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Aspidura brachyorrhos

Aspidura brachyorrhos, commonly known as Bois rough sided on the side of the snake and how මැඩිල්ලා ලේ in Sinhala, is colubird species endemic to Sri Lanka. The bites of this species are known to cause a weak local reaction, including a slight bu ...

Boiga drapiezii

Boiga drapiezii, commonly known as white-spotted cat snake is a species of long and slender rear-fanged colubrid that is common throughout the range.

Eutropis trivittata

Supranasals in contact with each other, the fronto-nasal broader than long, prefrontantal in contact with each other, a pair of nuchal present or absent. No postnasal; anterior Loreal longer than long. Half back, lower eyelid scaly, ear opening s ...

Tarentola annularis

For another species called white-spotted wall gecko, see Tarentola parvicarinata Tarentola annularis, also known as the white spotted wall Gecko or ringed wall Gecko, is a species of Gecko. It is native to North Africa.

Triangle keelback

Triangle keelback-species of snakes found in Brunei Darussalam, Burma, Cambodia, India), Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The terrain type is Java.

Five-lined cardinalfish

Five cardboard cardinalfish, Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus, is a species of marine fish in the family Apogonidae. It is widely distributed in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific, Red sea. It can reach a maximum size of 13 cm in length.

Lepturacanthus savala

This wonderful Savalai, Lepturacanthus savala, also known as the little head is wonderful, is a species of snapper native to the Indian ocean and Western Pacific to the far East to Australia. They live in deep waters at depths of 100 meters. The ...

Lutjanus monostigma

Lutjanus monostigma can reach a maximum length of 60 cm, 24 in men, with a total length of 50 centimeters 20. Dorsal profile of head gently to moderately sloping and adults are silvery white with yellow fins. Those dark eyes of fish have 10 spike ...

Lutjanus rivulatus

In Blubberlip snapper, Lutjanus rivulatus, also known as Maori snapper, is a species of snapper native to the Indian ocean to the Pacific ocean in the far East to Samoa. They live on rocky substrates at depths from 15 to 100 meters. The maximum l ...

Othos dentex

Othos dentex is a species of fish of the family Serranidae. It is the only representative of the genus OTOs. It is commonly known as the harlequin fish, or Chinese lantern, harlequin cod, harlequin rock cod and Tiger. This species is found in the ...

Plectorhinchus picus

Plectorhinchus Picus, painted creatures, is a species of grunt native to coral reefs of the Indian ocean and the Western Pacific ocean at depths from 3 to 50 meters. This species can reach 84 cm TL. This is a commercial species and can be found i ...

Queen snapper

The Queen snapper, Etelis oculatus, is a species of snapper native to the East of the windward Islands and the Caribbean sea. It is the only species Etelis are not found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. A species is caught at depths of 300 to 40 ...

Scuticaria tigrina

Scuticaria tigrina is of eels found in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans. He is widely known as tiger reef-eel, tiger snake tiger snake, tiger snake, tiger eel, spotted eel, or spotted snake Moray.

Bibio xanthopus

Bibio xanthopus is a species of March fly first identified by Wiedemann in 1828. This is one of the most common types of bibio in North America. The body is black with pale colored pile and the legs, which is predominantly red. Size of types vari ...

Euceraphis punctipennis

Euceraphis punctipennis, the aphids downy birch or white birch aphid, is one of the types of aphids in the Hemiptera order. These aphids are small green insects with soft bodies and membranous wings. They are found living on downy birch trees, wh ...

Hadrotettix trifasciatus

Hadrotettix trifasciatus, usually known as the grasshopper three-banded or three-banded range grasshopper, type of band-winged grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in North America.


As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...

Palmodes occitanicus

Palmodes occitanicus is a type of thread waisted wasp in the family Sphecidae. The reproduction behaviour of this species is called "Sphex languedocien" at the time described by the French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre in 1879 in a story designed ...

Plesiodema pinetella

Plesiodema pinetella is a real mistake. The species occurs throughout the Palaearctic from Europe and Western North Africa, eastward to Siberia and Central Asia. Plesiodema pinetella feeds on pine, spruce Picea and Larix, but also in Central Euro ...

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