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Play Chaves, a Brazilian comedian. Manuel Chavez Gonzalez b. 1945, Spanish politician. Ñuflo of Chaves 1518-1568, Spanish Conquistador. Michael Chavez, American film Director. Vaimalama Chaves b. 1994, the French model and beauty pageant winner. ...


Cheadle may refer to: Cheadle, Alberta, Canada. (Чидл, Альберта, Канада) Cheadle, Greater Manchester, England. Cheadle UK Parliament constituency, the electoral district included the city and surrounding areas of Cheadle, greater Manchester, Engl ...


Edwin Cheel 1872-1951, Australian botanist. Jay Cheel was born in 1979, canadian Director. Anne Cheale FL. 2000-2011, the British Advisor. John Cheale FL. 1650-1685, English politician. Peter brow 1846-1931, New Zealand surveyor.

Cheeks (disambiguation)

Judy cheeks 1954, American singer and actress. Mr. cheeks, American rapper born Terrence Kelly in 1971. Robert cheek born 1980, American basketball player. Sandy cheeks, a squirrel in the fictional American animated series spongebob Squarepants. ...

Cheese (disambiguation)

Richard cheese 1965, American musician and comedian. Chloe cheese 1952, English artist, daughter of Bernard. Bernard cheese 1925-2013, British painter and engraver, father of Chloe.


Cheesebrough may refer to: Cheeseborough, the community of Leeds and Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada. Albert Cheesebrough born 1935, English footballer.


Brow may refer to: Asho Chela, a popular folk song from Georgia. Chela is a slang term for beer in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Chile. On the chela, pincer-like organ terminating certain limbs of some arthropods, such as crabs. Chela, Ethiopia, a to ...


Chell may refer to: Chell, Staffordshire, English community on the Northern edge of Stoke-on-Trent. Chell Star trek, Star trek: Voyager character. Portal Chell, the main character in the video games portal. A chemical element, in the context of b ...


Chelle may refer to: Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, a commune in the Seine and Marne Department, located 18 km East of Paris. The Abbey of Chelles, located in the commune until its destruction in 1796. Chelles, Oise, a commune in the Oise Department, F ...

Chemnitz (disambiguation)

River Chemnitz, a river in Saxony, Germany. The region of Chemnitz, one of the old regions of Saxony, disbanded 2012. Chemnitzer Land is a former district in Saxony, Germany.


Shen may refer to: Chenu, Iran, a village in Kurdistan province, Iran. Jean-Charles Chenu. (Жан-Шарль Шеню) Chenu aircraft engines, the French manufacturer of engines for airplanes and airships, in the early 20th century. Chenu, Sarthe, a commune ...


Cherington may refer to: Places Cherington, Warwickshire in England. Cherington, Gloucestershire in England. People Ben Cherington was born in 1974, American baseball Executive. Fletcher B. Cherington 1850-1908, American Methodist pastor.


Cheriton, Swansea, a village in the County of Swansea. RAF Carew Cheriton Second world war Royal air force airfield near Carew, Pembrokeshire.


Ryan Cherki was born 2003, French footballer. Pascal Cherki, born 1966, French politician. Alice Cherki born in 1936, Algerian psychoanalyst. URI Cherki Amos was born in 1959, a French-Israeli Rabbi.

Cheseborough (disambiguation)

Cheseborough was an American ship of the 19th century, which sank off the coast of Japan in 1889. Cheseborough may also refer to: Cheseborough, a variation of the clamp scenography. Albert S. Cheseborough, designer of the USS Oneida SP-432.


Chesebrough may refer to: Robert Chesebrough 1837-1933, American chemist. Chesebrough Manufacturing company American oil business which produced petroleum jelly or vaseline. The Chesebrough scout reservation, also called camp Chesebrough.


Brian chesky was born in 1981, American businessman, co-founder at Airbnb. Evelyn chesky was born 1933, American politician. Larry chesky 1933-2011, a polka band leader and Manager of the label Rex records. David chesky 1956, American musician an ...


Harry "a" Chesler, a comic book publisher. Oliver Chesler, the musician, better known as the Horrorist. In the Chesler Studio, which he ran. Phyllis Chesler, academic. (Филлис Чеслер, академическая) Stanley R. Chesler, judge. Evan Chesler, a lawyer.


Chesme, battle of Chesma, or Chesmenskoye may refer to: Chesme Palace. (Чесменский Дворец) Honorary Chesma, a Russian noble honorable name earned after a battle of Chesma. It can refer to. Chesme Church. (Чесменская Церковь) Anna Orlova-Chesmensk ...


Chetan may refer to: The name Chetan, Indian and Nepali name. Chetan, Kurdistan, a village in Kurdistan province, Iran. Lucian Chetan 1985, Romanian football player. Chetan, Iran, a village in Mazandaran province, Iran.


Cetin may refer to Chetan, Iran, a village in Iran. Chetin Kazak was born in 1972, Bulgarian politician. Chetin sadula hotel born 1987, Bulgarian football player. Cetin 1943-2002 Gennady, Russian weightlifter.


Cheval may refer to: Cheval tree native North Agalega island. Cheval, loan word from the French language, means horse. Cheval, Florida, United States. Dressing table with mirror, full-length floor mirror mounted in a frame that allows it to swing ...


Chevalet may refer to: Virginie chevalet Isabel, a synchronized swimmer. Trestle support, a makeshift table or a device for lifting blanks. Easel, French expression meaning "little horse", deriving from the diminutive for "Cheval" m - "horse". Th ...


Testata review, moth. (Testata комментарий, мотылек) The anatomy of Chevron, a bone. Geology Chevron, a fold of rock layers. Land form the Chevron, the sediment Deposit on the surface of the Earth. Chevron aerospace, sawtooth patterns on some jet ...


Jia surname, Chinese surname often spelled Chia in Taiwan or in the beginning of the 20th century. The name Chias name in different cultures. Behold the surname, Chinese surname often spelled Chia in Singapore and Malaysia. The Spanish version of ...

Chiaramonte (disambiguation)

Manfredi Chiaramonte died in 1391, a Sicilian nobleman. Isabella Di Chiaramonte, also known as Isabella of Taranto. 1424-1465, the first king Ferdinand I of Naples. Frank Chiaramonte 1942-1983, Cuban-American comic book artist. Chiaramonte, Giuse ...


MAB may refer to: MAB, radio, Quebec, Canada. Prakash Singh Chib 1913-1945, a British officer of the Indian army. Chibuzor the call of love, the name "MAB", Nigerian footballer. Malini Chib was born in 1966 in the Indian public figure.


Chibwe may refer to: Chibwe Creek, a river in Kachin state, Myanmar Burma. Chibwe town, a town in Kachin state. Chipwi also Chibwe, a town in Kachin state. Chibwe dam, the dam on the river NMai in Kachin state. Chibwe Creek dam, a dam on the rive ...

Chicheley (disambiguation)

Chicheley is a village. Chicheley may also refer to: Henry Chicheley. (Генри Chicheley) Sir Thomas Chicheley 1614-1699, MP, owner of ammunition, the Sheriff of the County of Cambridgeshire.

Chichester (disambiguation)

Chichester, new Hampshire, city. Chichester, new York, a village in the Catskills. Chichester, Pennsylvania, school district in Pennsylvania, consisting of 4 municipalities.


Chiclana may refer to: Chiclana FC, a football club based in Chiclana de La Frontera. Chiclana de La Frontera, a town and municipality in the province of cádiz, Andalusia, Spain. Feliciano Chiclana 1761-1826, an Argentine lawyer, soldier, and jud ...


Chifley may refer to: The division of Chifley, outer suburban Sydney electorate in the Australian House of representatives, also named after chifley. Chifley, New South Wales, Sydney. Ben Chifley, Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949. Ch ...


Chimera Chimera, or it may refer to: Mount Chimaera, the region in Lycia that some believe inspired the myth. Mythology the Chimera, a monstrous creature with parts from multiple animals.


Chinook jargon, the almost extinct indigenous American language. Chinookan peoples, several groups of indigenous peoples of the United States Pacific Northwest. Chinookan languages, a small language family of Chinook peoples. Lower Chinook. (Нижн ...


Physical disabilities may contact: The city chiply, Florida, a city in Washington County, FL, USA. The city ciple, Somerset, UK layout. The city ciple, or Georgia pine mountain, Harris County, Georgia. Reduced mobility, of the Priory, a medieval ...

Chipperfield (disambiguation)

David Chipperfield, a British architect. Jimmy Chipperfield, English footballer. Mary Chipperfield, a circus entertainer. Ron Chipperfield, canadian former professional ice hockey player. Scott Chipperfield, Australian international soccer player ...


Christopher Chippindale born 1951, British archaeologist. Ron Chippindale 1933-2008, New Zealand air inspector. Peter Chippindale 1945-2014, the British newspaper journalist and author. Thomas Chippendale 1718-1779, English cabinetmaker and furni ...


Chittenden, VT. (Читтенден, Вермонт) Lake Chittenden lake, California. Chittenden peak, mountains in California. Mount no-star / - s hotel mountain in Wyoming. Chittenden, California, in Santa Cruz County. Chittenden County, VT. (Округ читтенден, ...

Chitty (disambiguation)

Chitty cricket 1800, English cricketer. Ernest Chitty 1883-1948, New Zealand Anglican clergyman, teacher and organist. Joseph William Chitty 1828-1899, the English cricketer, rower, judge and liberal politician. John Chitty, of the Royal air forc ...


Kivu may refer to: Chivu Stoica, Romanian Communist politician of. Stadium Mircea Kivu, a multifunctional stadium, located in Resita, Romania. Christian Kivu, Romanian football player.


Chmielecki may refer to: Stefan Chmielecki died 1630, a Polish noble. Teofila Chmielecka 1590-1650, his wife. Titus Timon Chmielecki was born in 1965, Polish bishops and the Vatican diplomat. Witold Chmielecki was born in 1966, the Polish science ...


Choco or Choco may refer to: Chocó-darién moist forests. (Чоко-Дарьен влажные леса) Pacific / natural region of chocó. The chocó Department, Colombian administrative region. El Choco, Western Colombia and adjacent areas of Panama and Ecuador. Gui ...


Choma district, Zambia. (Чома район, Замбия) Choma, Zambia city in and the capital of the southern province. Choma Lycia, the settlement of ancient Lycia. Choma castle, a Byzantine fortress in Central Anatolia.

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