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In Lachsbach, also called Rathmannsdorfer Bach, river, Saxony, Germany. It is the largest right tributary of the Elbe in Saxon Switzerland.


In the Lachte rises in the Northern part of the district of Gifhorn southwest of Sprakensehl. It flows initially southwest, feeds a 5 km 3.1 Mi long row of fish ponds near Auermuhle property Gut Auermuhle and then joined the left of the Kainbach ...


Laute in your river of lower Saxony, Germany. Is a right tributary of Innerste. In laute your rises in the district of Hahnenklee in the upper Harz and discharges about 6 km 3.7 Mi later in Innerste in Lautenthal. The source is at an altitude of ...


In Lehbach, in its upper reaches, also called Spalbach, is the right tributary of the Ruwer in the district Trier-Saarburg in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It has a length of 6.602 miles, with a catchment area of 12.794 square kilomet ...


It rises East of Kettenburg, the area of Visselhovede in the reserve Ottinger Ochsenmoor nature. He then headed West, crossing the district Heidekreis, past the village Stellichte part of Walsrode and Lehrden. In Lehrde continues in the southern ...

Lenne (Weser)

Lenne river, lower Saxony, Germany. It is 24 km long, right, Eastern tributary of the Weser river in the district of Holzminden in the Weser uplands.


In Lindach is a small river in the Central foothills of the Swabian ALB, which rises under the Reussenstein castle in the neidlingen valley and flows into the Lauter in Kirchheim unter Teck. It passes through the towns of Neidlingen, Weilheim an ...

Lippe (river)

On the Lippe river in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Is a right tributary of the Rhine and 220.3 km long with a vertical drop of 125 meters, and the catchment area is 4.890 km2. The source is located on the edge of the Teutoburg forest in bad L ...

Lossa (Mulde)

In loss rises East of the village of Wurzen Kuhren. In Lossabach, the influx of a loss, has its origin East of the village Ochsensaal belongs to ve. In the vicinity of the village of Lossatal Muglenz in Lossabach falls into loss. On loss then goe ...

Lude (stream)

These people is a 7.0-mile stream of Saxony-Anhalt, in the Harz mountains in Central Germany. This is the most powerful and rich by itself – the longest Source in türje and so on hydrographic principle its upper reaches.

Lune (Weser)

Lune is a river in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is about 41 kilometers, a tributary of the Lower Weser. Lune is a small river lowlands, who originally joined Volkmarster the moon on the border between the borough of Bremervorde and the district of C ...

Lutter (Leine)

Lutter is a river in göttingen, lower Saxony, Germany. It is a tributary from the right to the lane. The stream is located entirely in the city of göttingen, rising in the southern göttingen forest and flowing into the Leine as a canalized ditch ...

Mehner Bach

In the Mehner Bach, also called a Obermehner Muhlenbach or just Muhlenbach is located at 9.0 km of stream, which passes through the East Westphalian town of lübbecke but also through PreuSisch Oldendorf. It forms the longitudinal axis of the form ...


In Mehrbach river, 23 km long, and the influx of viid. Its SRC is 27164, its catchment area 65.868 km 2.


In Maize rises to the South of Wietzendorf in the reserve the moor near Becklingen GroSes. Initially, the upper reaches of the upper Witze Ortze was the upper Meuse to GroSes Moore distracted Witze in the river Ortze at the point South of the sha ...


In Merzalbe, also called Merzalb this thread for 12 km, in the Western Palatinate in Rhineland-Palatinate. This route stretches along the right tributary of the Rodalb. In its upper reaches it is also known as Muhlgraben.


In Modenbach flow, a little less than 30 kilometers, and a right tributary of the Speyerbach in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Moosalb (Schwarzbach)

In Moosalb flow in the Western Palatinate in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the upper part of the valley Moosalb also called Hammertal at the expense of many witnesses, in the form of ruined buildings, for iron smelting and the manufacturing industry o ...

Moosbach (Lauter)

In Moosbach stream, about 6.6 kilometers South of the Palatine part of the region of Wachau in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Is a right tributary of the Lauter, upper reaches known as Wieslauter.

Nahe (Rhine)

The Nahe is a river in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, Germany, a left tributary of the Rhine. He also gave the name to the wine region Nahe situated around it. The name Nahe is derived from the Latin word Nava, which is supposed to be based o ...

Nidda (river)

In Nidda is a right tributary of the main river in Hesse. This follows from the Vogelsberg on the Taufstein mountain range near the town of Schotten, flows through the dam Niddastausee, and the towns of Nidda, Niddatal, Karben, and bad Vilbel. In ...


In Nordbach is 1.7 km, left tributary of the Grose Aue in the East Westphalian rodinghausen in the district of Herford in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia In Nordbach flow rises to a height of 120 m above sea level NN in Schwenningdorf. ...

Obere Argen

In oberá Argen is a river in South-Western Bavaria and South-Eastern Baden-württemberg in Germany. North-West of Bavaria in the Bavarian-Swabian district Oberallgau, in Seelesgraben in Moosmuhlbach and flows Schwarzenbach converge, forming in obe ...


In Ochtum starts in Lower Saxony, just a few kilometers South of the town of Bremen, near Weyhe at the confluence Sustedter Bach and hash in the lake, known as Kirchweyher to see. In Ochtum forms its water downstream and heads in a North-westerly ...

Odenbach (Glan)

In odenbach is 22.7 km-long route stretches along the right tributary of the banks of the Glan in the counties of Kaiserslautern and Kusel in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Oder (Harz)

The Oder is a 56 km long river in Lower Saxony, Germany, right tributary Rhume. Its source is in the Harz mountains near Sankt Andreasberg. It flows South-West through bad Lauterberg, Pohlde and Hattorf am Harz. The Oder flows into the Rhume in K ...


On the Oker river in Lower Saxony, Germany, which has historically been an important political boundary. It is a left tributary of the river Aller, 128 kilometers in length and runs in a General northerly direction.

Olschnitz (Red Main)

In Olschnitz is right Bank, the South-Eastern reaches of the red main in the German province of Upper Franconia in Bavaria. The hotel is 8.8 km, and including the source of the river Laimbach 18.5 km.

Olschnitz (White Main)

In Olschnitz is a right Bank, North of the upper reaches of the white primary in the German province of Upper Franconia in Bavaria. It is 22.1 kilometres.


Ortze river of lower Saxony, Germany. In Ortze rises North of Munster in Hyde grouse and, after 62 km, joins the Southeast of Winsen Aller.


The Oste is a river in Northern Lower Saxony, Germany with a length of 149 km. It is a left tributary of the Elbe. OST passes through the districts of Harburg, Rotenburg, Stade and Cuxhaven and flows into the river Elbe near Otterndorf. Its drain ...


In Parthe is a river in Saxony, Germany, right tributary of the White Elster. Its total length is 60 km. In Parthe is happening in Northern Saxony, between Colditz and bad Lausick. It flows North-West through Parthenstein, Naunhof, Borsdorf and T ...

Pegnitz (river)

In the Pegnitz river in Franconia in the German Federal state of Bavaria. In Pegnitz has its source in the town of the same name At an altitude of 425 m and meets 1.394 feet of Rednic 283 m 928 ft in fürth. From that point on the river is called ...

Perlbach (Regen)

In Perlbach is a river in Bavaria in the regions of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate, which flows into the regen West of Wiesing in the town of Roding in the County Palatine of upper Cham.


Pilgerbach is 8 km long river in North Hesse, Germany, in the district Edermunde. This Western tributary of the Eder which he falls in Edermunde-Grifte, just before the Eder flows into the Fulda. In Pilgerbach the name can be translated as the fl ...

Polenz (river)

The Polenz is the right hand, the smaller the source Lachsbach in Germany, in Saxony. The lower course flows through the Western Mountains of the Elbe Sandstone in the canyon-like valley.


In Puttlach is a left tributary of the river Wiesent. It is about 27 km long and passes through the Bavarian region of Franconian Switzerland in Germany.


In schedule queich is a tributary of the Rhine, which rises in the southern part of the mountain massif of the Palatinate forest, and flows through the upper Rhine valley to its confluence with the Rhine in Germersheim. It is 52 kilometers and is ...

Red Main

Red main river in southern Germany. Its on the South, the left the upper reaches of the main river. It rises on the hills of Franconian Switzerland, near the Hague, and flows generally Northwest through the towns of Krausen, Bayreuth, heinersreut ...

Reisbach (Palatinate)

In Reisbach is 5.6 km left Bank tributary Wieslauter in Eastern Wasgau, the southern part of the Palatine forest in Germany and in the Northern part of the Vosges mountains in France.


In Rhunda, also called Rhundabach, is 12.9 km long, Eastern tributary of the river Schwalm of Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, North Hesse, Germany.

Riveris (river)

In Riveris is the right route stretches along the southern tributary of the Ruwer in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. He was arrested in 1953 on the Riveris dam which, in particular, the supply of water to the city of Trier. In Riveris t ...


In Rodalb, also called Rodalbe this thread, just 26 km in the West-Palatinate in Rhineland-Palatinate. This route stretches along the left tributary of Schwarzbach.

Rodau (Wumme)

Rodau river of lower Saxony, Germany. It is a left tributary Wiedau. In Rodau rises near Hiddingen, the area of Visselhovede, in the district of Rotenburg-an-der-Wumme at the foot of a 50 metre 160 foot ridge end moraine which stretches in the No ...


Source Ronceva lies at 230 m above NN in the heart between the hills Heidbrink and Horsts Hohe on the lower end of the Mensinger ravine. It flows first to the East of the 239 Federal road on the way to the city of Lubbecke. The stream flows under ...

Roslau (river)

In Roslau or grew is a right tributary of the Eger river in northeast Bavaria in Germany. It is formed from several small tributaries, which join together on the Eastern slope of the Schneeberg West of the Vordorf Mill Vordorfermuhle in trostau i ...

Ruhlander Schwarzwasser

It rises in Bernsdorf forest Bernsdorfer Gemeindewald near Heide, a village in the district today Wiednitz part of bernsdorf. As it makes its way to the West, this small river flows partly through Brandenburg and partly at the expense of Saxony. ...

Ruhr (river)

The source of the Ruhr is near the town of Winterberg in the mountainous Sauerland region, at an altitude of about 670 metres 2.200 meters. It flows into the Lower Rhine at an altitude of only 17 meters 56 feet in the municipal area of Duisburg. ...


The Ruwer is a river in Germany with a length of 46 kilometers. It is a right tributary of the Moselle. The Ruwer valley is part of the Moselle wine region in the area of Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is famous for its wines of Riesling, see ...

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