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This Duo Meng multifunctional mini 12 is the third generation, man-portable, fire-and-forget infrared homing anti-tank missiles of China. It was presented at the Eurosatory 2014. The Chinese equivalent of the spike.


Fall YJ-22 is a LACM development of anti-ship C-802 With a 400 km, and can now be satellite-guided / instructions area of the Association say, under development, initial operational capability is expected after 2005. This 135-kilometer-long serie ...


FB-10 is" a mobile light anti-aircraft missile system” presented at the China aerospace long-March international In 2016 Airshow Zhuhai. It offers a 6x6 bodies with radar with phased array antenna, optical sensor, and eight missile silos. The fir ...

Type 02 torpedo boat

The type 02 torpedo boats-the family of a Chinese torpedo boats developed from the Soviet P-6 class torpedo boats, and these boats were retired from active service in the liberation of the peoples army and the Navy.

Type 025 torpedo boat

Type 025 torpedo boat, also known as Huchuan or Hu Chwan class, was the basis for the liberation of the peoples Navy the Army in the fight with his much bigger opponents in the Republic Navy of China. Although no longer serving in this capacity, ...

Type 027 torpedo boat

Type 027 torpedo boat is a family of Chinese torpedo boats, designed to replace the type 025 torpedo boat, and the boats, retired from active service in the liberation of the peoples army and the Navy. In 1966, the plan was decided on its own to ...

Type 63 assault rifle

The type 63 is often incorrectly referred to as type 68 by Western sources, the Chinese-designed rifle with a resemblance to the SKS. However, the weapon uses a rotating system of working the bolt with an AK-47 instead of folding the bolt system ...

Norinco NHM 91

NHM-91 is a semi-automatic civilian development of the Russian Kalashnikov AKM and RPK infantry small arms Norinco built in China and sold in the United States, China sports Inc. Ontario, CA.

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