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Pheidole purpurea

Pheidole purpurea is a dimorphic ant species found in Mexico and Central America. View shows significant differences in physical characteristics depending on location, although some differences exist even in small populations. Some populations di ...

Nyctophilus corbeni

Nyctophilus corbeni, commonly known as the southeastern big-eared bat or Corbens long-eared bat, is one of the species of bats in Australia. It is found in the forests of the river basin the Murray-darling and the surrounding areas.

Paradoxurus stenocephalus

Philippine stenocephalus, or Golden arid zone palm civet, is a viverrid types of point endemic to Sri Lanka where it is known as ශ්රී ලංකා රන් කලවැද්දා in Sinhala. He was considered the same species as the Philippine Staphylococcus aureus, but is ...


Histoctopus octopus genus containing two species: Histoctopus zipkasae, view, and Histoctopus discus. The former is located in the southwestern Pacific ocean, while the latter is in the Indian ocean. The three taxa described in 2009, Dr. mark Nor ...

Cnemaspis monachorum

Cnemaspis Monachorum, also known as the monks of the long-legged Gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to Malaysia.


Allomicythus is a monotypic genus of South-East Asian ground spiders containing a single species, Allomicythus kamurai. It was first described by H. Ono in 2009, and was found in Vietnam.


Astilodes is a monotypic genus of jumping spiders, containing a single species, Astilodes mariae. It was first described by Marek Michal Zabka in 2009, and only in Queensland.


Borneanapis-born Indonesian araneomorph spiders of the family Anapidae containing a single species, belalong Borneanapis. It was first described by R. Snazell in 2009, and was found in Indonesia.


Cyrtobill is a genus of Australian Orb weaver spiders, contain the only species darwini Cyrtobill. It was first described by V. V. Framenau & N. scarf in 2009, and only in Australia.


Deltshevia-kind Asian tree trunk spiders, which was first described by Y. M. Marusik & Victor R. FET in 2009. As of may 2019 it contains only two species: D. danovi and D. gromovi.


As of may 2019 contains four species: Grodnitskyi Duninia Zamani & Marusik, 2018 – Iran. Duninia rheimsae Marusik & FET in 2009, Iran. Duninia darvishi Mirshamsi & Marusik, 2013 – Iran. Duninia baehrae Marusik & FET, 2009 type – Turkmenistan, Iran.


Gaiziapis-genus of East Asian araneomorph spiders of the family Anapidae, described for the first time A. I. Miller, E. Griswold & M. S. Yang in 2009. As of April 2019 it contains only two species, both found in China.


Galaporella is a genus of South American Orb-weaver spiders, containing one species, Galaporella thaleri. It was first described by Herbert Walter Levi in 2009 and was only discovered in Ecuador.


As at June 2019 contains six species, is found only in Asia, Africa, and Spain: Halodromus barbarae muster, 2009, the – Canary., Spain, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia. Halodromus patellidens Levi, 1977 type – Cape Verde, Algeria in the middle East. ...


As of may 2019 contains seventeen types: Ibala Bilinearis Tucker, 1923 – South Africa. Gonono Ibala Fitzpatrick 2009, Zimbabwe. Declani Ibala Fitzpatrick 2009, Zimbabwe. Ibala Hessei Lawrence, 1928 – Namibia. Lapidaria Ibala Lawrence, 1928 – Nami ...


Iraponia is monotypic Asian araneomorph spiders of the family Caponiidae containing a single species, Iraponia scutata. It was first described by Y. Kranz-Baltensperger, Norman I. paysite & N. Duperre in 2009, and has been found in Iran.


As of may 2019 contains six types: Tenerrimus Leptopilos O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872 type – Libya, Israel. Leptopilos dolls Dalmas, 1919 – Egypt. Leptopilos levantinus Levi, 2009 – Greece, Crete, Israel. Leptopilos hadjissaranti Chatzaki, 2002 – C ...

Nephila komaci

Nephila komaci-the Golden Orb cobweb. It is the largest web spinning spider known. Several instances were found in South Africa and Madagascar.


Planochelas-the African genus araneomorph spiders in the family Trachelidae, first described by R. S. R. Lyle & Haddad in 2009. As of April 2019 it contains only three species from Ghana, Uganda and côte divoire.

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