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Arachnospila anceps

The period of flight is from may to September and kinds, probably a monovoltine species. A wide range of spiders to be perceived as prey of a family of Lycosidae, Clubionidae and Thomisidae have been recorded and Gnaphosidae and Agelenidae are al ...

Camponotus rufoglaucus

Rufoglaucus species-look to the ant. It is found in many condition, Indo-Australian, Oriental, Palaearctic regional countries.

Carpocoris fuscispinus

Carpocoris fuscispinus incerta Zamaninia, 1959. Carpocoris fuscispinus hahni Flor, 1856. Carpocoris fuscispinus Mediterranea Zamaninia, 1959. Carpocoris fuscispinus Zamaninia EN, 1959.

Chromatomyia aprilina

This is a small fly, the larvae of which creates the mine in the leaves compliment periclymenum and other closely related species, including Symphoricarpos Albus. Mine initially in the form of a star, but as the larvae grow, the tunnels become st ...

Clastoptera proteus

These 10 subspecies belong to the species of Clastoptera Proteus: Clastoptera Proteus Osceola the ball. Clastoptera Proteus nigra ball. Clastoptera Proteus. (Clastoptera Протеус) Clastoptera Proteus ball vittata. Clastoptera Proteus seminuda ball ...

Cosmopepla conspicillaris

Cosmopepla conspicillaris is one of the insect species of the family Pentatomidae. Due to the General preference for plants of the genus Stachys, it is often called hedgenettle stink bug. It is also known as conspicuous stink bug, two-spotted sti ...

Cyphomyrmex rimosus

Cyphomyrmex rimosus is one of the myrmicine species in the family Formicidae. It is part of the tribe Attini, or fungus-growing ants, and some species actually cultivate the yeast.

Flatormenis proxima

Flatormenis Proxima, known as the Northern flatid crickets or mealy flatid cycad, is a species of flatid cicadas in the family Flatidae.

Glaucias amyoti

Amyoti Glaucias, commonly called the Australian green shield bug or New Zealand vegetable bug, harmful bug found in Australia, New Zealand, Timor and New Guinea. Adults and juveniles feed on plants, including certain Coprosma, Griselinia and spec ...

Monomorium floricola

Flower in bicolor trailing ant or Ant is a species of ants of the subfamily Myrmicinae. It is a widespread, invasive Ants that is found worldwide.

Mormidea cubrosa

Mormidea cubrosa is a type of stink bug in the family Pentatomidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America and South America.

Peritrechus convivus

Peritrechus convivus is a kind of dirt-colored seed bug in the family Rhyparochromidae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, Central America and North America.

Pheidologeton diversus

Pheidologeton diversus, also known as Carebara the Devers, is a species of Marauder ant widely distributed throughout Asia.

Phytomyza spondylii

Spondylii species Phytomyza leaf-mining fly in the family Agromyzidae. The larvae develop within the leaves of its host plant, making conspicuous whitish mine. Host plants include Astrantia bieberstedtii, red masterwort Astrantia carniolica, gian ...

Prosapia ignipectus

Prosapia ignipectus, usually known as a spittlebug red-legged spittlebug or black, is a species of froghopper in the family Cercopidae. It is found in North America.

Schlechtendalia chinensis

Schlechtendalia Chinese Magnolia vine, Chinese sumac aphid, is an aphid species and the only species in the genus Schlechtendalia. Products of the Gauls on Chinese sumac Aarhus Schizandra. The bile is called Chinese gall, Galla Chinese or Wu zi B ...

Sciocoris homalonotus

Sciocoris homalonotus-species of shield bugs belonging to the family Pentatomidae, subfamily Pentatominae. It is approximately 6-7 mm in size. The tip of the chorion more rounded in respect Sciocoris microphthalmia Flor, 1860. It can be found in ...

Siphanta acuta

Siphanta acute is a plant-feeding insect in the family Flatidae, this species of cicadas found in different parts of the world, and is sometimes called green cicadas or the torpedo bug. About 15 mm long, they resemble small leaves and usually fou ...

Tetramorium simillimum

Tetramorium these medications is one of the species of ants in the subfamily Myrmicinae. This is a small pale colored widespread species which can be found on almost every continent.

Tetraponera nigra

Tetraponera nigra, is one of the species of ants of the subfamily Myrmicinae, which can be found on the island of Borneo, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China.

Tetraponera rufonigra

Tetraponera rufonigra, is one of the species of ants belonging to the subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae. It is distributed throughout Asia and Africa. Usually called two-tone, wood ant, wood and they build small nests that were excavated burrow is usual ...

Trichocorixa verticalis

These six subspecies are the same species Trichocorixa verticalis: Trichocorixa verticalis Saltoni Seiler, 1948. Sellaris Trichocorixa verticalis Abbott, 1913. Trichocorixa verticalis fenestrata Wally, 1930. Trichocorixa verticalis californica Sa ...

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