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Barred-fin moray

The hawk-fin Moray medium size fish that can reach a maximum length of 50 cm, but the ones usually observed about 30 cm Is serpentine in shape, her body has a light brown color and covered with a mixture of dark spots and broken and shapeless dar ...

Caesio teres

Caesio teres, yellow and Blueback Fusilier, beautiful arrows, blue arrows and gold or yellow tail Fusilier, is a pelagic marine fish belonging to the family Caesionidae.

Chaenocephalus aceratus

Chaenocephalus aceratus, commonly known as Blackfin ice fish or the Scotia sea, the ice fish is a type of crocodile ice fish belonging to the family Channichthyidae. In Blackfin ice fish belongs to the Notothenioidei, a suborder of fish, which is ...

Chromis iomelas

Chromis iomelas, also known as half and half Chromis, is a species of reef dwelling fish in the family pomacentridae. It is occasionally seen for sale in aquarium trade.

Chrysiptera taupou

Chrysiptera taupou, known commonly as the southseas devil, southseas belladonna, and the girl Fiji, is a species of damselfish. It is native to the Western Pacific ocean from Coral sea to Samoa.

Cynoglossus acaudatus

Cynoglossus acaudatus, commonly known as the Natal tongue fish is a species of tonguefish. It is commonly found in shallow muddy or sandy waters along the coasts in the Western Indian ocean, Somalia to South Africa, including Seychelles.

Pomacentrus vaiuli

Pomacentrus vaiuli, you ocellate, is a species of damselfish in the family pomacentridae from the Pacific ocean. It sometimes makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to the size of 10 cm in length.

Spiky oreo

Spiky Oreo is an Oreo of the genus Neocyttus, in all southern oceans at depths from 200 to 1.300 yards. Its length reaches 40 cm.

Waites pipefish

Waites needle-a kind of Indo-Pacific sea urchins of the family Syngnathidae, which is from the Philippines East to Samoa, South to Papua New Guinea. It was previously considered a synonym intestinаlis Corythoichthys but is now considered a valid ...

Warty oreo

In warty Oreo is Oreo in all southern oceans at depths of from 300 to 1600 meters. Its length is 42 cm. In warty Oreo resembles the spiky Oreo. However, there are differences: the body that has a shape much like a diamond is in the bottom corner ...

Acalypta elegans

Acalypta elegans is a species of the family Tingidae, Hemiptera in the order. The distribution range of the Acalypta elegans includes Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.

Aedes atlanticus

The ocean club mosquito-Aedes mosquito species native to the southeastern United States. You know, for a number of pathogens that can infect people, especially from yellow fever.

Alkali bee

The alkali bee Nomia melanderi, is a ground-nesting bee native to deserts and semi-arid deserts basins of the Western United States. It was described by Theodore dru Alison Yes in 1906. This bee nests in salt-rich, or alkaline soil. Like some oth ...

Apis koschevnikovi

APIs koschevnikovi, Koschevnikovs honey, is a species of honey bee which inhabits Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo, where it lives sympatrically with other species of bees such as Apis cerana. The species was first described by Hugo Berthold von B ...

Azteca barbifex

Azteca barbifex-species of ants of the genus Azteca. Described by Auguste Henri Forel in 1906, this species is endemic to North America and South America.

Comperiella bifasciata

Comperiella bifasciata is a species of parasitic Wasps in the genus Comperiella in the family Encyrtidae. It is used in the biological control of California red scale and yellow scale citrus.

Ectopsocus strauchi

Ectopsocus strauchi is a species of outer barklouse in the family Ectopsocidae. Its found in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Northern Asia, North America and South America.

Euodynerus auranus

These four subspecies are in the form of Euodynerus auranus: Euodynerus auranus g. (Euodynerus auranus г) Euodynerus auranus aquilus Bohart, 1974 g. Euodynerus auranus azotopus Bohart, 1939, B. Euodynerus auranus albivestis Bohart, 1939 g. Data s ...

Haematobia exigua

Haematobia exigua, its common name Buffalo Fly, a fly of the family Muscidae. The view is strongly present in Australia, live in Western Australia, Northern territory, Queensland and New South Wales. It is widely considered a pest, and continues ...

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