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Bacchus (disambiguation)

Bacchus and Ariadne, an oil painting by Titian. Bacchus Caravaggio. (Вакх Караваджо) Bacchus Michelangelo, marble sculpture by Michelangelo. Bacchus, Leonardo da Vinci John the Baptist. Bacchus and Ariadne ballet by albert Roussel. Bacchus the Op ...


Badas may refer to: Badas Inam, a village in Karnataka, India. Badas Islands, group of Islands in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. Badas, Kediri, in kecamatan district in East Java province, Indonesia. Badas forest reserve in the Belait d ...


Badia region, semi-arid regions of Syria and Jordan.

Badin (disambiguation)

Badin district, in Sindh, Pakistan. Badin Taluka, administrative division of the district. Badin Historic District. (Бадин Исторический Район) Badin, North Carolina, a village in Carolina, United States. Dolny badin, a village in Slovakia. Badin, ...


"A bad man" song Pitbull 2017, with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker. "Bad people," Max Styler and the song Autoerotique, 2015 one. EP bandit, RD B. A. P. "A bad man" song, One 2000 R. Kelly. "Bandit", a song by roll deep from rules and ...


Badon may refer to: Hereclean, also known as Badon, Romanian village. The battle of Badon, 5th Welsh battle of the century. The river Badon, rivers of Romania. Bobby Badon, a former representative from Louisiana. Badon, region in India.


Rasem Badran born in 1945, Palestinian Jordanian architect. Ray Badran born in 1985, Australian comedian. Nuri Badran was born in 1943, the Iraqi politician and government Minister. Shams Badran was born in 1929, the Egyptian politician and gover ...


Rapper Badshah Indian rapper. Badshah Begum, the first wife and older husband the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. Ali Badshah, canadian actor, screenwriter, producer, Director and comedian.

Baena (disambiguation)

Baena is a city in the South of Spain Baena may also refer to: The Cancionero de Baena, the medieval Songbook. Baena genus, an extinct genus of turtle in the family Baenidae.


Baetens may refer to: Baetens Jan 1957, Belgian writer, poet and critic. Veerle Baetens was born in 1978, Flemish actress. Geert Baetens was born in 1964, Belgian conductor and clarinetist. Bob 1930-2016 Baetens, Belgian rower. Pascal Baetens was ...


Bagh district, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Bug of the Union Council, Union Council in district Abottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Bug, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, an area of Abottabad district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Bagh, Azad Kashmir a town ...

Baghel (disambiguation)

Baghel Singh, an 18th-century military General of the Empire of the Sikhs in modern India and Pakistan.


Bagnall may refer to: Lansing Bagnall, a British forklift truck manufacturing company. Bagnall, Staffordshire, England. (Бегнелл, Стаффордшир, Англия) V. G. Bagnall, a locomotive, a British production company. Bagnall beach Observatory, astronomi ...


Charles Hervey bago 1788-1880, South Australian MP. Charles 1781-1843 bago, an English diplomat and colonial administrator. William bago values, several people. Baron bago title in the peerage of great Britain. Millicent bago 1907-2006, British i ...


Bagre may refer to: Something of, or related to Bagar region of India and Pakistan. Bagrinagar, a village in Rajasthan, India. Bagri camel, a breed of camel. Bagri language, Rajasthani language spoken in the region Bagar.


Bahri may refer to: Bahari, Bangladesh. (Бахари, Бангладеш) Ali-Asghar Bahari 1905-1995, Iranian musician. Bahari group womens American pop and Alt electronic Duo. Maziar Bahari, born in 1967, the Iranian-canadian journalist, filmmaker and playwr ...


Hossam was born on Bahgat c. 1978, Egyptian human rights activist and investigative journalist. Bahgat Soraya, a Finnish-Egyptian womens rights advocate. 1904-1957 Bahgat Helmi Badawi, Egyptian politician. Gawdat bahgat the 1960s, years of birth, ...


Bahr may refer to: The ceremony of Bahr and girls age ritual in newar community of Nepal. Newspaper Bahr, in Baghdad. Bahr, an ancient Arab tribe in Syria. Jebel Bahr, the name of the Syrian coastal mountain range in the medieval period. Bahr, ha ...


Sporting Bragas Baiano Francesco was born in 1968, Italian footballer. Nickname Junior sporting Bragas Baiano Raimundo Ferreira Ramos Junior, born in 1970, Brazilian football player. Dr. Freire Ramos Accioly Neto born 1912, Brazilian basketballer ...


Al Bayda values of the Arabic language "white" is the name of the value. Beiruts ramlet al-Baidas public beach in Beirut along the southern end of the Corniche in Beirut.


General Emilio Aguinaldo, Cavite, a city in the Philippines, which was formerly known as Bailen. Metrovalencia Bailen metro station in Valencia. The Balena wine de La Tierra, a Spanish geographical indication for wine de La Tierra wines located i ...


Sandrine Bailly was born in 1979, French biathlete. Logan Bailly was born in 1985, Belgian football goalkeeper. Eric Bailly, the Ivorian footballer. Joseph Bailly 1774-1835, French-canadian fur trader and pioneer. Simon Bailey of FL.1416, English ...


Ben Mirpur village in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Bains, Louisiana, United States, an unincorporated area in West Feliciana parish. Ben, Upper Loire, Commune in France.


The Duke by Bainum 1952-2009, American politician. Stewart by Bainum V., Senior 1919-2014, American businessman and philanthropist. Stewart by Bainum V., Jr. was born in 1946, American businessman and philanthropist.


Bayrak may refer to: Julia Bayrak, the Ukrainian discus thrower in the 2016 U20 world Cup in. Oksana Bayrak, film Director 2006 Ukrainian film Aurora. Bayrak, Lypova Dolyna district, a village in the Sumy region of Ukraine. Nikolay Bayrak, the Uk ...

Baize (disambiguation)

The baize is a rough woolen cloth. The baize may also refer to: 1591 baize, a main belt asteroid. Paul Bobryk 1901-1995, French pediatrician and Amateur astronomer.


Tony Bajada of the 16th century, the Maltese spy. Clint Bajada born 1982 Maltese TV and radio personality. Shaun Bajada 1983 Maltese footballer. Emilio Bajada was born in 1914, Italian mathematician. Roderick Bajada 1983 Maltese footballer.


Bajer may refer to: Bajer bridge on the A6 motorway in Gorski Kotar, Croatia. 1837-1922 Fredrik Bajer, Nobel prize winner of the Danish world. Tomasz Bajer was born in 1971, a Polish artist. Lukas Bajer was born in 1984, Czech footballer.


Tank, a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Bak, Hungary, a village in Hungary. BAK District, Afghanistan. (BAK район, Афганистане) Tank Khost Province, Afghanistan. Train station Battersea Park 3-alpha code fo ...


BAK may refer to the following places: Tank, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, North-Central Poland. Tank gmina Stara Kiszewa in Pomeranian Voivodeship in Northern Poland. Tank gmina Karsin in Pomeranian Voivodeship in Northern Poland.


Bākā, a character from Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Cirno, a fictional character from the Touhou project, which is often called its fans and Creator as "Baka". The Rangers tank, a group of Negima! Magister Negi Magi characters.


Zdenek Bakala, Czech entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Ian Bakala - Zambian footballer. Beetislav Bakala is a Czech conductor, pianist and composer. Rastislav Bakala - Slovak football midfielder.


Bekal in Kasaragod, India. Bakel, Senegal, a city in the Eastern part of Senegal, capital of the Department. Bakel, Netherlands, a village in the southern part of the Netherlands. Bakel Milheeze own, a former municipality in the Dutch province of ...


Bakri may refer to: Rozita Binti Adil bakeri born in 1973, child and Queen of Malaysia. Åpent bakeri, bakery, where the Norwegian chef Morten Schakenda was a student. Saipul Bakri, finalist of Malaysian idol program TV. Mehdi bakeri, aIranian her ...


Bakhtiari or Bakhtiyari may refer to: Bakhtiari carpet made by the Bakhtiari people. Shapour Bakhtiar, former Prime Minister of Iran. Bakhtiari, Yazd, a village in Yazd province, Iran. David Bakhtiari was born in 1991, the American football playe ...


Bakri may refer to: Al-Bakri crater, a lunar crater. Bakri balloon tamponade. (Бакри баллонной тампонады) Bukit Bakri, a town in MUAR, Johor, Malaysia. Bakri Federal district, the Federal parliamentary constituencies in MUAR, Johor, Malaysia.


Baksa, Hungary, Croatia: Boksica. Bucks, Syria, a village in Northwest Syria near Latakia. Bucks County Taishan, Guangdong Province, China. Koksov-Baksa Hungary: Koksobaksa, Kokso-bucks, a village and municipality in košice-surroundings district, ...


Balad can refer to: Ballad or baladesc that Occitan literary genre related to dansa. Leonardo Balada, born in 1933, Catalan American composer. Ballad, a village in the municipal term of Sant Jaume dEnveja, Spain. "Ballad" song, 2012 Portuguese th ...

Balagtas (disambiguation)

Francisco Balagtas was the Philippine national poet. Balagtas may also refer to: Balagtasan, art. (Balagtasan, искусство) Balagtas crater. (Балагтасе кратер) Balagtas, Bulacan. (Балагтасе, Булакан) Irving Balagtas reef or Reef, coral reef in the ...

Balak (disambiguation)

Alias Ali Waheed was born in 1984, Maldivian politician. Belek Gazi, 12th century Turkish Emir. Pseudonym of French cartoonist Yves Bigerel. 1797-1862 Balak Singh, the spiritual leader of Indian Sikhs.


Leyvin balance, Colombian footballer. Angelo balance, Colombian footballer. Eder Alvarez balances, Colombian footballer. Deivy balance, Colombian footballer. Kevin balance, Colombian footballer.


Balch is a surname that may refer to: Emily Greene Balch 1867-1961, American pacifist and Nobel peace prize laureate. USS Balch DD-363. (Усс Бэлч ДД-363) Anthony Balch 1937-1980, British film Director. Rear Admiral George Of Mesquite Prorodeo And ...

Balchen (disambiguation)

Fredrik glad Balchen 1815-1899, a teacher of Norwegian deaf. Jens glad Balchen 1926-2009, Norwegian engineer. Sir John Balchen 1670-1744, Admiral of the British Royal Navy. Bernt Balchen 1899-1973, pioneer polar Aviator, Navigator, aeronautical e ...


Cotton Bale. (Хлопок Бэйл) Wool bale, standard sized and weighted pack of classed wool. Hay or straw bales in agriculture associated Baler. Paper roll, unit of measure, paper, equal to ten packs of.


House Balestrieri is an ancient noble Italian family originating from Venice in the early middle Ages, with large branches extending over time, in Ancona, Parma, Florence, Siena, Naples and Sicily. The current head of the House-Graf Stefano Bales ...


Balete can refer to: Balete, Batangas, municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. Balete, Aklan, a municipality in the province of Aklan, Philippines. Danilo S. Balete, the Filipino biologist Botanical abbreviation in ballet. The ball ...


Ravindra Balhara, Indian competitor in the 2013 super fight League events. Nilesh Balhara, Indian competitor Kurash in Asian beach games 2014. Pincky Balhara, Indian fighter Kurash. Sanchit Balhara, Indian film score composer.

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