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Oklahoma State Highway 1

State highway 1, sometimes abbreviated as sh-1, highway 209.7 km maintained in Oklahoma, USA. He travels the South-Eastern part of the state, nicknamed Little Dixie. Sh-1 is signed East and West.

Oklahoma State Highway 19

State highway 19, abbreviated as sh-19, is 171.7 miles of highway running through the southern part of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It is signed "East–West".

Oklahoma State Highway 99

Highway 99, abbreviated sh-99, the North–South highway through Central Oklahoma. It extends from the border with Texas on lake Texoma to the Kansas border near lake Hulah. This is 241.5 miles. The highway overlaps us-377 for more than half its le ...

Bartlesville Monthly Magazine

Bartlesville monthly magazine free magazine community founded in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Writers for publications are mostly freelance, most of them prominent community activists and leaders with writing backgrounds. As of September 2012 the maga ...

Pathfinder Parkway

Pathfinder Parkway is a 12-mile walking, Jogging and Cycling trail, which crosses Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This 12-km 19 km paved path for walking, Jogging and Biking, runs mostly along the river Kania and Turkey Creek, Johnston, linking Park, Rob ...

Oklahoma State Highway 7

State highway 7 highway, 150.5 km in southern Oklahoma. This long road connects many cities in Oklahomas "little Dixie" area. It runs from interstate 44 in Lawton to US 69 / US-75 in Atoka.

History of Muskogee

Muskogee history refers to the history of the region in which the Muskogee, Oklahoma is now. The history of the Muskogees begins even before its official incorporation in 1898. Before the start of a United city, it was named after the Creek natio ...

History of Pryor Creek

History of Pryor Creek refers to the history of the region in which Pryor Creek, Oklahoma, United States, now rests. Pryor Brooks history of 1800 years before its official registration. Initially, it was called Ku-I-Yes, in Indian territory, but ...

Oklahoma State Highway 10

State highway 10 is a state highway in northeast Oklahoma. It makes a 233.1 miles of Crescent through the northeast corner of the state, running from sh-99 in Osage County to interstate 40 near Gore. It has two lettered spur routes. Sh-10 first a ...

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