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Stictopleurus subtomentosus

Stictopleurus subtomentosus-view bugs without the smell of a plant belonging to the family Rhopalidae, subfamily Rhopalinae. It is mainly found in France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Torymus pachypsyllae

Torymus pachypsyllae is a species of Torymid Wasp found in North America. He first attacks the psyllid Pachypsylla celtidismamma, although known to attack other related species in the genus Pachypsylla.

Juliomys anoblepas

Juliomys anoblepas rodents in the genus Juliomys of the subfamily Sigmodontinae known from a single broken skull. The sample was collected by Peter Wilhelm Lund in the caves of Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the first half of the 19th cent ...

Aparallactus jacksonii

The species epithet, jacksonii, is after the English Explorer and ornithologist Frederick John Jackson, who presented the type specimen in the British Museum of Natural history.

Mediodactylus oertzeni

Mediodactylus oertzeni one species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. It is endemic to the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. Sometimes considered a subspecies of Gecko Kotschys.

Micrelaps vaillanti

Micrelaps vaillanti, or the Somali two-headed snake is a species of venomous rear-fanged snake in the family Atractaspididae. The species is endemic to Africa.

Saproscincus spectabilis

Saproscinus spectabilis known as Galli shadeskink is a small lizard found in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Habitat is cool, shaded ravines where it feeds on small insects. This can be seen in the Sunny rocky outcrop in the ravines. G ...


Admestina is a genus of North American jumping spiders, which was first described by W. G. Peckham & Peckham, E. G. in 1888. As of June 2019 it contains only three species, found only in Canada and the United States: A. archboldi and A. tibialis ...

Admestina wheeleri

Admestina wheeleri is a species of jumping spider in the genus Admestina. The scientific name of this species was first published in 1888 Peckham & Peckham. These spiders are usually easy to find in the United States and Canada.

Araneus gemma

Araneus Gemma, commonly known as the cat-faced spider, a common outdoor Orb-weaver spider found in the Western United States and Canada. Like most species of Araneus, A. Gemma harmless to humans. It contains a poisonous toxin with low molecular w ...

Davus pentaloris

Davus pentaloris is one kind of new domestic world tarantula in Mexico and Guatemala. Davus was at one time considered a synonym of Cyclosternum, and its species were placed in this genus, but it is no longer accepted.


As of may 2019 contains ten species, all found in the United States: Games Hypochilus Catley, 1994 – USA. Hypochilus bonneti Gertsch, 1964 – USA. Hypochilus Gertschi Hoffman, 1963 – the United States. Hypochilus petrunkevitchi Gertsch 1958, USA. ...

Hypochilus thorelli

Hypochilus thorelli is a species of spider in the family Hypochilidae. Unlike almost all other araneomorph or "true" spiders, family members have four book lungs. They are often called "lampshade spiders" because of the shape of their tissues, wh ...

Marpissa pikei

M. pikei has a very elongated shape, which allows him to hide while stretching along twigs or blades of grass. It relies on the extension of the first two pairs of legs in front of her body, and the other two pairs posteriorly. Both sexes are abo ...


Borodavchenko is a genus of Orb-weaver spiders first described by Henry of Mccook in 1888. It contains nearly fifty described species, most of which live in South America. The only species in the United States spider arrowhead.

Zygoballus nervosus

The species was first described by the arachnologists George and Elizabeth Peckham in 1888 as Eris nervosus. Arachnologist James Emerton subsequently described the species in 1891 as Zygoballus of terrestris. After studying the type specimens of ...

St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church (Denver)

St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church in Denver, also known as the Church. Josephs Redemptorist, is a historic Church 600 Galapago in Denver, Colorado. It was built in 1888 and was added to the national register of historic places in 1982. The Church ...

St. Philomene Catholic Church and Rectory

Catholic Church of St. Philomene parish priest-a historic Roman Catholic Church along Louisiana highway 1 in Labadieville, assumption parish, Louisiana. It was built in 1888 C. and added to the national register of historic places in 1983. The Ch ...

Chūō-ku, Chiba

Chuo ward is one of six districts of the city of Chiba in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and is the seat of government of the city, the location of the government offices of the Prefecture of Chiba. Also, the Mall Chiba. As of April 2012, the ward had ...


Hanamigawa ward is one of six districts of the city of Chiba in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of April 2012, the ward population is estimated to 179.770 and population density 5.250 persons per km2. The total area is 34.24 km2.


Inage ward is one of six districts of the city of Chiba in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of April 2012, the ward had an estimated population of 156.860 and population density 7.380 inhabitants per km2. The total area of 21.25 square miles.

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