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Neonemobius variegatus

Neonemobius variegatus, known usually as a variegated ground cricket or smaller spotted ground cricket, is a species of ground cricket in the family Trigonidiidae. It is found in North America.

Novomessor cockerelli

Novomessor cockerelli is a species of ant in the subfamily Myrmicinae. It grows in the deserts in the southwest United States and Mexico. He lives in large underground colonies, in which there is a single Queen. Worker ants leave the nest daily t ...

Nylanderia pubens

Nylanderia Pubens, the species of ants of the genus Nylanderia, commonly called the Caribbean crazy ant. It was originally described as Paratrechina pubens from St. Vincent, lesser Antilles. This species was transferred from to species Paratrechi ...

Orchelimum campestre

Orchelimum Campestre, dark complexion meadow Green grasshopper, the view of the meadow Green grasshopper in the family Tettigoniidae. It is found in North America and South Asia.

Parabacillus coloradus

Parabacillus coloradus Colorado short-horns walkingstick, is one of the types of walkingstick in the family Heteronemiidae. It is found in North America.

Pheidole teneriffana

Pheidole teneriffana is an Asian species with collection records scattered across several continents and Islands of the globe. Described from the Canary Islands and widely spaced in the Mediterranean region. Probably introduced in the Madagascar ...

Plenoculus davisi

These five subspecies belong to Plenoculus species davisi: Thin davisi Plenoculus F. Williams, 1960. Davisi Plenoculus mojavensis F. Williams, 1960. Davisi Plenoculus F. cross Williams, 1960. Plenoculus V. davisi Fox, 1893. Plenoculus davisi ocea ...

Polyrhachis gracilior

Polyrhachis gracilior is a species of ants found in the South-West and North-East India. This is one of the few ants that build in trees, nests of leaves stitched together using silk produced by their larvae. Originally described as a "race" Poly ...

Telenomus podisi

Telenomus podisi is a species of egg parasitoid wasps was described by William Harris Ashmead in 1893 and placed in the family Platygastridae. This parasitoid of the brown stink bug, Euschistus heroes.

Plaxiphora obtecta

Plaxiphora obtecta large Chiton in the family Mopaliidae, endemic to New Zealand, where it is most often found on the West coast of the North island. This is called Jaca-hiwihiwi some Maori and was probably the source of power.

Angulated dwarf gecko

With the corners of the dwarf Gecko is a species of Gecko native to southern Zaire and Tanzania. In the Zaire species Lygodactylus touch Grzimek, and the Tanzanian subspecies is Lygodactylus touch heeneni.

Holodactylus africanus

Holodactylus Africana also known as African claws of the Gecko, Boettgers strong or clawed Gecko African whole-toed Gecko, is a species of Gecko that is commonly found in East Africa. The Gecko has a large head, thin body, stumpy tail, and tan an ...


As at June 2019 contains six species in Africa, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador: Anisaedus gaujoni Simon, 1893 type – Ecuador, Peru. Anisaedus a paysite pellucidas, 1975 – Chile. Anisaedus Rufus Tullgren, 1905 – Argentina. Anisaedus Stridulans ...

Azilia affinis

Azilia affinis-a species long-jaw ORB weaver family of spiders known as Tetragnathidae. It is in the range from the United States to Panama.


Boagrius is a genus palp agility of spiders, which was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1893. As of June 2019 it contains only two species, found only in Indonesia, Malaysia and Tanzania: B. incisus and B. pumilus.


As at June 2019 contains fourteen species found in Central America, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Trinidad: Coryssocnemis discolor Mello-leitão a, 1918 – Brazil. Coryssocnemis iviei Gertsch 1971, Mexico. Coryssocnemis of the occult Mello-leitão a ...

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