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Bothrops pubescens

Reddish kaysaki is a species of venomous snakes in the family Viperidae. It is found in Brazil and Uruguay. Diet consists of small mammals, lizards, birds. In addition, the sacrifice ratio ranged from 0.002-0.627 predator. They tend to live in di ...

Calotes jerdoni

Calotes Jerdoni, widely known as Indo-Chinese forest lizard or Jerdons Forest lizard, is a species of lizard in the family Agamidae. The species is endemic to China and South Asia.

Chalcides pentadactylus

Chalcides pentadactylus, or five-fingered skink, is a species of skink found in the Western Ghats of India. Females of other species are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live young. Almost nothing is known about P. pentadactylus. It is only ...

Khasi Hills bent-toed gecko

In North-Eastern Bangladesh, India, Burma, N Pangnamdim, Bhutan race tamaiensis: "Upper Burma" FIDE Wermuth 1965, item Type: Pangnamdim Valley DNP Tamai, upper Myanmar. Item Type: Khasi hills of Assam.

Eutropis beddomei

Snout short, obtuse. Lower eyelid scaly. Nostril behind the vertical seam between the Rostral and the first lip, not postnatally; anterior Loreal deeper and shorter than the second, in contact with the first lip, supranasals in Contact behind the ...

Forest spotted gecko

Forest spotted Gecko or dilute ground Gecko is a species of Gecko that is endemic to the hills of southern India, in parts of Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. It was first described in hills near erode in Tamil Nadu in 1870. Subsequently, this sp ...

Indian golden gecko

The Indian Golden Gecko or Beddomes Golden Gecko is a species of Gecko known only from Eastern Ghats of India. He was again from the hills near the modern Tirupati. Revival after more than 100 years since its description.

Lycodon travancoricus

Lycodon travancoricus is dark brown or black on top, white crossbands and white lineolations sides. The ventral is uniform white. It is very similar to Lycodon striatus, but the upper lip is brown, or white spotted with brown. Dorsal scales smoot ...

Ristella travancorica

Ristella travancorica, popularly known as the Travancore cat skink Ristella or Travancore, is a species of skink endemic to the Western Ghats in India.

Araneus nordmanni

Nordmanni-garden-spider-the kind of ORB weaver in the family Araneidae spider. It is found in North America, Europe, the Caucasus, ranging from Russia to Kazakhstan, Korea and Japan.

Holconia insignis

Holconia insignis is a species of spider huntsman found in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. It is a species of Holconia, and was first described by Tamerlan Thorell in 1870.

Metellina mengei

Metellina Mengei is a spider of the family Tetragnathidae, which is in Europe to Georgia. He was once considered a form of M. segmentata that occurs in the spring. M. mengei is much rarer than M. segmentata.

Nigma puella

Nigma puella is a species of spider belonging to the family Dictynidae. It is found in Europe, Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and parts of North Africa. Like most members of the family, is a small spider but the female is striking, with a light ...

Thanatus vulgaris

Thanatus vulgaris is one of the types of run of the snow crab in the family Philodromidae. It is found in North America, Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Israel, Caucasus, and a series from Russia, Central Asia, China and Korea.

Agelas clathrodes

King agela clathrodes, also known as the Orange elephant ear sponge, is a species of marine sponges. He lives on reefs in the Caribbean, usually more than 10 meters below the ocean surface. It takes various forms, and its color is reddish-orange.

Agelas dispar

King agile unpaired the type species of the genus and was first described in 1864 by the French naturalist édouard Placide Duchassaing de Fontbressin and the Italian naturalist Giovanni Michelotti. They deposited the holotype in Amsterdam. In 193 ...

Giant barrel sponge

Giant barrel sponge-this is the largest species of sponge growing on Caribbean coral reefs. It is common at depths greater than 10 meters to 120 meters and can reach a diameter of 1.8 meters. It is usually brownish-red to brownish-gray, with a ha ...

Old St. Patricks Church (Gravois Mills, Missouri)

Old St. Patricks Church, also known as the stone of the Church of Saint Patrick, is a historic Roman Catholic Church located near Gravois mills, Morgan County, Missouri. It was built between 1868 and 1870, and is a one-story, rectangular masonry ...

Asian short-toed lark

Greater short-toed lark Asian Skylark in the family Zhavoronkova. The species was first described by Robert Swinhoe in 1871. It is found from South-Central and Eastern Asia.

Heterosquilla tricarinata

Heterosquilla tricarinata is one of the cancers-mantis in the family Tetrasquillidae. Known as the Andaman Islands and New Zealand. Heterosquilla tricarinata live in intertidal muddy shores, where they can experience a low level of environmental ...

Petrolisthes eriomerus

Petrolisthes eriomerus is a species of marine porcelain crab found in the Eastern Pacific ocean. He is widely known as the hedgehog crab. This is a flattened, rounded animal, with a carapace up to 20 mm in diameter. It is a filter feeder, and als ...

Acheilognathus hypselonotus

Acheilognathus hypselonotus is a species of freshwater ray-finned fish of the genus Acheilognathus. It is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze river in China. Its maximum length is 16.5 cm, This species was considered extinct, but was redi ...

Chinese lizard gudgeon

The Chinese lizard gudgeon is a species of cyprinid fish inhabiting the Amur river|Amur" pool Pearl river in China, Mongolia and the Korean Peninsula. It is also found in Vietnam.

Leaden worm eel

Lead eel worm eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Edward Sheriff in 1871. It is tropical, marine and brackish water-dwelling eel which is known from the Eastern and Western Atlantic ocean, including Senegal, Congo, Suriname, Frenc ...

Ophichthus stenopterus

Ophichthus stenopterus is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Edward Sheriff in 1871. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the Western Pacific ocean.

Oxyurichthys petersii

Oxyurichthys petersii, Peters goby, is a species of ray-finned fish, goby, from the family Oxudercidae from the red sea, it was colonized the Eastern Mediterranean by Lessepsian migration through the Suez canal.

Spotted steed

Spotted horse is kind of small freshwater fish of the carp family. It is found throughout the Amur basin in East Asia to China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan. Currently, little research has been done in relation to this species, so information a ...

Xenocypris davidi

Xenocypris davidi is a freshwater fish native to freshwater pearls, Hainan island, Yangtze river, yellow river and the Southeast coast of China. This is the subject of artisanal fishing, sport fishing, and the emerging aquaculture attempts.

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