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Maine State Route 119

State route 119 is part of Maines system of numbered state highways, located in the southwestern part of the state. It works in 15.2 km from Minot to Paris. Its southern Terminus is in the city of Minot is located on highway 11 and highway 121, a ...

BrightBuilt Barn

BrightBuilt Barn is net-zero, LEED platinum certified home in Rockport, Maine, built in 2008 to demonstrate certain principles of sustainable building design and construction. He was named the most innovative home Project of the year by the U.S. ...

Skowhegan (CDP), Maine

Several is a census-designated place in the town several in the County of Somerset, Maine in the United States. The population was 6.696 in the 2000 census.

Sheepscot River

In the Sheepscot river is a 66 km-long river in the U.S. state of Maine. Its lower portion is a complex Island estuary with connections to the Kennebec river, Merrymeeting Bay after.

Caroline County Sheriffs Department

Caroline County Sheriffs office is the primary law enforcement Agency servicing 32.617 people in 320.14 square miles in the County of Caroline, Maryland.

Frederick County Sheriffs Office (Maryland)

The Sheriffs office Frederick County is the primary law enforcement Agency serving a population of 222.938 residents in the 662.88 square miles in Frederick County, Maryland.

Montgomery County Sheriffs Office (Maryland)

The Sheriffs office Montgomery County is a nationally accredited American law enforcement and acts as coercion of the courts in Montgomery County, Maryland. All his deputies are fully certified law enforcement officers with full authority for the ...

Talbot County District Courthouse

District court of Maryland for Talbot County district court is located in Easton, Maryland. The jurisdiction of the district court includes most landlord - tenant cases, small claims for amounts up to.000, action of replevin, violations of vehicl ...

Worcester County District Courthouses

District court of Maryland for Worcester County district courts located in ocean city and snow hill and serve as courts of first impression for the majority of residents in Worcester County, Maryland. All minor criminal cases traffic misdeamenor ...

Howard County Police Department

The County police Department Howard is the main law enforcement Agency servicing individuals 304.580 254 square miles in Howard County, Maryland.

Town Hall (Lakeville, Massachusetts)

The old town hall of Lakeville, Massachusetts, situated on a plot street 2. Built in 1856, it is an excellent example of 19th century Greek revival town hall. The building originally housed city offices as well as such meetings, it is now used ma ...

Memorial Town Hall

Town hall monument is the historic town hall in Monson, Massachusetts. Located on the main street on land donated by local known the Reynolds family, the high Victorian Gothic stone building was built in 1885 by the project of George Potter. In a ...

Prescott Town House

Town House Prescott is located in the historic town hall building on mA 32 in Petersham, Massachusetts. The building was constructed in 1838 in Greek Revival style and served as a town hall in Prescott, Massachusetts, a town that was unincorporat ...

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