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Silver-stripe round herring

Silver-striped round herring, sprat slender, or minnow Kibinago is a small herring-like forage fish. They are small fish used as bait for fishing, especially striped tuna. It is valued as food in Japan where it is known as the kibinago. They can ...

Silvery conger

The silvery conger the darkfin Conger in the dark-finned eel-eel, or eel, is an eel in the family barbatus. It was described by Coenraad Jacob sandy and Hermann Schlegel in 1846, originally under the genus of acne. It is a tropical, marine eel wh ...

South African mullet

South African mullet, also called a harder mullet or simply harder, is a species of mullet. It is in South African coastal waters of Walvis Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, and grows to a maximum length of 40.5 cm Person specific distinction of the name was ...

Southern pigfish

Southern pigfish, Congiopodus leucopaecilus, is a pigfish of the genus Congiopodus. It is located in South Australia and New Zealand at depths of up to 100 meters. An adult is 20 to 35 inches in length.

Spiny-back eel

Spiny-back eel, Notacanthus sexspinis, is a deep-sea spiny eel Notacanthus kind, found in the southern hemisphere oceans at depths between 500 and 1.000 meters. The length of this fish reaches 60 cm.

Spotted galaxias

Noticed Galaxias is quite large, primarily-freshwater Galaxias species found in southern Australia. Noticed Galaxias, perhaps the most beautiful Australian species of Galaxias. They represent a somewhat tubular, deep-bodied fish with a dark brown ...

Thorntooth grenadier

In the thorntooth Grenadier or javelin fish, Lepidorhynchus denticulatus, is a rattail, the only member of the genus Lepidorhynchus, was found in South Australia and New Zealand, at depths between 200 and 1000 meters. Its length is between 20 and ...

Aborolabis mauritanica

Aborolabis mauritanica view of earwigs in the family Aborolabis, the family Anisolabididae, the suborder Forficulina and the order Dermaptera. Found primarily in the Palearctic region, but also in the districts of the State, this species was disc ...

Apiomerus flaviventris

Apiomerus flaviventris, a killer bee, the beetle, the insect that feeds on bees. It is found in arid and semi-arid South-Eastern North America. This bee assassin is known to extract plant resins and their application as protective substances for ...

Cataglyphis cursor

Parthenogenesis is a natural form of reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occurs without fertilization. Thelytoky is a special form of parthenogenesis in which development of females occurs from unfertilized eggs. Automixis is ...

Chorthippus scalaris

Chorthippus scalaris, a Large Mountain grasshopper, is a species of short horned grasshoppers belonging to the family Acrididae subfamily Gomphocerinae.

Colletes marginatus

Marginatus Colletes-species of solitary bees of the family Colletidae. Women gather only pollen from the flowers of the family Fabaceae, including species such as field clover, Melilotus Albus and Melilotus officinalis.

Hemideina thoracica

Hemideina thoracica is commonly known as, the Auckland tree wētā or tokoriro cricket-like insect. It is endemic to New Zealand and in most parts of the North island, excluding Wellington area and regions 900 metres above sea level. However, this ...

Hypochra albipennis

Hypochra albipennis-species of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the genus Hypochra of the family Ulidiidae. They were seen in and around Oslo.

Leptothorax muscorum

Leptothorax muscorum is the species of ants of the genus Leptothorax, which ranges through a variety of habitats throughout most of Europe, Northern Asia, North America and Central America particularly widespread in the Palearctic. Able to surviv ...

Melanoplus frigidus

Melanoplus frigidus, is known as North mountain grasshopper or narrow wings of locusts, has the form of a spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia.

Myrmica lobicornis

Myrmica lobicornis is a species of ants distributed across the plains of Northern Europe and mountains of Central and southern Europe. It is also found in the forest zone of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Western Siberia, northeastern Kazakhstan, ...

Myrmica ruginodis

Myrmica ruginodis is a species of ant that lives in Northern parts of Europe and Asia. It is very similar to M. rubra, but is more Northern and Alpine distribution. Overwintering larvae may become either workers or Queen ants, with up to 20 Queen ...

Myrmica scabrinodis

Myrmica scabrinodis-eurosource species of ants. He lives in moderately humid habitats, tolerates moist soil, but direct sunlight. He often inhabits peat bogs. It builds nests in the ground, in grass or moss tussocks, under stones or in rotting wo ...

Phthiria vagans

This kind of Palearctic present in parts of Europe, in Central and Northern Europe, Russia, Iran and Israel, and Turkey.

Sanaa imperialis

Sanaa honorifika species of Bush cricket is found in tropical forests of South and South-East Asia. It was described initially by Adam white from specimens obtained from Sylhet in Bangladesh. The description was published in 1846 and it was named ...

Seashore earwig

Seaside earwigs is a type of earphone in the family Anisolabididae. It is native to Eastern Australia and New Zealand. How similar ecologically and taxonomically Maritime earwigs, this species is often found on beaches under stones and debris. It ...

Sinea spinipes

Sinea spinipes is a species of assassin bug family, in the subfamily Harpactorinae. It is native to North America and found in the Midwest, along roads, forest edges, and open fields with scattered trees. In S. spinipes southern Illinois monovolt ...

Tetramorium bicarinatum

May adversely affect local biodiversity. It is also said to be common types of the hobo, which is usually located inside the house, in greenhouses and cold in nurseries or landscaped areas near the houses.

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