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Megachile simonyi

Megachile Simonyi is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. He was described by Heinrich Friese in 1903. He is in Yemen and Eritrea. The specific name is given in honour of Oskar simony, who discovered one of the syntypes in RAS Fartak, Yem ...

Myrmica schencki

Myrmica schencki is distributed throughout Europe, Caucasus, Turkey and Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Tien Shan and Altai, near Krasnoyarsk in Eastern Siberia. It inhabits dry habitats in open spaces and forests. Nests located on the ground, somet ...

Nothodelphax slossonae

Nothodelphax slossonae species of delphacid Cicada in the family Delphacidae. It is located in the Caribbean, Central America, North America.

Orthopodomyia anopheloides

Orthopodomyia anopheloides form of a zoophilic mosquitoes belonging to the genus Orthopodomyia. It is located in Andaman Islands, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thai ...

Palaemnema domina

Shadowdamsel Palaemnema Domina in the desert, is a species of damselfly in family Platystictidae. It grows in the extreme southern United States and Central America.

Perkinsiella saccharicida

Perkinsiella saccharicida delphacid species of cicadas in the family Delphacidae. Its found in Africa, Australia, North America, Oceania and South Asia.

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