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Cnemaspis girii

Cnemaspis Girii, also known as Gearys day Gecko, a species of geckos of the genus Cnemaspis, described in 2014. Species found in the forests on the plateau of Kaas in Satara district, Maharashtra, India, was discovered by researchers from explosi ...

Cnemaspis kottiyoorensis

This species is endemic to Kerala, India. In 2014, it was reported that this species occurs in Perumalmudi, the proposed Kottiyoor reserve, district Kannur, Kerala.

Cnemaspis rammalensis

It is the largest day Gecko species recorded from Sri Lanka with a snout-vent length 52 to 54 mm. Precloacal pores are absent. There are five prominent trilobate shaped cream the markings. Scalation: abdominal 186-207. 15 femoral pores on each si ...

Cyrtodactylus jaegeri

This species differs from other species of Indo–Chinese Cyrtodactylus with a maximum snout-vent length 2.70 in 68.5 mm, on the back of a picture consisting of dark loops and four brown bands between limb insertions, dorsal tubercles in 15-17 irre ...

Cyrtodactylus semiadii

Cyrtodactylus semiadii is a species of Gecko that is endemic to the Eastern part of Java island. This is a fairly small species with a snout-vent length of about 47 mm in males and 42 females.

Sitana devakai

Sitana devakai endemic species of agamid lizards found recently from Sri Lanka. The species was first found from Puttalama district. The lizard is also known to be found in Tamilnadu India, but not given a valid ID. The species was named in honor ...

Amblyocarenum nuragicus

Amblyocarenum nuragicus, or the Nuraghe spider in the family Cyrtaucheniidae. It is endemic to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, where there are enough common to be found on the surface in summer, and its scientific name is a tribute to the N ...

Bumba lennoni

Bumba lennoni is a species of tarantula found in 2015 in the Caxiuanã national forest. It is approximately one inch long, small for a tarantula, but is closely linked to the largest spider in the world.

Melloleitaoina mutquina

Specific matquina the name comes from the Quechua language meaning "place or thing to smell," and is the name of the type locality, Mutquin. When it rains there, the herbs release a pleasant smell that the perfume is in the village.

Melloleitaoina uru

The specific name of Uru refers to Inca myth, telling about the Inca Princess Uru, who was converted to spider gods do the endless spinning.

Melloleitaoina yupanqui

M. Yupanqui has a very curved embolus without triangular spine and discontinued, excellent keel for another embolus, which consists of two keels. Female spermathecae short and with large granules.

Neoheterophrictus amboli

N. Amboli swelling in the sub-apical segment of the primary tibial apophysis Hooks, which ends abruptly in a blunt tubercle, and has a long spine in the basal segments. The secondary tibial apophysis hooks, a thick, short spine.

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