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Sanaa regalis

Sanaa regalis species of insects in the Bush-cricket or Green grasshopper family, Tettigoniidae, found in the Himalayas. It was first described in 1895 by Karl Brunner von Wattenwyl, as Termera regalis.

Solenopsis texana

These two subspecies belong to the Solenopsis species texana: Catalinae texana Wheeler Solenopsis, I 1904. Texana Solenopsis emery, I 1895. Data sources: I = ITIS C = "catalogue of life", g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.net

Tapinoma madeirense

Tapinoma madarska-species of ants of the genus Tapinoma. Described by Forel in 1895, this species is endemic to different countries many European countries.

Temnothorax rugatulus

Temnothorax rugatulus-species of ants of the genus Temnothorax. It is found in North America. More specifically, it is found in forests in the Western United States. Colonies are either monogynous or polygynous. Queens in monogynous colonies, usu ...

Tettigidea armata

Tettigidea Armata is a species in the family of locust in the Park was in Orthoptera. The species is known mainly as "armored pygmy grasshopper," "armored grouse locusts," or "spiked grouse locust". It is found in North America.

Turneria bidentata

Turneria bidentata-species of ants of the genus Turneria. Described by Forel in 1895, this species is endemic to Australia, found mainly in the Northern parts of the country.

Xenomyrmex floridanus

These two subspecies are the same species Xenomyrmex floridanus: Skwarrae Wheeler Xenomyrmex floridanus, 1931 I. Xenomyrmex Floridanus emery, 1895 I. Data sources: I = ITIS C = "catalogue of life", g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.net

Aparallactus guentheri

Aparallactus guentheri, or the black centipede-eater, is a species of venomous rear-fanged snake in the family Atractaspididae. The species is endemic to Africa.

Aparallactus werneri

Dorsally, A. for children with Blackish to deep black, light-edged neck collar. Upper lip ischema eye, and yellowish before and behind the eye. Ventrally it is uniform yellowish. It may attain 39 cm 15 3 ⁄ 8 in Overall length with a tail 6.5 cm 2 ...

Atractaspis leucomelas

The specific epithet, leucomelas, is derived from Latin LEUCO "white" and the Greek μέλας Melas,"black", and refers to this snake "white and black" color.

Pristurus phillipsii

For another species called Somali rock gecko, see Pristurus somalicus. Pristurus phillipsii, known as cross rock Gecko or Somali long-legged Gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Sphaerodactylidae. The species is endemic to the horn of Africa.

Acusilas coccineus

Acusilas coccineus is a species of spider in the family Araneidae, found from India and China to Indonesia. In India in particular, he was known under the synonym of Phonognatha vicitra sheriffs, 1928, but this is based on identification. In Indi ...

Beata (spider)

As of June 2019 it contains twenty-one species found in Central America, North America, Caribbean, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Guyana and Brazil: Beata cinereonitida Simon, 1902 – Brazil. Beata jubata C. L. Koch, 1846 – St. Thomas. Beata Magna ...


As of April 2019 contains seven types: Brachyphaea of Caporiacco simpliciaculeata, 1949 – Kenya. Simoni Brachyphaea Simon, 1895 type – East Africa. Brachyphaea berlandi Lessert, 1915, in East Africa. Vulpina Brachyphaea Simon, 1896 – Mozambique. ...

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