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Carrhotus xanthogramma

Its distribution in the Palaearctic, including Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Mongolia, South Korea and Japan.

Heriaeus hirtus

Heriaeus hirtus can reach a body length 3.5–5.5 mm 0.14–0.22 in males, 8-11 mm, 0.31–0.43 in females. These spiders are usually pale green, with lighter green or pale yellow belly, vaguely triangular and longer than wide. On the ventral side of t ...

Rhysodromus histrio

Rhysodromus histrio-species of spiders in the family Philodromidae. This is the type species of its kind. It is found in North America, Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia and China.

San Martino di Pedriolo, Casalfiumanese

San Martino di Pedriolo is a Roman Catholic parish Church located in Casalfiumanese in the province of Bologna, Italy. The area also shares the same name. Initially present in the 13th century, the Church was rebuilt in 1819 by the architect Ange ...

Macrocyclops albidus

It makes its habitat in fresh waters, such as residential roadside ditches, pools, ponds, and other environments with sufficient food reserves. Macrocyclopsis feed on mosquito larvae. Macrocyclops albidus showed its effectiveness against mosquito ...

Balbo sabretooth

The Balbo Sabretooth, Evermannella Balbo, is a sabertooth of the family Evermannellidae, found circumglobally in tropical and subtropical seas, at depths between 100 and 1.000 meters. Its length is up to 17 cm

Admontia blanda

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Anopheles albimanus

Anopheles albimanus mosquitoes-insects of the order Diptera. It is found in coastal Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. It is a generalist species and are capable of wide variation. A. albimanus is a common vector of malaria.

Beris fuscipes

The head is dark. Antennae short, the basal funicle thickened as the pedicels and abruptly narrowed to the apex, almost trapezoidal. Chest and scutellum bright shining green, not dark, abdomen black, legs wide dark-pale-orange or dusky. Scutellum ...

Bibio femoratus

Bibio Femoratus is widely known as the March fly. Bibio Femoratus is one of at least 90 species of March flies, which occur in the United States and Canada. In the southeastern United States, especially in the area of the Gulf coast, Bibio femora ...

Choerades fimbriata

Flies reach body lengths of 11 to 17 mm. First segment of antennae about twice as long than the following. Tergite of abdomen and back and black on the sides yellow hair. At first tergite white and long hair. The proboscis is compressed on the si ...

Chorisops tibialis

Tibial Chorisops, dull four-spined Legionnaire, is a Palearctic species of soldier fly. This species of soldier fly is found in Europe and North Africa and Myanmar Small size 3 to 4 mm. slender to fly. The male has a metallic green thorax and scu ...

Dioctria bicincta

This species can be found in most countries of Europe. He is not present in the British Isles.

Dryomyza anilis

Dryomyza anilis General to fly from the family Dryomyzidae. The fly is found across various areas in the Northern hemisphere and has a brown and orange coloration with a distinctive large red eyes. The life expectancy of a fly is not known, but l ...

Elachiptera cornuta

Elachiptera Cornuta is a species of fly in the family are discussed, grass is flying. It is found in the Palearctic. The larva feeds on this.This pest of corn and wheat.

Haematopota grandis

Haematopota Grandis is a species of horseflies. Common name long-horned cleg. It is native to Europe where it is distributed in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Slovak ...

Herina paludum

This species is present in most countries of Europe and North Africa.

Ilione lineata

Ilione lineata is a species of fly in the family Sciomyzidae. It is found in the Palearctic. Ilione lineata for obligately on pea mussels and fingernail clams.

Lutzia fuscana

Lutzia fuscana is the mosquito, which is predatory in its larval stage. It has been researched as a possible biological control agent showing some promise, where is the vector of shares of companies or specific nesting sites.

Meiosimyza rorida

Meiosimyza rorida can reach a body length of about 3.2–4.2 mm, 0.13–0.17 V. These small flies have a rounded, yellowish bodies with dark bristles. They show a characteristic sternopleural setae and anteroventral comb-like rows of black spines on ...

Neomochtherus geniculatus

Neomochtherus geniculatus can reach a body length of about 9-20 mm 0.35–0.79 inch. Those of robber flies have a small gibbosity of face with few setae, forming a mystax. The sternites mostly shiny. Femora black. The widest point markedly increase ...

Pelocoris femoratus

These two subspecies belong to the species Pelocoris femoratus: River Pelocoris femoratus balius La, 1970. Pelocoris femoratus Palisot, 1820.

Pherbellia cinerella

Pherbellia cinerella is a species of fly in the family Sciomyzidae. It is found in the Palearctic. P. cinerella dark and Pherbellia very distinctive and easy to recognize in their mid-frontal stripe and darkening of the front edge of the wing. Th ...

Pherbellia ventralis

Pherbellia ventralis, is a type of fly in the family Sciomyzidae. It is found in the Palearctic. Larvae feed on aquatic snails, including Stagnicola swamp.

Philipomyia aprica

Philipomyia Aprica is a species of horseflies of the family Tabanidae, of the subfamily Tabaninae. For further discussion of the family of insects, see the entry for horse-fly.

Philonicus albiceps

Philonicus albiceps-species of Stiletto flies belonging to the family Asilidae. It is a Palaearctic species with a restricted distribution in Europe

Rainieria calceata

This species is present in Central and Western Europe and the middle East. These stilt-legs flies are usually found in old forests. They are associated mainly with Beech deciduous forests.

Ramonda spathulata

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Ranatra fusca

Ranatra fusca is the water stick-insects of the family Nepidae, native to North America. It is known by the common name brown water Scorpion. It is usually long, 3.2–4.2 cm

Solva marginata

Body mainly blackish. The tip of the chest has some bright yellow markings. The abdomen has pale, narrow stripes, and bright yellow markings. He has short, multi-segmented antennae, and is similar to the Sawfly.

Stilpnogaster aemula

This species is present in a part of Europe.

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