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Laura, Il. (Лора, Ил) Laura, Indiana. (Лора, Индиана) Laura, Missouri. (Лора, Миссури) Laura, Ohio, in a small village. Laura, Kentucky, a city.


Laurentie may refer to: The concept of Laurentie, a poetic name given to Quebec, and the name of the idea of an independent Quebec, from the 1930s to the 1950s years. The journal Laurentie, the journal of the Alliance laurentienne, organization, ...


Lauritzen may refer to: Surname: Lau Lauritzen Sr. 1878-1938, Danish film Director, screenwriter and actor of the silent film era. Steffen Lauritzen was born in 1947, head of the Department of statistics at Oxford University. Of Vilhelm Lauritzen ...


Laus may refer to: Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec, municipality in Canada. Paul Laus was born in 1970, is a former professional ice hockey player. Our lady of Laus, the first Marian apparition approved in the 21st century Catholic Church. The river L ...


Louth may refer to: Agnes Christina 1871-1936 Laut, canadian journalist, writer, historian and social worker. Laut Island, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Frank Laut, 1884-1961, canadian politician. Peter Louth, Honorary Danish Professor of physics.


Lauzon may refer to: In geography: The influx Ouveze, itself a tributary of the Rhone. Ex-Coupee-de-Lauzon, France in colonial New France. Direct left tributary of the Rhone. The influx of the durance, the Rhone. Lauzon, Quebec, is a canadian for ...

Lava (disambiguation)

Movie lava 1985 bollywood family drama film. Movie, lava 2014, Pixar short. Movie lava is a 1980 Indian Malayalam dramatic action. Film lava 2001, British Comedy.


The city of Laval may refer to: Russ the city of Laval was born in 1974, Australian Olympic player in table tennis. The city of Laval Thomas was born in 1963, American football running back. Los Angeles Vale F. C. The city of Laval, Pune in Mahar ...


LaVey may refer to: Places LaVey-village, a village in the district of Aigle in the Canton of vaud, Switzerland. LaVey, County Londonderry, a parish in Northern Ireland. LaVey, County Cavan, a civil parish in Ireland. LaVey, Switzerland, a former ...

Lavoisier (disambiguation)

Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier 1758-1836, French chemist, wife and employee of Antoine Lavoisier. John-Paul Lavoisier was born in 1980, American actor. Generously is a great scholar who researched on food.

Lawford (disambiguation)

Lawford, Virginia, USA, an unincorporated community. Lawford, Somerset, England, countryside. The Lawford Islands, Nunavut, Canada. Lawford, West Virginia, USA, an unincorporated community.

Lawn (disambiguation)

A lawn is an area of land planted with grass and sometimes clover and other plants, which are maintained at a low, even height. Lawn may also refer to:


Lux lake values. (Озеро люкс значений) La Crosse, Wisconsin, city on the Mississippi river. Laax, Switzerland, a municipality in the Canton of Valais. The port of Los Angeles, whose port identifier code "lax". Los Angeles Union station, Los Angel ...


Wolfgang LAZ 1514-1565, Austrian humanist. Jesse LAZ 1983 American musician with the band Locksley. Not 1929-1997 LAZ, American pole vaulter.

Le Bon

Le Bon may refer to: John II of France, 1319-1364, nicknamed Jehan Le Bon. Gustave Le Bon 1841-1931, French social psychologist, sociologist and physicist, Amateur. Cate Le Bon, the Welsh singer. Fulk II, count of Anjou about 905-960, nicknamed F ...

Le Car

Le car may refer to: Le car model electric car with LeEco. Renault Le car, the name used to market the Renault 5 automobile in the United States. Le car group, is an American electronic music band. Maud Le car was born 1992 model and surfer.

Le Chatelier

Le Chatelier may refer to: The principle of Le Chatelier, named in honor of Henry Louis. Alfred Le Chatelier 1855-1929, French soldier, Explorer and Professor. Benedict Le Chatelier 1976, French journalist, was born. Henri Louis Le Chatelier, 19t ...

Le Coq

Robert Le Coq, died 1373, a French Bishop and counselor. Albert von Le Coq 1860-1930, a German archaeologist and Explorer of Central Asia. Karl Ludwig von Lecoq 1754-1829 French Huguenot ancestry, first joined the army of the electorate of Saxony ...

Le Laboureur

Louis Le Laboureur games 1615-1679, French poet. Jean Le Laboureur games 1621-1675, a French nobleman, Roman Catholic priest and historian. Claude Le Laboureur games 1601-1680 years, French Catholic priest and historian.

Le Monnier

Meg Lemonnier 1905-1988, English-born French singer and actress. Anicet Charles Gabriel Lemonnier 1743-1824, a French painter of historical subjects. Francis Lemonnier 1940-1998, French actor and Director of the Paris théâtre de Vaudeville. Jérôm ...

Le Ray

Le ray may refer to: Le ray, new York, USA. Le ray township, blue Earth County, Minnesota, USA. Daniel Leer was born in 1982, Australian gymnast. Jacques-Donatien Le ray 1726-1803, the French "father of the American revolution".

Le Vigan

Saint-Etienne-du-Vigan, which was previously called Wigan-dAllier, in the Haute-Loire Department. Le Vigan, lot, in the Department of Lo. Le Vigan, Gard, in the Gard Department.


Leacock may refer to: Places Leacock regional Park in Casula, South West of Sydney, Australia. Leacock township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Surname Philip Leacock 1917-1990, English film and television Director, producer. Ernie Leacock 1906-19 ...


Danville Leadbetter 1811-1866, a career officer of the Armed forces of the United States and Confederate General during the American Civil war. Leadbetter Frederick 1875-1948, American financier and lumber and paper milling Executive. David Leadb ...


Managers can refer to: Lead paragraph - the "leader" or "lead" is the first paragraph of articles, news and other literary works, is used to distinguish from lead, which in print publishing may be confused with "leading". In the terminology of fi ...


The West and the East Leake Nottinghamshire, UK. Leake County, Mississippi, USA. Old Leake, new Leake, Lincolnshire, UK. Face, North Yorkshire, UK. Leake Township, Nevada County, Arkansas, United States. Lake Leake, Tasmania, Australia.


The authors ability to see can contact: The author an opportunity to get acquainted with the place, Pennsylvania, at the named place in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. The author the opportunity to see Alberta, also known as the Yellowhead C ...


Lean thinking, methodology of business undertaken in various fields. Lean government, the application of lean thinking for government. Lean startup, how to start a company in a lean way. Lean integration, application of lean principles to data an ...


Jumper may refer to: "Jumper", the logo of the brand of Jaguar, and the name of the banned cult the hood. Little jumper, the attraction is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA. Batroc the Leaper, fictional villain from Marvel comics. Jumpers, fa ...


Low energy Ion ring, an ion pre-accelerator of the Large hadron Collider at CERN. Low-energy antiproton ring, the former name and the function of the low energy ion ring. Liga de Escritores y Artistas Revolucionarios, Mexican Association of revol ...


Thomas the rhymer may refer to: People Thomas Livingstone Learmonth 1818-1903, early Victorian settlers, who created the land around Ballarat, Victoria. Noel Fulford Learmonth 1880-1970, an Australian writer, historian and naturalist. Thomas Lear ...

Lease (disambiguation)

Mary Elizabeth lease 1850-1933, American writer and activist. Alva lease Duckwall 1877-1937, American businessman. Rent 1903-1966 Rex, American actor.


Lumley, John Leask 1930-2015, American Professor of mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering. Michael Leask born in 1990, Scottish cricketer. Marilyn Leask was born in 1950, Australian Professor of education. Ada Leask 1899-1987, the Iris ...

Leatherman (disambiguation)

Timothy S. Leatherman, a businessman and the inventor of the multitool and brand. Multitool Leatherman Vagabond, people in the nineteenth century, traveling in Connecticut and new York East of the Hudson river. Stephen Leatherman, a geological re ...


Joint regional correctional facility mid-West, often called the Leavenworth military prison, built on the grounds of Fort Leavenworth. The U.S. prison, Leavenworth, often called Leavenworth, a civilian medium security prison built on the grounds ...


James Lebon 1959-2008, British film and music video Director. Christophe Lebon was born in 1982, French swimmer. The 1767-1804 Philippe Lebon, a French engineer.


Lebrecht may refer to: Mr. Leonard Lebrecht Friedman was born in 1976, American footballer. Lebrecht Blucher drev 1816-1870, German poet and translator of poetry from Hamburg. Karl Immermann Lebrecht 1796-1840, German playwright and novelist. Die ...


Dr. Berek Lajcher also written libertine, 1893-1943, a Jewish doctor and Holocaust the leader of the Resistance. A 1856-1926 Ernst lecher, Austrian physicist. Ernst lecher bacon 1898-1990, American composer. Otto lecher 1861-1939, Austrian politi ...


Lechon or Lechon may refer to: Jan Lechon, Polish poet, literary and theater critic and diplomat. Lechon or Lechon, a pork dish in several regions of the world. Lechon, Aragon, municipality in Zaragoza province, Aragon, Spain.


Pierre-Michel Le Conte 1921-2000, French conductor. Joseph 1823-1901 Leconte, a geologist and Professor at the University of South Carolina, UC Berkeley, and a founding member of the Sierra club. John Le Conte 1818-1891, scientist and first Presi ...


The large aperture experiment to detect the dark ages, radio. Leda, originally proposed name for the exoplanet Thestias. Lyon-MEUDON Extragalactic database, an astronomical catalog of galaxies. Leda moon of Jupiter. 38 Leda, an asteroid.


Jonathan Ledbetter, born in 1997, the American football player. Branden Ledbetter, a player in American football. Lilly Ledbetter, plaintiff in Ledbetter vs. Goodyear tire & rubber Co. Monte Ledbetter, a player in American football. Charles Willi ...


Cristian Raul Ledesma was born in 1978, Argentine professional football player. Arturo Ledesma was born 1988, Mexican footballer. Aaron Ledesma was born in 1971, is an American professional baseball player. Jorge Ledesma was born in 1932, Argenti ...


Alexander Auguste Ledru-Rollin 1807-1874, French politician.


Simon Le Doux or Leduc 1742-1777, French violinist and composer. Renato Leduc 1897-1986, Mexican poet and journalist. Jos Leduc 1944-1999, professional wrestler. Stéphane Leduc 1853-1939, French biologist. Noella Leduc 1933-2014, all-American gir ...

Leech (disambiguation)

Leech is the common name for the annelids comprising the subclass Hirudinea. Leech may also refer to: Leech comic book character in the X-Men universe. Leech brook, a stream in Wisconsin. Leeches movie 1956. (Пиявки фильм 1956) Leech computing, i ...


Leeder may refer to: William George Leeder 1845-1906 was mayor of Newcastle, Western Australia several times between 1878 and 1899. William Henry Leeder was one of the first settlers in the colony of Swan river in Western Australia. S. H. Leeder. ...


Daphne leaf, born in 1986, the Israeli public figure. George bodice 1951, Director of research John W. Pope Center for policy in higher education. Ryan leaf was born in 1973, canadian politician.


Stomps may refer to: Stomps, a character in the animated series Gravion. Lele people, an ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Niels Stomps was born in 1957, the Spanish photographer.

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