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Genypterus capensis

Genypterus capensis, commonly known as the king of the clip, is a species of cusk eel occurring along the southern African coast from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Algoa Bay in South Africa, and is closely related to Genypterus blacodes from New Zeala ...

Hoplias patana

Hoplias Patana is a species of trahiras. It is a freshwater fish that is known from Cayenne, French Guiana. The maximum length recorded for this species 39.4 cm It was originally described Achilles Valenciennes in 1847, under the genus Macrodon. ...

Hoplias teres

Hoplias teres-view trahiras. It is a tropical, benthopelagic freshwater fish, which are known to inhabit lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Males can reach a maximum length of 15.3 cm. Hoplias teres was originally described Achilles Valenciennes in 184 ...

Labeo vulgaris

Score is one of the common species of freshwater fish belonging to the genus score. It is endemic in Egypt. Sometimes considered a subspecies with a score niloticus.

Parexocoetus mento

Parexocoetus Mentos, also known as the African sailfin flying fish, flying fish Cuviers, yellow-belly flying fish or with short wings flying fish, is a species of flying fish of the family Exocoetidae, which is found in the Indo-Pacific region an ...

Polypterus endlicheri

This species reaches a maximum recorded length of about 63 cm-24.8 in male embryos. The maximum recorded weight was about 3.3 kg 7.3 lb. This can be identified by its flattened head with a prominent lower jaw, which is more than his upper jaw. It ...

Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri

Zamedlennogo bichir, Polypterus endlicheri is the prototype species of the Polypterus genus, meaning most of its features are held across the genus.

Toli shad

Shad toli or Chinese herring is a fish of the herring family, the shad species distributed in the Western Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal to the Java sea and the South China sea. It can be found in Mauritius and the Cambodian Mekong near the borde ...

Escualosa thoracata

White sardine is a fish of the herring family. It was described Achilles Valenciennes in 1847. It is tropical fish of the Indo-Pacific is distributed from Thailand to Indonesia and Australia. Other common names include deep herring and herring. T ...

Boreus nivoriundus

Bureus nivoriundus known as snow, who was born bureus or snow scorpionfly, is a species of snow scorpionfly family Boreidae. It is found in North America.

Brachysteles parvicornis

Brachysteles parvicornis is a species of bugs in the family Lyctocoridae. Its found in Africa, Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.

Jadera haematoloma

Green Haematoloma, the red shouldered bug, goldenrain-tree bug or sapindus error is one of the species of true bug that lives in the United States and South to Northern South America. Feeds on seeds within the soap tree of the plant family, Sapin ...

Lethocerus americanus

Lethocerus americanus-giant water bug in the family Belostomatidae, native to southern Canada and the United States. It usually has a length of about 5-6 inches. It was originally classified as a species in the genus Belostoma.

Metopoplax ditomoides

Metopoplax ditomoides is a species of true bugs in the family Oxycarenidae. A large number are known to invade buildings near coastal areas during migration from the marsh. &LT "pests of landscape trees and shrubs." 2016. S. H. Dreistadt, S. I. C ...

Nabis flavomarginatus

Nabis flavomarginatus is a species of damsel bugs in the family Nabidae. This species has a Holarctic distribution. In Europe it is found in the North and East, but is largely absent in the South-West and South.In the East the distribution is dis ...

Parapsallus vitellinus

Parapsallus Vitellinus is a species of beetle plant belonging to the family Miridae, subfamily Phylinae, which can be found everywhere in Europe, except Albania, Andorra, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, all the countries of the former Yugoslavia, and ...

Tetanocera robusta

Tetanocera Robusta is a species of fly in the family Sciomyzidae. It is found in Palearctic and Nearctic larvae develop in aquatic snails of the lung, including Gyraulus, Helisoma, the pond snail Lymnaea, Physa, Planorbis.Habitat marshy borders o ...

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