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2017–18 NIFL Championship

Championship NFIG 2017-18 fought 12 teams. Warrenpoint town were the Champions last season and got PIG 2017-18 Premiership. The winners of the Institute won 3-2 on aggregate in the promotion of pre-playoffs with the third place, Ballyclare comrad ...

2017–18 NIFL Premier Intermediate League

In PIG 2017-18 Premier intermediate League ran from August 12, 2017 may 4, 2018. Dundela were crowned as Champions, having won the permit on the championship NFIG 2018-19.

Nyctibatrachus pulivijayani

Nyctibatrachus pulivijayani, or Vijayans night frog is a species of night frogs, family Nyctibatrachidae. The frog is endemic to Western Ghats, India and is the only known locality Pandipath, in the Agasthyamalai hills, Thiruvananthapuram distric ...

Dry-forest sabrewing

Dry forest or nudity sabrewing is a species of Hummingbird found only in Brazil. It is endemic to the Atlantic dry forests of the Eastern part of the country, especially in the States of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Goias. It was long confused with th ...

Tatama tapaculo

In Tatama tapaculo is a species of bird in the Rhinocryptidae family. It is endemic to Western Colombia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist mountain forests. It is considered a separate species by the IOC, but the American ornit ...

Kani maranjandu

Kani maranjandu is a species of crab tree first revealed in 2017. K. maranjandu, to date, have only been observed in forests of the Western Ghats near Kerala, India.

Adelotremus deloachi

Adelotremus deloachi, in spotfin fangblenny, is a species of combtooth blenny from the Western Pacific ocean in Indonesia. Type and paraytpes were collected from Bali and Lembeh Strait. Samples were collected to depths of 10-17 meters from the sa ...

Crossocheilus microstoma

Crossocheilus latius, also known as the Smallmouth fringe barb, is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Crossocheilus. It is endemic to the Kapuas basin, West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

Enneapterygius niue

Enneapterygius Niue is a species of triplefin blenny, which is located in the Western Pacific ocean near the Samoan Islands and Niue. Found in rock pools and coral reefs. It was described in the 2017 Ronald Fricke and mark V. Erdmann.

Helcogramma atauroensis

Helcogramma atauroensis, red-anal triplefin, is a species of triplefin blenny in the genus Helcogramma. he was described by Ronald Fricke and mark Erdmann V in 2017. It occurs in the Western Pacific ocean off the coast of Timor-Leste, where it is ...

Pseudoliparis swirei

Swirei Pseudoliparis, snailfish Mariana or Mariana trenches snailfish, is a species of snailfish found in depressions with a depth in the Mariana trench in the Western Pacific ocean. It is known from the depth range 6.198–8.076 m, including takin ...


Pseudorestias is a monospecific genus in the family of labyrinth fishes, in pupfishes. The only species in the genus is lirimensis Pseudorestias, which has been described in 2017. from the type locality as "Charvinto Creek near the thermal reserv ...

Pygmy jawfish

Pygmy sponges-species of ray-finned fish of the family Opistognathidae in the jawfishes. It is the only member of the monospecific genus Anoptoplacus and species and genus was described for two samples taken at a depth of Arrowsmith Bank, Yucatan ...

Samaretta perexilis

Samaretta perexilis is a species of fish in the family Samaridae found from deeper waters from the seamounts of the South-Eastern Pacific ocean. This species is the only member of his family.

Schistura colossa

Colossi Schistura is a type of stone loach in the genus Schistura, which was recorded with Xe Pian, XE set and locality Huai Ciampi rivers on the bolaven plateau in southern Laos. He described the Belgian ichthyologist Maurice Kottelat in 2017 an ...

Schistura epixenos

Epixenos Schistura is a type of stone loach in the genus Schistura from the Nakai plateau in Laos. He described the Belgian ichthyologist Maurice Kottelat in 2017 and not have to FishBase else.

Schistura greenei

Schistura greenei is a species of stone loach in the genus Schistura from the upper Salween in Yunnan. It was described in 2017 and not have to FishBase else.

Schistura indawgyiana

Schistura ndawgyiana is a type of stone loach in the genus Schistura which was only recorded from one tributary of lake Indawgyi in Kachin state, Myanmar. He described the Belgian ichthyologist Maurice Kottelat in 2017 and not have to FishBase else.

Schistura klydonion

Schistura klydonion is a type of stone loach in the genus Schistura, which was only recorded from the XE Namnoy river on the bolaven plateau in southern Laos. He described the Belgian ichthyologist Maurice Kottelat in 2017 and not have to FishBas ...

Schistura madhavai

Schistura madhavai, is a species of ray-finned fish of the genus Schistura, recently distributed from Sri Lanka. This is the second species of stone loach Schistura, described from Sri Lanka, the other widely distributed local species Schistura n ...

Euderus set

Set Euderus, the crypt-Keeper OSA, helicity tiny wasps of the family Eulophidae from South-Eastern United States, described in 2017. This parasitoid wasp Bassettia pale, and descriptions of its life cycle has attracted wide attention of the public.

Euura weiffenbachiella

Weiffenbachiella Euura species of sawflies belonging to the family Tenthredinidae. The larvae forms galls on creeping willow. E. weiffenbachiella is one of a number of closely related species, which is called a subgroup of Euura ATRA.

Lusius malfoyi

Lusius malfoyi is a parasitoid wasp found in New Zealand. The species is named by the name of Lucius Malfoy, a character in the fictional series of Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, although the genus was described in 1903. The species is the ...

Tyrannomyrmex alii

Tyrannomyrmex alia is a species of tropical ants in the subfamily Myrmicinae. So alia is native to the Western Ghats in India. The species was described from workers and winged Queen, the first Tyrannomyrmex species in which the Queen was describ ...

Groves dwarf lemur

Groves of dwarf lemur is a species of dwarf lemurs known from Ranomafana and Andringitra national parks and adjacent areas in the South-East of Madagascar. Identification was based on comparison of mitochondrial and nuclear Gene sequences with ot ...

Swiftopecten djoserus

Swiftopecten djoserus is an extinct species of bivalves belonging to the Pteriomorphia, and family pectinidae, the subclass that lived in the late Pliocene, about a 2.75 MA. The two valves are step edges growth.

Aspidura ravanai

Aspidura ravanai, commonly known as Ravanas rude To sided snake, and රාවණගේ මැඩිල්ලා in Sinhala, is a colubrid species endemic to Sri Lanka.

Bicol false gecko

About Bicol Gecko is a species of Gecko. It is endemic to the Philippines. In fact, P. sumiklab is relatively new and has found the only known member Pseudogekko species brevipes.

Cnemaspis kandambyi

Species can be identified because three of enlarged postmentals, four precloacal pores, and dark brown with dark diamond-shaped markings. Adults, as you know, ranges from 23.6 mm in length from snout to vent.

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