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White Pigeon, Michigan

White pigeon is a village in St. Joseph, Michigan. The population was 1.522 at the 2010 census. The village is located in the village of White pigeon.

Hillcrest Cemetery

Hillcrest cemetery-historic cemetery in Holly springs, Mississippi, United States of America. Founded in 1837, it is known as "little Arlington of the South".It contains the graves of five generals-Confederate.

Greenwood Union Cemetery

The first cemetery on this site was founded in 1837 and was known as "Union cemetery of rye". James Parker and David Brooks of rye donated 3 acres 12.000 m2 of Land, Christ Church, rye, with plots to be reserved for the Ministers of the three chu ...

Jamestown Academy (New York)

Jamestown Academy in Jamestown, new York school, built in 1810. Also known as the "old Academy". One of the founders was Avenir objects. It was located on the Southeast corner of fourth and spring streets. "The Academy was moved several times."It ...

Liberty Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Liberty township is one of fifteen districts in Hardin County, Ohio, USA. According to the 2010 census, the population was 7.712, with 7.149 at the 2000 census. 1.760 of the population lived in the unincorporated part of the village in 2010.

Mountain Top Yard

On top of mount Penobscot yard or yard the train station in mountain top, Pennsylvania. It was built in the Lehigh coal and navigation company, LC&amp in response to 1837 a bill authorizing a right of passage and was established in 1840 at least, ...

Bladon Springs State Park

State Park bladon springs is a locally managed area of mass recreation on the territory of four mineral springs, which were once part of the historic Spa Bladon springs, Choctaw County, Alabama. Analysis of the state Geologist in 1845 and found t ...

Adams, Illinois

Adams is an unincorporated community in the village of Burton, Adams County, Illinois, United States of America. Adams is located about 13 km South-East from Quincy. Adams was laid out in 1838.

Iowaville, Iowa

Iowaville was a small town in the valley at the North-East Bank of the river des Moines, near the line between Davis and van Buren counties, and present day Eldon and Selma, Iowa. It was established about 1838 near the site of an earlier trading ...

Salem Baptist Church (Kentucky)

Baptist Church Salem Baptist Church, located in Logansport, Butler County, Kentucky, and is affiliated with the southern Baptist Convention and cooperation of the Baptist Brotherhood. Since 2011, pastor Salems was the Reverend Derek A. Cain.

Antrim Township, Michigan

Antrim township a civil township in Shiawassee County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the population of the village was 2.050. It is believed, named after Antrim, Northern Ireland or Antrim, new Hampshire. Antrim township wa ...

Bennington Township, Michigan

Bennington Township is a civil township in Shiawassee County in the U.S. state of Michigan. According to the 2010 census, the population of the village was 3.168. As of 2010, is a business center of population is located in the Southeast corner o ...

Butler Township, Michigan

Butler township civilian town in the North-East County branch office in the U.S. state of Michigan. According to the 2010 census, the population of the village was 1.467.

Clarence Township, Michigan

Clarence Township is a civil town located in northeast Calhoun County in Michigan. It is part of Battle Creek, Michigan statistical area. The population was 1.985 according to the census of 2010. The town was originally named Pinkney township.

Johnstown Township, Michigan

Johnstown township civil township of Barry County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 3.008 according to the census of 2010. Johnstown township was founded in 1838, but was much larger. It gained its present boundaries in 1849.

Park Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

Township Park civil town St. Joseph, Michigan. The population was 2.699 in the 2000 census. The town was originally part of the town of Flowerfield and went into an independent town in 1838.

Friedenberg, Missouri

The Bavarians, who settled near Perryville, Missouri in the 1830-ies felt so strongly about the importance of peace that they named their city" Friedenberg,” the German Hill of the world. An old nickname for Friedenberg is" raccoon ridge”.

Bay Ridge United Church

United Church Bay ridge was located on Bay ridge Parkway in Bay ridge, Brooklyn, new York. The congregation was a mixture of two churches from two similar but different denominations and was a member of the Reformed Church in America and Presbyte ...

Paloma, Illinois

Paloma, Illinois is an unincorporated community in the town of honey Creek, Adams County, Illinois, United States of America. Its main auxiliary route of US 24 and is within two miles from Coatsburg, another rural community. In the early 1900-ies ...

St. Michael the Archangel Church, Madison

The Church of St. Michael the Archangel is located in a former Catholic Church in Madison, Jefferson, Indiana. She was closely associated with the school Shawe memorial, which was named in honor of the founder of this Church.

Union Parish Sheriffs Office

Office Union parish Sheriff is the primary law enforcement Agency in Union parish, Louisiana. It falls under the authority of the Sheriff, an elected official, who is the chief law enforcement officer of the parish. OLPS with headquarters in Farm ...

Washington Damon House

The Washington Damon house is a historic building on the 38 Salem street in reading, Massachusetts, showing the adaptation of the existing housing stock to new architectural style. 2.5 story frame house of wood was built in 1839, and was at that ...

Berlin Township, Ionia County, Michigan

Berlin center is an unincorporated community near the center of town at 42°5402"N 85°0803"W. Gridley was the name of the post office here from 1900-1901. Doris the name of a post office in this town from 1899 to 1901. Ionia city adjoins to the No ...

Brutus Township, Michigan

Brutus township, Michigan was a township in the County of Ingham, Michigan, from 1839 to 1841. The following year it was divided into Leroy township and the village of Whitfield.

Bunker Hill Township, Michigan

The center bunker hill is an unincorporated community near the center of town, 42°2832"N 84°1903"W. Fitchburg is an unincorporated community in the southeastern part of the township at 42°2621"N 84°1640"W. It was founded in 1848.

Chester Township, Eaton County, Michigan

Gresham is an unincorporated community near the center of town, 42°3827"N 84°5342"W, southwest of M-50 Clinton trail near the intersection of Gresham road. and Mulliken RD. It was established in 1883. Needmore is an unincorporated community in th ...

Hamilton Township, Van Buren County, Michigan

Hamilton township is a civil township of van Buren County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the population of the village was 1.797. The town is mostly agricultural with no towns. There are several private campgrounds and cott ...

McLemore Cemetery

McLemore cemetery is a cemetery in Meridian, Mississippi. The cemetery was listed on the National register of historic places on 18 December 1979, and is the oldest surviving historic site in the city.

Uniontown, Missouri

Uniontown is an unincorporated community located in Union township in southeastern Perry County, Missouri, United States of America. It is located on highway 61, ten miles Southeast of Perryville.

Swaynes Addition & Southern Orchards, Columbus, Ohio

Southern gardens established neighborhood on the near South side of Columbus, Ohio. It is located to the South-East of the town centre and the 23rd most walkable neighborhood in Columbus with 3.538 inhabitants. The neighborhood is the goal of the ...

Menomonee, Wisconsin

The city was established in December 1839 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin territory. 31 January, 1846, the town became part of the County of Waukesha. It was annexed by the village of Menomonee falls, which was once part of the city in 1958.

Hopper, Illinois

Hopper is an unincorporated community in Stronghurst township, Henderson County, Illinois, USA. The bunker is located on County route 6, 5.3 km West-North-West of Stronghurst. Hopper was originally named Warren, Illinois. The village was laid out ...

Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Zip code for Annapolis junction 20701. The following information is based on the 2000 census for 20701: Single family homes: 6. Population: 40. (Население: 40) Average age: 31.5 years.

Stillman Pratt House

In Stillman Pratt house is a historic building at 472 summer Avenue in reading, Massachusetts. 1.5 story wood frame house was probably built in the late 1840s, a rare local variant of joint Federal-in neo-Greek style. It follows the Federal style ...

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