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Oedoparena nigrifrons

Ecology this species is unknown, but is suspected that it is the same or similar to Oedoparena of Glauca where eggs are laid on the caps of mites and maggots to eat more crustaceans during their development. Then pupation occurs in the now empty ...

Plump banded gecko

Plump banded Gecko, also known as the khans of the bow fingers of a Gecko, is a species of Gecko, a lizard in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to Pakistan.

Trachydactylus hajarensis

For the Japanese species called banded ground gecko, see Goniurosaurus splendens Trachydactylus hajarensis, spacious or long-legged Gecko banded ground Gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. He is in Oman and the United Arab Emir ...

Agyneta pseudorurestris

Agyneta pseudorurestris is a kind of sheet Weaver were found in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Sardinia, Algeria, Tunisia and Israel. It was described by Wunderlich in 1980.

Brachypelma fossorium

The Sandinista lanceolatum is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae, a native of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Carpathonesticus racovitzai

Carpathonesticus racovitzai is a species of araneomorph spiders of the family Nesticidae. This happens in Romania, where it can be found in caves and outdoors. He was transferred from the genus Nesticus in Carpathonesticus in 1982, Weiss and Hamer.


Caudalia is a monotypic genus of ground spiders comprising a single species of trees Caudalia. It was first described by G. G. Alayon in 1980, and is found only in the greater Antilles.


Eskovina is monotypic Asian dwarf spiders, containing one species, Eskovina Claudia. It was first described a Little A. O. and M. Kemal in 2006, and found in China, Korea, and Russia.


As at June 2019 contains five species, found only in Africa: Goleba point – Madagascar. Goleba jocquei Szuts, 2001 – Congo. Goleba pallens Blackwall, 1877 – VA. Goleba Lira Maddison & Zhang 2006, Madagascar. Puella Goleba Simon, 1885 type – Ghana ...


Ibadan is a monotypic genus of African dwarf spiders, contain the only species of Ibadan pointed. It was first described by G. H. locket and A. Russell-Smith in 1980, and was discovered only in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Latrodectus corallinus

Latrodectus Corallinus-spiders widow, a native of Argentina. It is about 12 millimeters in diameter, and mostly black, large, red markings on the abdomen and a red, square-like ring under its abdomen.

Malkara loricata

Malkara loricata-species of spider in the family Malkaridae. It was first described in 1980, Davis. From 2017, this is the only species in the genus Malkara. It is found in Queensland.


As of may 2019 contains eight types: Paraembolides tubrabucca Raven, 1978 – Australia New South Wales. Paraembolides cannoni Raven, 1978 – Queensland Australia. Paraembolides grayi Raven, 1978 – Australia New South Wales. Paraembolides montisboss ...

Parasteatoda tabulata

Tabulat Parasteatoda spider cobweb first described female found V. H. Levi in 1980. It comes from tropical Asia, but was introduced in North America, Europe and temperate Asia, including China, Korea and Japan.


Pseudomaso is a monotypic genus of West Africa, sheet weavers, containing a single species, Pseudomaso longipes. It was first described by locket G. H. & A. Russell-Smith in 1980, and was only discovered in Nigeria.

Sericopelma angustum

Sericopelma angustum is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae found in Mexico and Central America. The species was previously included in the genus Brachypelma. At least since the beginning of 1990-ies some pet trade animals were exchan ...

Sphodros atlanticus

Sphodros ocean club-spiders of the family Atypidae. He was described by Willis J. Gertsch and Norman I. paysite in 1980. The species was described from specimens found in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Illinois. It has also been found in M ...

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