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San Domenico, Argenta

San Domenico is an ex-Roman Catholic Church, located in G. B. Aleotti #39, in Argenta, a municipality in the province of Ferrara, region Emilia-Romagna, Italy. He now serves as the local city Museum.

San Lorenzo, Civitella del Tronto

San Lorenzo in Renaissance style Roman Catholic parish Church located in the town of Civitella del Tronto, in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.

Santa Maria delle Vergini, Macerata

Santa Maria della Vergini Renaissance style, Roman Catholic Church, located at the intersection of via Lattanzio Ventura, via Galasso da Carpi, and via Contrada Santa Maria delle virgini, to the South-East from the historical centre of Macerata, ...

SantAndrea Apostolo, Crespadoro

Of Santandrea Apostolo, in the Baroque style Roman Catholic parish Church located on the hillside in Crespadoro, province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.

San Domenico, Noto

San Domenico in Baroque style, the Roman Catholic Church and monastery, located on Piazza XVI maggio in the town of Noto in Sicily, Italy.

San Felice, Massa Martana

The Church dedicated to the patron Saint of the city, Felice, they say, was a Bishop and later a Martyr during the persecution of Christians under the emperors Diocletian and Maximinian. At that time, the Church was originally built in medieval t ...

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ruscello, Vallerano

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Ruscello, also known as Santa Maria del Ruscello or Santuario di Maria Santissima del Ruscello dei Donatori Di sangue in the style of a Baroque Roman Catholic Church located in Piazza A. de Caro Xerry #13 in the c ...

San Giovanni Battista, Morbegno

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista is a Roman Catholic Collegiate Church built in the 17th and 18th centuries, located in Morbegno in Valtellina in the province of Lombardy, and dedicated to St. John The Baptist.


Weggental is a Roman Catholic pilgrimage Church, built in the Baroque era, near Rottenburg am Neckar.

Disneys Asian Resort

Disneys Asian resort was a planned resort, located in Walt Disney world Resort in lake Buena Vista, Florida. Its concept was developed in the 1960-ies and is expected to open in 1974, three years after his mother complex has started its work. How ...

Fort Wilderness Junction

Fort wilderness junction was to be a 600-room hotel in the Walt Disney world in Florida between Fort wilderness and Disneys wilderness Lodge. Plans for the hotel were announced by the Walt Disney company in the framework of the "decade of Disney" ...

Disneys Persian Resort

Disneys Persian resort was opened themed hotel planned for world heart of Walt Disney world in lake Buena Vista, Florida. Due to the oil crisis of 1973, the project was cancelled, along with the Venice resort Disney and Disneys Asian resort. Form ...

Disneys Venetian Resort

Disneys Venetian resort to be disney-owned luxury resort located at the Walt Disney studios in lake Buena Vista, Florida that originally would have began operation on 1 October 1971. It will be in the style of Venice, Italy, is located on seven s ...

2000–2006 Shebaa Farms conflict

In the 2000-2006 Shebaa conflict was a low level border conflict consisting of Hezbollah rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli defense forces and IDF artillery shelling and air raids in southern Lebanon. The clashes followed the withdrawal of Isra ...

2000 Hezbollah cross-border raid

In 2000 Hezbollah cross-border RAID by militants of Hezbollah captured three IDF soldiers, benny Avraham, ADI Avitan and Omar Sawaid, while they were patrolling the security fence along the border with Lebanon and took them across the border. It ...

Battle of Baghak

The battle of Baghak was an engagement during the war in Afghanistan between the elements of the defence Forces of New Zealand, the national Directorate of security of Afghanistan and rebel forces in the area of Dahane Baghak in the Shikari valle ...

Battle of Saint Hilaire-le-Grand

The battle of Saint-Hilaire-Le-Grand took place on 25 July 1918, during world war I. the 1st Polish regiment rifles, which was part of the French army during the First world war, clashed with the forces of the German Empire. The battle took place ...

Ypres Salient

IEPER lies at the junction of the Ypres–Comines canal the and Ieperlee. The town overlooks Kemmel hill to the South-West and East by low hills running South-West to North-East from Wytschaete Wijtschate, Hill 60 to the East of Verbrandenmolen, Ho ...

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