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Edsel (disambiguation)

The name Edsel, a list of people so named. Robert M. Edsel was born in 1956, American writer and businessman. Edsel dope, 1974, stage name of singer and songwriter Brian Charles Ebejer. Wilson C. Edsell 1814-1900, American politician, lawyer and ...

Eeg (disambiguation)

Emperor entertainment group in Hong Kong entertainment company Emperor groups. Eastern European group United Nations. The German renewable energy sources Act Germany: Erneuerbare Energien actions of the government of Germany. Enterprise gateway e ...


Kron, Alaska. (Крон, Аляска) Airport CZK, Alaska. (Аэропорт крон, Аляска) Kron, a character in the animated television show EEK! Cat. Estonian kroon, the former currency of Estonia. Workers Revolutionary Party Of Greece Greek: Κόμμα Εργατικό Επαν ...

Egg (disambiguation)

Augustus egg 1816-1863, British artist. The 1890-1961 Oscar egg, the Swiss cyclist. Mr. egg was born in 1959, Scottish musician, born James Matthew MacDonald.

Eggleston (disambiguation)

Joseph Dupuy Eggleston seventh President of the Polytechnic Institute and the University of Virginia. Wilfrid Eggleston, a canadian journalist and chief censor for Canada. Elizabeth Eggleston 1934-1976, Australian activist, writer, lawyer and fig ...


Egle and Egle may refer to: Egle is Lithuanian female name. Egle-Queen of grass snakes, Lithuanian folk tale. Every Ghanaian living everywhere is a political party in Ghana. Egle fly, a genus in the family Anthomyiidae.


Rita Egleston, nominated for outstanding sound editing 27 Emmy awards for the Ghost eyes. Hawley Egleston, Michigan, took 3rd place in the 120 yards high difficulties the NCAA Championships track and field 1933. Nathaniel Egleston 1822-1912, Amer ...


Egmond may refer to: Egmond-Binnen, a village built around the Egmond Abbey. The municipality, the municipality, now merged with Bergen, North Holland, consisting. Egmond aan Zee, a popular seaside resort town and former 19th-century artist colon ...


Egridere may refer to: Eğridere, the Turkish name of Ardino, a town in southern Bulgaria. Seda Egridere was born in 1982, a Turkish actress and Director. Eğridere, Animatore, a village in the province of Aydin, Turkey.


The Euro hockey League, the highest level of hockey competition for European clubs. Womens Hockey League England. Eastern hockey League 2013– American Junior hockey League. Emirates Hockey League. (Эмираты Хоккейной Лиги) Eastern Hockey League 19 ...


Henrik Em died 1701, the Danish Coppersmith and alchemist. Marcus Uh, German Paralympic athlete. Erica Ehm was born in 1961, canadian writer and broadcaster. EHM Welk 1884-1966, German writer and educator. Wilhelm Ehm 1918-2009, German world war ...


Ehrenburg may refer to: Places Ehrenburg, AZ. (Эренбург, Аризона) Ehrenburg, lower Saxony, a municipality in the district, Diepholz, lower Saxony, Germany. Castles and palaces Ehrenburg Kiens, South Tyrol, Italy. Ehrenburg Plaue, Thuringia, Germa ...


The international airport in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Erbil international airport in Kurdistan region, Iraq. Evergreen International airlines, American airlines.

Eider (disambiguation)

Eider large seaducks in the genus Somateria, including: King Eider Somateria spectabilis. Common eider Somateria mollissima. Spectacled eider Somateria fisheri. Eider may also refer to: Stellers eider Polysticta stelleri ducks of the subfamily Me ...


The ADO may refer to: Trimaculella eido, a genus of moth in the subfamily Oecophorinae. The ADO moth genus in subfamily Oecophorinae. The ADO only two letters from Elmo. This name is symbolic for a certain quest, which was created by John.With. Q ...


Gustave Eiffel 1832-1923, engineer, and designer of Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty. The Eiffel tower in Paris, France, by Gustave Eiffel. The Eiffel company, successor of Gustave Eiffels engineering company. Eiffel bridge, Ungheni, Moldova, d ...


Alexander EIG 1894-1938, an Israeli botanist. Jonathan EIG was born in 1964 American journalist and author. Sam EIG. 1899 -1982, American developer and philanthropist.


Eik, Vestfold district municipality of Tønsberg in Vestfold, Norway. Eik, vest-Agder in the village commune Sogne in vest-Agder, Norway. Eik, Rogaland, a village in the municipality Lund in the County of rogaland, Norway.


Eimmart may refer to: Georg Christoph Eimmart 1638-1705, German draughtsman and engraver. Eimmart crater, a lunar crater. Maria Clara Eimmart 1676-1707), German astronomer, engraver and designer.


The European Informatics network, which was connected to CYCLADES. Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia, a lesion of the mucous membrane of the uterus. Ein functions in mathematics. Equivalent input noise, MIC.


European international school Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The essence International school in Kaduna, Nigeria. School the Sampedrana international school in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Eastern independent schools of Melbourne, Australia. The Europea ...

Eisenach (disambiguation)

Eisenach is a city in Thuringia, Germany. Eisenach may also refer to: Eisenach, Rhineland-Palatinate, a municipality in the district Bitburg-Prum, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. 10774 Eisenach, asteroid. (10774 Айзенах, астероид) Station, Eisenac ...


Eckel may refer to: Fendry Eckel, artist. (Fendry Эккель, художник) Okolicna on the island, known in Hungary as Eckel, a village in Slovakia. Eckel Norden, part of the city of Norden, Germany.


Ekins may refer to: People Paul Ekins b. 1950, British scientist-economist. George Ekins 1871-?, English footballer. Charles Ekins 1768-1855, Royal officer of the Navy. Dave Ekins b. 1932, American off-road racer. 1930-2007 BUD Ekins, American st ...


Ekkasak Buabao born in 1985, Thai football player. Ekkaluck Thonghkit born 1983, Thai football player. Oksana Eck was born in 1974, Russian Sprinter. Nikolai Ekk 1902-1976, Soviet film Director.

Elbe (disambiguation)

1882-1931 Lili Elbe, a Danish painter and transgender woman. Jenny Elbe born in 1990, German athlete. Pascal Elbe was born in 1967, French film actor and Director. Elena Elbe, alias Elena Mirolioubova born in 1980, French artist.


To book or Ellenbogen may refer to: With the book, a meteor of the year 1400. Ellenbogen Ren, one of the rhön mountains in Germany. In the Swedish city of Malmo, known as a book in Germany in the 14-16 centuries. The book, the German name for Lok ...


The band Eldritch, an Italian heavy metal band. Three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, 1965 science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. dick.


S Dellelefante archaeological site in Sardinia. ROCA Elefante, the westernmost points of Mexico, on the island of Guadalupe. Elefante, in the Barangay of Banayoyo, Ilocos sur, Philippines.


L. A. may refer to: Bridget Cracroft-Eley, the British Minister and the farmer and the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire. Eley industrial estate, Edmonton, London. Maxwell Eley 1902-1983 British rower who competed in the 1924 summer Olympics. Sir F ...


Elima or can relate to: TC elima, a football club from DR Congo. Kurt elima was born in 1939, the Swedish ski jumper who competed from 1963 to 1966. Aphnaeus elima, species of lycaenid or blue butterfly found in Asia. Olivier elima was born in 19 ...


Elion may refer to: Lawrence Elion 1917-2011, a canadian / British actor. Electric bus Elion made lion bus company. Jacques Elion, French molecular biologist and geneticist. Elion enterprises companies Estonian companies. Elion, the deer in the b ...


Isle Ella, uninhabited island in the Greenland sea, Greenland. Lake Ella, Tallahassee, Florida. Ella, Oregon, an unincorporated community. Ella, Wisconsin, United States. Ella Bay, QLD, Australia. Ella, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community. ...


Ellerbach may refer to: Ellerbach Altenau tributary in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Ellerbach Nahe, a tributary of the Nahe in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Ellerbach, part of Taiskirchen im Innkreis, Ried im-im Innkreis, Upper Austria. Elle ...


In England Charles 1819-1905 Ellicott, Anglican churchman, Dean of Exeter, then Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. John Ellicott, the clockmaker 1706 – 1772, an eminent English clock and watchmaker of the 18th century. Son Of John Ellicott. Rosali ...

Ellinger (disambiguation)

Nina Bang, nee Ellinger, 1866-1928, Danish politician. A fighter with meatballs or Richard Ellinger born in 1970, American professional wrestler. Rory Ellinger 1941-2014 American politician. John Ellinger was born in 1951, American football coach ...


Part of the Ellingham Harbridge and Ibsley parish civil. Priory Of Ellingham. (Приорат Элингхем) Ellingham, Hampshire, England. (Эллингхем, Гэмпшир, Англия) Train station Ellingham. (Эллингхем железнодорожного вокзала) Ellingham Hall, Norfolk. (Э ...


Elm, Missouri, an unincorporated community. Town elm, gage County, Nebraska, the city. Elm, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community.


Lucas Conrad Elmendorf, the United States representative from new York. Stephen Elmendorf, lobbyist. (Стивен Элмендорф, лоббист) Harry Elmendorf. (Гарри Элмендорф) Douglas Elmendorf, 2009-2015 Director of the congressional budget office. Dave Elm ...


North Elmsall, a village and civil parish in the County of West Yorkshire, England. The train station is South elmsall. South elmsall, a small town and civil parish in the County of West Yorkshire, England. Moorouse and South elmsall halt railway ...


Elo 2 the groups second album. Album electric light orchestras debut album. Electric light orchestra are a British rock music group. Elo Part II, an offshoot of the orchestra the electric light orchestra.


Elron may refer to: Baruch Elron 1934-2006, Israeli artist. Elron rail transportation, the Estonian passenger railway company. Elron electronic industries, an Israeli technology company.

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