi and Abrene and 14 villages, and townships in the composition of the district was reorganized three times. During the Second world war 6 Eastern townships – Purvmalas Bakovo, Linavas Lynove, Kacēnu Kachanovo, Upmala Upmalas, Gauru and Gavry Augspils Vyshhorodok, as well as the town of Abrene with a total area of 1293.6 sq ...


Idel-Ural literally Volga-Ural is a historical region in Eastern Europe, in Russia. The name literally means Volga-Urals in the Tatar language. The frequently used Russian variant is Volgo-Uralye. The term Idel-Ural is often used to designate 6 republics of Russia of this region: Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Mari El, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, especially in Tatar literature or in the context of minority languages. Idel-Ural is located in the centre of the Volga Federal district the Volga region, the Volga region. The major religions in the region are Islam and Orthodox Christianity. Befor ...

Kursk Magnetic Anomaly

Kursk magnetic anomaly is a territory rich in iron ores located in Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh regions in Russia, and represents a considerable part of Central black earth region. Kursk magnetic anomaly is recognized as the largest magnetic anomaly on Earth. Kursk magnetic anomaly KMA was first discovered in 1773 by the Russian astronomer and scientist Peter Inokhodtsev in the preparation of maps of the General land surveying of the territory of Russia: General survey on behalf of the Russian government. He was not examined again until 1874, when I. N. Smirnov conducted the first geomagne ...

Kuznetsk Basin

The Kuznetsk basin in Western Siberia, Russia, is one of the largest mining areas of coal in Russia, an area of about 10.000 square miles. It is located in the Kuznetsk depression between Tomsk and Novokuznetsk in the basin of the river Tom. From the South it borders the Abakan range, from the West Salair ridge and Kuznetsk Alatau in the East. He has one of the most extensive coal deposits anywhere in the world, coal-bearing seams extend over an area 10.309 square miles 26.700 km 2 and reach to a depth 5.905 feet 1.800 m. In General, the coal reserves are estimated at 725 billion tonnes. I ...

Meshchera Lowlands

Meshchera lowland, also known as Russian / Meshchyora, a spacious lowland in the center of European Russia. It is named after the Finno-Ugric Meshchera tribe, which used to live there. He is part of Moscow oblast, Vladimir oblast and Ryazan oblast, respectively, it is called the Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan Meshcheras.

Oka-Don Lowland

The Oka-don lowland is a flat plain in the European part of Russia, bordered to the North on the banks of the Oka river, on the South by the river don, in the West-Central Russian upland, on the East of the Volga upland. The area is part of the larger East European plain. The terrain is flat, with average altitude of 160 meters above sea level, and rivers meander in wide floodplains. Agricultural plains high, mainly for the cultivation of grain crops - wheat, barley and rye. Plain flat route provides a North-South, the transportation route set between the mountains. To the line of FORTS wa ...

Pechora coal basin

Pechora coal basin is located in the Extreme North of the European part of Russia. In almost 90.000 km 2 in the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous area Arkhangelsk region. The pool is associated with three main depressions: the USA river depression, Korotaikha depression and Kara depression, stretching from North to South along the Western foothills of the Northern Urals and Pai-Khoi ridge. Coals in the basin vary widely from brown coal to anthracite, various yield and ash content.

Seymchan (meteorite)

Seymchan is a pallasite meteorite found in the dry riverbed Hekandue, left tributary of the Yasachnaya river in the Magadan region, Russia, near the settlement of Seymchan, in June 1967.

Sokha (unit)

The plow is a unit of land in Russia 13-17 centuries. Sokha was used as unit of taxation for worked land owned by another person or the state. The term originated when Tatars took rent from the actual plows - working tool of the lands, which were used 2-3 horses. At the end of the 15th century Novgorod Plow was 3 obj. Moscow Plow was equal to 10 in Novgorod and was paid in accordance with the different sizes in different parts of the state. In 1550 a New Land-a unit of measurement which has kept the old name Sokha. The name was then used for a certain number of operated land. A plow was di ...


Tartary or Great Tartary was a historical region in Asia, located between the Caspian sea and the Ural mountains and the Pacific ocean. Tartary was the General term used by Europeans in Central Asia, North Asia and East Asia, unknown to European geography. It covers vast areas of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, Volga-Urals, Caucasus, Siberia, Central Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria.

Transcaspian Oblast

Transcaspian region, or Transcaspia just was part of the Russian Empire and early Soviet Russia to the East of the Caspian sea in the second half of the 19th century until 1924. It is adjacent to the South of Iran in Khorasan province and Afghanistan, to the North of the former Russian province of Uralsk, and to the North-East from the former protectorates of Khiva and Bukhara. Area, sq 212.545. miles. Part of Russian Turkestan, Transcaspian region corresponds to approximately the territory of modern Turkmenistan and southwest Kazakhstan. The name of the region literally "beyond the Caspia ...


★ Geography of Russia

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Kara Depression

The Kara Depression is a depression in the Extreme North of European Russia, by the mouth of Kara River, north-east of the Pay-Khoy Ridge. It is of diameter 50–60 km and filled with Quaternary deposits. Depression is part of the Pechora coal basin.


Kazan metropolitan area

Kazan metropolitan area is one of the largest areas, located in Russia, which includes the cities and districts of Tatarstan and Mari El republics: Cities: Kazan, Zelenodolsk, Volzhsk. Districts rayons of Tatarstan: Atninsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Zelenodolsky, Laishevsky, Pestrechinsky. Districts rayons of Mari El: Volzhsky, Zvenigovsky. The population 1.650.431 people.


Moscow Uplands

Moscow Upland is the eastern part of the Smolensk-Moscow Upland, located inside the Moscow and Vladimir regions of Russia. Extends from the headwaters and the upper reaches of the river Vorya, Koloksha. Highest elevation - the elevation of 310 meters - erosion and moraine. The hill is covered with mixed forest main tree species - pine, birch and aspen.


North Kara basin

The North Kara basin is a sedimentary basin, a part of the Arctic shelf of Russia, associated with the Kara Sea. It is separated from the South Kara basin by the North Siberian sill. From the North it is bounded by the Urvantsev Trough.


Rzhanaya Polyana

Rzhanaya Polyana is a natural area in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located not far from Krasnaya Polyana. House in the center Luge "sledge", he went on bobsleigh, Luge and skeleton events at the winter Olympics held in Sochi in 2014.


Samara Bend

The Samara bend is a large hairpin bend of the middle Volga River at the confluence of the Samara River. It is situated in Samara Oblast, Volga Federal District of Russia. As part of Volga in its middle reaches the Zhiguli mountains and the Samara bend is formed as the river circles these mountains.



Shaman-Gora is an archeological site on the outskirts of the village of Duty in Khiloksky District of Zabaykalsky Krai. It is famous for its about 100 petroglyphs dating from 4000–1000 BCE. It is thought to be a ritual site for the local tribes. There are two main strata and their artifacts show that there was a highly developed society in the region at the confluence of the Duty River and Arey Rivers.


South Kara basin

The South Kara basin is part of the Arctic shelf of Russia, associated with the Kara Sea. It is covered with Permian-Quaternary deposits over 10 km thick. It is the northern, lowest part of the West Siberian midland plate and separated from the North Kara basin by the North Siberian sill. It is bounded by the Pai-Khoi Ridge and Novaya Zemlya from the West and by Taimyr folds in the South-East. The pool includes East Prinovozemelsky field, a gigantic undeveloped Arctic oil and gas fields.

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The european part of russia is separated from asia by.

Geography in Russia Nature. What is the terrain and geography like in Russia? Overview: The Russian Federation is physically the largest country in the world, covering 17 million square. The surface of russia. Russia World Resources Institute. COUNTRIES OF THE PLANET: RUSSIA. Presentation suitable for Geography Year 9, which contains: geography, borders, maps, flags, current. Climate of russia. World Geography Russia Review Flashcards Quizlet. Relations between Turkey and Russia are subject to the demands of geography rather than a common bitter history. It is common in politics to. Essay about russia. World Geography Russia Worksheets & Teaching Resources TpT. 2 PLAINS AND PLATEAUS From the Ural Mountains to the Pacific, Russia is covered by the vast stretch of plains and plateaus called Siberia, a region of more​.

Soviet union countries.

Geography for Kids: Russia Ducksters. Soviet Union, former northern Eurasian empire 1917 22–1991 stretching from For the geography and history of the former Soviet Socialist republics, see the. Former soviet union countries. Russia National Geographic Kids. E.g., Harris, C. D., Geography in the Soviet Union, Professional Geographer, Theory of Soviet Geography, Annals, Association of American Geographers,.

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Contained a reference to the 1920 Latvian Russian Peace Treaty under which Abrene county now Pytalovo along with six counties belong to Latvia. President is ready to sign Latvian Russian border agreement. Продолжительность: 0:59. Alameda County Government. Опубликовано: 11 дек. 2018 г. Christian Countys Abren Commits to Murray State Your Sports Edge. Shelby County Sheriffs Office. Law Enforcement Agency According to authorities, Abrene Gales walked away from her elderly care… According to authorities.

LLC TK Idel Ural TIN 1650291052, OGRN 1141650014868.

Idel Ural is a historical region in the East of the European part of the Russian Federation. Even now, being under the total control and pressure from Moscow, the. File:Map Idel - media Commons. Продолжительность: 0:52. Tourist agency Idel Ural on Behance. Idel Ural Tibet Cossackia Turkestan North Vietnam. There are over 1.500 national days. Dont miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with.

Satellite altitude horizontal magnetic gradient anomalies used to.

Download royalty free Mikhailovsky iron mine within Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, Russia stock photo 87558888 from Depositphotos collection of millions of. Soviet Reports Iron Ore Find Of High Quality in Kursk Area Total of. Kursk Russia is seen as a strong anomaly in the background. The stripes on the left of the image are magnetic lineations due to sea floor spreading. Graphic. Mikhailovsky iron mine within Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, Russia. The position of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly is especially favorable, as it is located between the Moscow Region VII and Donetz Region III coal areas and is. The Kursk Magnetic Anomaly and its Development: Soviet. Kursk magnetic anomaly KMA not only in Central African Bangui, but also in western Russia there are magnetic anomalies of the Earths crust, known as the.

Prokopyevsk to Kuznetsk Basin 3 ways to travel via train, taxi, and.

Media in category Kuznetsk coal basin. The following 21 files are in this category, out of 21 total. BelAZ 75600.JPG 2.000 × 1.333 713 KB. Natural coal fires in the Kuznetsk Coal Basin: Geologic causes. With the huge coal reserves of the Kuznetsk Basin or Kuzbas in. Western Siberia, more than 1400 miles by rail to the east. According to the so called principle of. SOME PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT IN COAL MINING EN. With major plants at Novokuznetsk, the Kuznetsk industrial region c.27.000 sq mi​ 69.900 sq km produces iron and steel, zinc, aluminum, heavy. Earth Surface Subsidence in the Kuznetsk Coal Basin IEEE Xplore. The earliest known member of the family Triaplidae Coleoptera is described from the Babii Kamen locality Kuznetsk Basin. The assemblage of fossil beetles​. Kuznetsk Basin, Russia Geographical Names, map, geographic. The cheapest way to get from Prokopyevsk to Kuznetsk Basin costs only RUB 469, and the quickest way takes just 2½ hours. Find the travel option that best.


Oka Don Lowland pedia on IPFS. Продолжительность: 0:44. Мещеры москва. Maps, Weather, and Airports for Leka, Russia Fallingrain. 11.4 nm, SE, Meshchera Lowlands. 19.2 nm, S, European Russia. 14.7 nm, NE, Gusevskoye peat narrow gauge railway. 13.6 nm, SW, Obukhov inhabited.

Abernethy Lowland 195 Abitibi lowlands 518 GeoScienceWorld.

The second key area, the Oka Don Lowland, is characterized by a lowland topography and clay soil texture, and excess of moisture in soils in almost all years. Merchants, Markets, and exchange in the Pre coluMbian World SMU. Secondary succession of weed communities in lowland habitats of Taiwan in relation to the introduction of Hiko Ichi Oka, 30 V. cordifolia G. Don. 40. 100.

Russia – Removing Barriers to Coal Mine Methane Recovery and.

Seven coal basins Donbass or Donetz, Pechorsky or Pechora, Kuzbass or Kuznetsk, Yuzhno Yakutsky or South Yakutia, Tungussky or Tunguca, Lensk or Lena,. Vorkuta Gulag Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Fandom. Timan Pechora Basin Pechora coal basin Map, others, miscellaneous, angle, map, data png. Timan Pechora Basin Pechora coal basin Map, others,. Timan Pechora Basin Pechora coal basin Map, others NextPNG. A, Donets Basin Coal Transport. I. Contra Blacksoil 2, Transport of Pechora Coal within Northwest. Region Other Coal Basins in Far Eastern Region. 5. Facies nature of clay minerals from the Inta Formation, southern. The total area of the Pechora basin is 252 000 km2. resource rich area has seen rapid development of the industrial extraction of coal, oil, Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия.


48.1 g SEYMCHAN Meteorite Full Slice I Spectacular Etch I. Seymchan meteorite News: Latest and Breaking News on Seymchan meteorite​. Explore Seymchan meteorite profile at Times of India for. Метеорит муонионалуста. Space Box Seymchan Meteorite from Magadanskaya Oblast. 9.15% Ni, 24.6 ppm Ga, 68.3 ppm Ge, 0.55 ppm.

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Compare prices and find the best deal for the Sokha Beach Resort. Entire unit located on ground floor How far is Sokha Beach Resort from the airport?. Book Sokha Phnom Penh Residence in Phnom Penh. General Sao Sokha 2 R, Commander of the National Gendarmerie, Hun Manith, became the head of a new intelligence unit a year ago. Cambodia Anti Graft Unit Launches Probe of Top Police Official. Address Regency Complex C, 1st Floor, Unit C1 7, Samdech Monireth Mr Sokha NOU, Operations Contact, ha@cma, 855 218 000.

Tartary Buckwheat Germplasm Evaluation Experimental Farm.

Evaluating roughly 80 accessions of Tartary Buckwheat Fagopyrum tataricum, a valuable pseudo cereal and medicinal plant, for signs of. Chinese Tartary pedia. A fusion of Mongol and Turkic elements took place, and the Mongol invaders of Russia and Hungary became known to Europeans as Tatars or Tartars. Eastward to Tartary: Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the. This is the story of the bizarre Vegetable Lamb of Tartary. Also known as the barometz, derived from the Tartar word for lamb, this was a useful. Chinese Tartary. The rutin, quercetin concentrations, antioxidant activity, and aroma compounds in different commercial tartary buckwheat tea were analyzed in our study. Results.

Arab Textiles in the Near East Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Of Turkmenistan known as the khanate of Khiva was made part of the Russian Empire, and became known as the Transcaspian Oblast of Russian Turkestan. Aktau – the gateway to Kazakhstan World Bank Blogs. Media in category Transcaspian Oblast П. Варенцов, Материалы к познанию Закаспийской области.pdf 1.239 × 1.753, 76 pages 81.57. UPDATE: A Research Guide to the Turkmenistan Legal System. 7 Aug 1921 Transcaspian oblast renamed Turkmen oblast within Turkestan A.S.S.R. 27 Oct 1924 Turkmen Socialist Soviet Republic proclaimed as part of the. Transcaspian Oblastball Polandball Fandom. 510 where it is quoted from The rug production of the Transcaspian Oblast and neighboring countries, Zakaspiiskoe obozrenie, no. 5 1905. Google Scholar.

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