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Diadegma melanium

Diadegma melanium is a wasp first described by Carl Gustav Thomson in 1887. He is a member of the genus Diadegma and family Ichneumonidae. She lives in Sweden. No subspecies are listed.

Dolichoderus doriae

Colonies are found in areas with heavy woods and will inhabit wet and dry sclerophyll in New South Wales, Australian capital territory and Victoria. The nest is usually under the soil or on the edges of stones and branches that appear out of the ...

Gnamptogenys triangularis

Gnamptogenys triangularis is a species of Neotropical ants in the subfamily Ectatomminae. Grows in the forests of South and Central America, G. triangularis is a predatory ants that feed on millipedes. In its native range, this species is known f ...

Hypoponera opaciceps

These seven subspecies are the same species Hypoponera opaciceps: Hypoponera opaciceps Cuban Santschi, 1930 I. Hypoponera opaciceps gaigei Forel, 1914 I s g. Hypoponera opaciceps pampana Santschi, 1925 I. Hypoponera opaciceps postangustata Forel, ...

Metacanthus multispinus

Metacanthus multispinus view of the stilt bugs in the family Berytidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America and South America.

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